AIR RIFLE PELLET TEST: Best 10 Pellets .177

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Luke Klasdfghjll: moo

Bruce B: Forget the barnyard talk, skip to 5:24 where test begins.

Jeff Inman: Gosh......He is a great proper Host!!

Comrade Yuri: I have never seen a British country man

Bob Dunn: Great video, thanks for taking the time out from Modern Family to do this. Hope Mitchell doesn't mind :-). Joking aside, it really is a great video and real scientific approach

Caveman Al Toraboran: What a great video. I love the scientific method that has been followed throughout this. My only concern is: I wish if the position of the gun was marked on the table, so that each time guns are re-filled, they are placed exactly where they originally were. I know this is not necessarily necessary, but it's nice to do it cause it eliminates a few degrees of freedom, without significantly affecting experiment's complexity.

the rains: I'm enjoyed to watch 😊 nice one

JETJOOBOY: I just went to order some Exact Diablo and it asked me if I wanted 4.51mm, 4.52mm or 4.53mm ...
Now that is exact... Since buying my new rifle I noticed pellets are remarkably loose in the hole..

I have never preciously heard of such a thing, do you have any advide or videos on the topic of oversizing?

JETJOOBOY: Happy Anniversary Airgun Widow Lady!

Tiny Ballistics Lab: I love how your experiments are so precise! Great video!

Ismail Khayam: Do you use the laser for regulate the scope? Thats intelligent

LiveMoonPie MoonPieMusic: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...............................🐮 GREAT JOB 'OL BOY!

lostinfens: can not follow that damn link!!!

Rino Pravato: gracias

Flip Flop: Holy crap that gun will kill small game with all of those 25 meters = 85 foot

Ivan Valentin: Great video and always a pleasure to watch all your videos. Happy new years everyone

john shead: the sd would have been nice on your data flashing on the screen

Hugo Laranjo: fantastic video, thanks. I am from Portugal, in here we cant hunt or even use a airgun outdoor...but we can buy legaly all .177 and .22 guns with no power limits...I have a Gamo Shadow 1000 .177 with a gamo 4x32 scope and gamo high mounts. Last week I killed a big Rat in my garden...headshot at 10 yards...

Jirka Janko: Hello, please just ask :) an empty box from a pellet shot Flobert charges. You would need to find new and old productions. If by chance someone had something so I urge you to contact georgejanko3 @ Thank you very much
Greeting Jirka

woodsman uk: Why no Theobens tested on your website?

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AIR RIFLE PELLET TEST: Best 10 Pellets .177 5 out of 5

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