AIR RIFLE PELLET TEST: Best 10 Pellets .177

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John Hookway: The best way to find out what pellets your gun likes the best. I must make it clear it's YOUR GUN not what this gun likes. Wright listen very carefully.... get indoors if possible and shoot groups at 50 yrds yes groups, not zero at 50 yrds just shoot groups with different pellets. make sure your in the sweet spot if using a unregulated pcp and the gun is very VERY still. Now the pellets that give you the tightest groups at that range are the best pellets for your barrel. Because if you get tight (excellent) groups at that range your going to hit a fleas bollock around 30 yrds.

xXFuriousFoxXx: what brand is that laser and how much did it cost?

Hunter Mclaughlin: The comments of this video and people opinions on this guy , lol

BF3 forever Greene: Hello your lovely :)

David A: 5:23

Gary Ferraro: Test the new Pile Driver pellets!

Luke Klasdfghjll: moo

Bruce B: Forget the barnyard talk, skip to 5:24 where test begins.

Jeff Inman: Gosh......He is a great proper Host!!

zylon248: I have never seen a British country man

Bob Dunn: Great video, thanks for taking the time out from Modern Family to do this. Hope Mitchell doesn't mind :-). Joking aside, it really is a great video and real scientific approach

Caveman Al Toraboran: What a great video. I love the scientific method that has been followed throughout this. My only concern is: I wish if the position of the gun was marked on the table, so that each time guns are re-filled, they are placed exactly where they originally were. I know this is not necessarily necessary, but it's nice to do it cause it eliminates a few degrees of freedom, without significantly affecting experiment's complexity.

the rains: I'm enjoyed to watch 😊 nice one

JETJOOBOY: I just went to order some Exact Diablo and it asked me if I wanted 4.51mm, 4.52mm or 4.53mm ...
Now that is exact... Since buying my new rifle I noticed pellets are remarkably loose in the hole..

I have never preciously heard of such a thing, do you have any advide or videos on the topic of oversizing?

JETJOOBOY: Happy Anniversary Airgun Widow Lady!

Tiny Ballistics Lab: I love how your experiments are so precise! Great video!

Ismail Khayam: Do you use the laser for regulate the scope? Thats intelligent

LiveMoonPie MoonPieMusic: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...............................🐮 GREAT JOB 'OL BOY!

lostinfens: can not follow that damn link!!!

Rino Pravato: gracias

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AIR RIFLE PELLET TEST: Best 10 Pellets .177 5 out of 5

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