How To Get Scratches Out Of Your Ceramic Stove Top

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Linda Bertino: Hi Mike ~ Are the scratches you removed in your video primarily surface scratches and metal marks? I have a deep scratch that you can feel. Are some scratches too deep to remove? Thanks.

Jesse Vallado: Thanks for the reply MIke, last question I hope!! lol I have a varible speed drill and cannot find how you connect a "wool buffing wheel" to a var speed drill? Do they sell a pad with a 1/4" shank? do I need a backing plate AND a wool buffing wheel? Any help would be apprecaited. Looks like you buffing wheel is built in with a shank?

Jesse Vallado: Hello Mike,
I am about to do this on a stovetop, can you spec the correct lamb pad, also do you need a wheel that the pas attaches to? Got the Lucas polish, just wanna make sure I have the other part of the repair...thank you sir!

tony mememe: First off the scratch actually looked like aluminum that came off the bottom of a pan, not a scratch. Secondly any type of scratch can be " eliminated " just by wetting it down or waxing it, same as on a vehicles paint. After it dries it may show back up if it doesn't get polished out enough. I'm not saying yours didn't work, it just looks like aluminum from the pan.

Robert Harvey: what type of buffing wheel would you recommend?

-_-_ :::: Mike, will this Metal Polish work?

Brasso - 8 oz. Metal Polish -

Nitesh Kumar Jain: hey,there is any other metal polishing cream similar to lucas.

Sean Slattery: Do you think this will work for very fine scratches? I wasn't sure if the Lucas polish would be too abrasive and make it worse? Thank you!

justglenn37: Wish I had a stove like that.

Kirsty Emanuel: Hi Mike, does ceramic polish work just as well as the metal?

Leanne Harrison: I have pan scratches on my new ceramic hob. I'm going to try this method to try and get rid, can you tell me what polish you used please? I'm so worried I need to buy a new hob and the one I have is less than a year old!

Avogadro602: Mike, Can't find Lucas Metal Polish in the local stores. Can I substitute Brasso, Mothers or White Diamond?? Will any of these leave a residue that won't burn off??


Sachy Bullock: What drill is used? What inch buffing pad is it and what brand?

Matina TheArtOfRolling: I used a non-abrasive metal polish that doesn't contain ammonia (I read somewhere that ammonia destroys ceramic cooktops) and I worked on the pot scatches with a soft fabric for 5-10 min. and they got out!
Now the sponge scratches, that's another story....I'm still working on them..I've read they take a lot of work, approx. fingers crossed!

Daniel Horande: I just realzied there is a texturized scratch on a bl;ack ceramic stove at home. It seems to be a little deep to feel some texture if i pass the scrapper on it. Does this still wpould work on it?

Arturo Garza: Or how about this. Don't get a glass stove top.

Dr. Barbara Hong: Is LUCAS oil the same thing? The exact Lucas you have on Amazon is like $155!

Courtney Packard: Is this safe to do on a white glass top? I worry it will buff the rings right off.

ve4mm: Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!

Karen Anderson: how the heck do you get boiled over water marks off of black flat cook tops? I love my kitchen but hate cooking inside. I would rather grill on my Weber and not worry about cleaning it every time I cook. I miss my cast iron I gave away when we bought our house.

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