House Of Wax Trailer (2005)

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abishai100: This is such an eerie film and the interplay between Bo and Vincent amidst all that 'deadly wax' reminds me how much more 'intense' horror films have become since the days of Hitchrooster and Boris Karloff. Who thought WAX could be hideous? I won't look at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum the same ever again...

Haneen Al-Iraqi: شوف جاريد اطولهم ههههههههههههه Jared is taller than any one😂💪

Neal Small: freaking Love this movie!! This movie use to scare the crap outta me

Libby Kilbride: I admire the fact that all the comments are here for either MCR or for Jared, like me. I felt so bad for Jared in this film ;-; no one hurts baby moose like that!

Caliv Ferido: they should make a reboot

dee: this was a great movie.

8Bongs: came here to c the preview and y'all talking about supernatural

Jack Miller: Pretty good movie except for having to watch a white female kiss a african american.

Mohammed Bilal: I love elisha cuthbert

SamsChronicles: Sam what were you actually doing while you were at Stanford?

Princessfrmalmighty: is this suppose to be remake of warwax lol

Natalie: This movie traumatised me as a child idek why I was watching this when I was like 7😶😂

MambaDrone: This movie gave me nightmares when I was younger lol

Isaiah Tolden: I've seen this movie but I'm about to watch it again because I forget what happened. plus I feel like watching something scary.

Jay Harrison: My favorite childhood horror movie

cunt: Why tf are people pissing their pants over this movie? I watched it yesterday and honestly, apart from the gore scenes, its not scary at all. The jumpscares didnt even make me flinch. There were a couple of cool scenes but everything else is so overused in horror movies. If I were rating it I would give it 6/10

Ayesha V: I can never go to madame tussauds again

Morgan Stafford: when Sam leaves Dean and his dad because he wants to be a "lawyer" lol you ain't slick

David Smith: this is a awesome movie. this movie is totally different from the original same concept but in their own image. instead of a man going on a revenge killing spree for his wax sculptures and house getting burned down and himself getting burnt and horribly disfigured and cannot use his hands. in this movie it's about two twins who were conjoined at the face and was surgically removed leaving one disfigured and the other a sociopath. after their parents passed they killed people in town and turned the dead bodies into wax and made the house of wax out of wax. six teenagers stumble upon this town on their way to a football game they get a surprise of their lives. the special effects in this movie were great the house of wax was really made of wax and that made it a lot realistic and cooler. the acting was great and the story was good and original but still gave the concept of the original film. i would have to say there are not too many series like this i like one original mystery of the wax museum(1933) one remake house of wax(1953) and the last remake house of wax(2005) this one that i like them all. if you have not seen this movie then i recommend you do rating 5/5

liz schmidt: sam lol wyd

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House of Wax Trailer (2005) 5 out of 5

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House of wax ( 2005 )
House of wax ( 2005 )
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