EMA Tactical RONI G1 Glock Carbine Kit

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Ravage Gonza: Meant EMA. I rly hate auto correct!!!!!!!!!!

Ravage Gonza: Hi caa
Is it compatible with glock 17 80% specter lower? Tnx

Steven Wagner: will this work on a 9mm glock 19, gen 4??

Brian Brewster: Yea, wouldn't be surprised in my country (USA) if you couldn't mosey into local Walmart and buy a whole bunch of them with a couple gift cards.

david franco: Hi, I live in New York
How can I buy one of these items ?
Can I buy it online ?

Mike Mercado: Will this work for Glock 19 that is converted to full auto?

HolidayCharlie: Arganotaut kann nicht mal Signaturen lesen. Der stinkt erst recht!

HolidayCharlie: VagantX stinkt

Rene Duchesneau: Would be nice to see this in a FiveseveN platform

kleyton anderson: Vendo no Brasil. kleytob@gmail.com

phodder: /watch?v=HeHm-tp_E0c

Hakim: Your force can't even afford a weapon broke pigs!!!!!!Lmao!!!!

Hakim: Ur not around no more Gary GOD dnt like ugly 1 down 2 to go hahahaha!!!!and dnt worry the facts will come out with you a Jenkins is that proper grammar u racist crooked PIGS!!!!!!

oxxsteel: Ive read that there's paperwork involved with buying these kits, which is fine but how legit are the kits sold on ebay?


713jojo: Does it fit the glock 22?

Consensual Conservatism: yes

Mike Jersey: I want one!! I have a Glock 17 1st Gen. Will it fit? The drop-in action hooked me.. lol

2008superduke: How about for a glock 21? I see a lot for the 9mm and 40cal, but how about 45acp. "Please"

Dr. Nicolas Olmedo: Cuesta 750 dolares en USA, en Argentina es mas cara. No se si es util, pero es una BELLEZA!!!

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EMA Tactical RONI G1 Glock Carbine Kit 5 out of 5

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