1970 Camaro Z28 - Numbers Matching All Original 4 Speed - For Sale 305-772-8635

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babylady2005: To bad it's not the RS Z28 Split Bumper............

ericou812: rs option is called z22 code

ericou812: fact...you can get optional auto transmision or m40,m20...they didnt come only with m22

Heartofthacity: Very nice

Craig Hanson: These cars are really hard to find with the Muncie 4 spd. I kick my self for selling mine in the early 90's. These are super fast cars.

Josh Kopperstad: they made the 1970 1/2 camaro late because of the strike at GM.

Josh Kopperstad: ur an idiot 1970-73 camaros can have either the regular bumper ( the long one ) or if they are a RS they have the split bumper, the way to tell the 1970 1/2 camaro is they have low backl buket seats.

unavitaable: I pretty tight in the car industry. Check out Gage Incorporated at SEMA 2012.

unavitaable: You're right about the bumper but the turn indicators are all beside the headlights, not below on the Z's.

unavitaable: Sorry to tell ya bro but this IS NOT an 70 1/2 Z28. The solid bumper and the turn indicators should tell you that. The Z has a split bumper and the indicators are beside not below the headlight.

xsmokedoutx: Lots of idiots here dont know the history of the car..numbnuts

Angelo F: you are terribly misinformed.... once again ANY 70-73 camaro could be ordered with the rs package which gave you the split bumper.... 70 1/2 refers to the production starting halfway through the model year, they ran into issues with some of the body panels from fisher and caused the 1970 camaro to start production late..... look it up if you don't believe me or samsdad900.....

Travis Gold: Its not a 70 1/2... 70 1/2 had the split bumper, my dad used to own one.

skipdafer: correct. the rs split bumper option could be ordered on any 70-73 camaro, including z28 or ss models. then u would have a rs/z28 or a ss/rs or the rs could be ordered alone. the 70 camaro did not come out until 2-28-70, so some people call it a 70 1/2, but it is a 70 on paper

samsdad900: @dankris09 wrong...the RS option gave you the split bumpers on any '70-'73 camaro(as jeremy already said). the '70 camaros were released later than usual for new cars which cause some to wrongly call them '70 1/2. once again no such thing as '70 1/2

Daniel Vanderslice: @samsdad900 yes there is. it refers to the half front bumper, only the 70 z/28's had a split front bumber. thats wehre the 70 1/2 comes from.

samsdad900: no such thing as '70 "and a half"

dutchboy25al: @sinisterseven8 Ha Ha!!! Mine too...Until WD-40 got to it. I never really noticed it until I did a few videos while driving the car.

j davis: That's a beautiful car man, the car of my dreams when I was young, still is.............When it sells, post the selling price, will ya?

Don Tony: do you still have this z??

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