Clash Of Clans App Review

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Eugene Kaplun: Sir this is no review. All you're doing is listing the things on the screen and what you can do in the game. A review is an evaluation, a comparison, and offered or withheld recommendation. Please don't waste our time with an inaccurately phrased video title. Disliked. Good day >:/

Beck's Clash: wtf top player was th9 rush

Delta 57 Roy: hi

Rudy Jhonson: Who from 2017?

Jert Huyh Geryu: the game isn't really all that doesn't really require strategy

OlaGolme: This game looks like a ton of fun.... but would take a lot of your time.... glad I never started playing :D

ArtifiShuL Instinct: I can't believe people actually get serious about this game. I get when you're out and have nothing better to play but there are way better similar games on PC where your enemies can't pay money to beat you at.

Chris Barnett: Give me Age of Empires any day...

BladeMaster719: now theres a th11 and a whe new hero

Zig Zag: Dang I love watching videos from the past... There's th11 now and it's all new

Tom Dodsworth #148: Today if that was the top guy the game would be messed up

FF THECRAFTER: i watch on 17 November 2015

Eric Ferrand: leveling up troops and casting spells? SMDH It's called building troops and building a spell.

cript crum: lol ur far n my bace was a maxed th 8 back then now I'm a maxed th 10 plus this video was made 2 years ago and all u have is 200 subs pewdiepie makes that n 1 sec but ya so did u stop you tube u should by the way this is inspirational commit so ya


asshatt1: It's an RTS, you know, like Farmville.

Minions are a good allegory for communism: wow just wow how is this even  a game might as well make a button that cost 90$ to press and call it a game

Bleach: Freemium bullcrap!

Sweaty Palmsy: Looking for Active Players! Clan : Toxic Potatoes. Will accept anyone willing to Wr and improve in the Game! :)

Natsuki: The freaking waterfall good times

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
Clash of Clans App Review 5 out of 5

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