House Of Wax Trailer (2005)

What do you think about this video?

Maria M: This movie was awesome! Loved it


Joey Mortez: House of wax is fahkin awesome n chad is like omg cute I watch dis at nite o_o

jso1989: funniest comedy ever!

Anthony G: This Movie Kicked So Much Ass!

GIGI Nishimura: Chad is everything in this movie.

Celeste Ellis: Chad is fine as hell 

Jessica März: Good movie

daytripdude: Actually loved this!

Elizabeth Hansbrough: this movie scared me for life!!!!!! I couldn't even go to sleep without my light on =(

Tony Smith: Watching my U.V. copy on VUDU

Elvira Palin: I really love this movie. Jared is such a great actor <3

Cindy Houseknecht: Carly and Nick live this movie is good but old.

rebecca finucane: my friend told me about the house of wax and i didn't belive her because she is always lieing but now i do belive her 

London Populairè: I love this movie.

Miss Sweta: am I the only one who liked this movie lol maybe it's because chad michael murray was in it.

TraptEcho84: Can anyone tell me what the name of the song is when the Warner Bros. logo appears? :-)

Cheyenntje Ilmer: It Is Real :O

Death Metal Spider: I watched this movie a long time ago and I still remember it :)

Clarence Joyce Fernandez: I love Paris Hilton ❤️

Teri D.: Chad <3

Mark de Kok: Leuke film HOUS OF WAX.

didinoodles: It's Jared padelecki from supernatural! :o

immetjuh33: I wanted to see the movie after seeing this trailer, but honestly, this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Sorry for all the people that liked it. I thought it was just crap.

SheckleRFan715: the best horror film of all time IMO

BUBBLEBOY129161: I ♥ paris hilton!! ;)

Sofie Henriksen: It makes it all better knowing Jared is there c;

Frankie Cruz: ohhhh Paris Hilton

Alicee Evenden: This is my favourite horror film by far loved itsince i first saw it, seen it bout 50 times&&wrote about it for an english exam, love this film. Chad Micheal Murray, my baby, his sooooo beautiful ngl♥♥♥♥♥

SuperNes1996: it is wax, literally.

Anna Moon: man, this movie brings back so many good childhood memories!

Spook4328: its a shame paris hilton dies at the end, she was hot in this film

Georgia Koik: I remember when I was 8 and mum thought this was another movie and we watched it together. crap it scared me

Olivia Shivell: oh course they have paris hilton kissing the guy in the beginning of the trailer...

Jesús López Verdú: Please can someone tell me why when I watch the first scene of the film I start really very very nervous, with an anxiety attack, I can't breath we'll, I sweat and I need to bite my finger to survive... Is this normal? Please tell me something

Elliot Jones: wow Chad Michael Murray is soooo hoooot :))

Spencer The Whip: This film craps on the classic 1950s remake 

JoBroBTR: Was it just me who fell asleep while was watching this trailer?

Sally Bariol: Does Jared live?

Valentina Gonzalez: They put them as wax alive spoiler sorry

daniah fahadh: wow..i like chad! oh this is one of the best horror film ever! its so creepy and scary. very cool huh..only the two of them survived..the siblings,,hehe i really love to watch it again and again.

Mariel Kathryn: JARED MY BBY

Valentina Gonzalez: 2 people survive

Nixo Mars: Nicely spoiled THANKS!!! -.- i was just about to start watching it..

kittos5389: OTL=3

Savo Lakka: Yeah Sam !

Eli Brs: The best thing about this movie is the soundtrack! "helena" by My Chemical Romance *~*

sophie the fan girl: Well, I can never look at a CANDLE again the same, so never mind an actual wax figure.... JARED!!!! MY BABY!!!! I'LL WATCH IT FOR YOU!!!! :D :D :D

TheJenniCherie: movie2k :)

nika sarmiento: Damn it SAAAAAMY! what crap did you get into this time?

House of Wax Trailer (2005) 4.7 out of 5

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House of Wax Trailer (2005)
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