House Of Wax Trailer (2005)

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Milenium: I watched it when i was 5. Im not kidding.

RydenisRealandThegovermentKnowsIt: I saw this movie so many time and I watched supernatural years later and I never knew Jared was in this movie

Kevin KelleyGaming: I've seen this since the day it came out and I was born at 2005.

Mrs Chic: Great movie!!! Loved it

ZADDY ZAIN: This movie still scares the living crap out of me, was the first horror movie I ever watch and damn I was TOO young for a horror movie....

soltani chaouki: The killer looks like Catheline Jenner ❤️

Roland Veasey: WAX HOUSE, BABY!

Bart Simpson: This is when Paris Hilton was still famous
And Kim Kardashian was nobody

**•: All i know for a fact is that I watched this when I was young AF. Now 13 and I’m still terrified... never f with and never will f with wax figures nor mannequins they both scare the absolute crap outta me

Cyndi Redden: This movie scared this crap out of me whenever i was a young child!

Spoodles Gamez: Come at me bitch, I watched this when I was younger, Im 13 now and I've been watching a metric ass ton of supernatural. I shall defeat you peasant


Chris Rojas: Is this symbolism for how hollywerid is cloned and replaced!!

Dee: The freak! For so many monsters Sam encountered, I think this is the most unforgetable moment for him. xD!

c_vee12: "See, I'm not a Paris Hilton BFF. I've never even seen House of Wax."

Esketit proudlilpumper: I love movies like this but
I hate that almost the entire group dies

Jalen Malachi: Who's here bc of bambii?

Only Tacos: Still watching in 2017😄🤙


Александр 4x: Just wanted to see Paris Hilton in action. All she does "normally" is giving fake and composed smiles 😩

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House of Wax Trailer (2005) 5 out of 5

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