Wheat Belly Interview With Dr. William Davis

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Major Mayhem: You can have Spelt sourdough to replace your common wheat bread if you want.

carlos castillo: im so thankfull for this info i been working out for 12years n i feel like crap and cant get rid of my belly all this makes so much sence cos i eat a lot of whole grains i thinking why do i feel so tierd and sleep when im eating a rich whole grain diet and fruit.

merseybeat1963: How about Cherrios(Oat)..Corn flakes(Corn)…Rice..

Sujan Parajuli: If you seriously want to lose fat quickly, you should do a google search "Lean Body Maximizer". That might help you get the body you deserve.

ibkristykat .: processed or not, I have to butt in & ask - isn't it also the INGREDIENTS that matter? not just how processed the vegan meats are? like black bean burgers & vegan sausage patties??? the ingredients are better for you - isn't that what should matter MOST? what's the issue with the fact it's "processed"?? the pollution coming from the plants that make it... or the food b/c of the fact that it's processed? b/c if the fact it's processed has no baring... why does it matter? I'm seriously asking

Jennifer Fugo: more of less, 1 slice of white bread made from wheat flour has a GI of 70 2.5 tsp of table sugar (or 10 grams) has a GI of 60 Does this help you?

MrsMagillicutty: What on Earth do you eat, then?! Please do some research before you credit Dr. Davis with any of this. Most of this interview is bunk. I could point you in the direction of many peer reviewed articles on the beneficial aspects of whole wheat. Besides, rice is not full of arsenic. Do you see people dying from arsenic poisoning every day? I'm pretty sure half the planet would be dead by now if that were true.

maciej wrotek: i mean how is wheat different from any other starchy foods that contain the same polysugar.

Jennifer Fugo: If you love burgers and hot dogs, why are you trying to eat veg versions? It's all incredibly processed... it would be better to eat organic, grass-fed, no nitrate meat versions. Otherwise, I'd suggest choosing fish, beans, nuts, seeds...

Eye-Candy Exotics: Oats contain gliadin and is not GF. Gliadin is the damaging active molecule in gluten that resembles thyroid hormones that causes the body to react by attacking your thyroid (along with the other fun things gluten poisoning does). Not a good first impression from the head of the head of this gluten free school if she can't identify the gluten in her own diet.

Jennifer Fugo: It's not so much about the sugar (tho Dr. Davis talks a lot about it). It's more about the proteins w/in wheat (& barley & rye) that cause issues like inflammation... & yes he is mostly focused on wheat. That's his take, but he acknowledges that the problem exists with these other glutenous grains as well. No one is arguing that potato & corn aren't problems. It's just wasn't the focus of this class. Issues w/ corn are touched on in the class w/ Samantha Grant.

carter102: I have to say, he is right about everything. Wheat is king carb poison, and its underlings are starches and other complex sugars. Potatoes are junk too. Really limits diet for vegetarians though. Considering rice is full of arsenic, corn is GMO cancer fuel, no real reason to eat them, aside from convenience.

maciej wrotek: why dont heroin addicts substitute heroin for bread ? if it works the same way

carter102: Heroin gets you much much higher. Bread gets you a tiny bit high. Don't worry, you won't see people sucking pickle for bread anytime soon.

Mary Viera: Didn't post all my post. I don't crave sweets at all. I love burger and hot dogs. Do u know any that is vegetarian that doesn't have wheat gluten?

Jennifer Fugo: Hi! My foods & choices constantly change seasonally, so giving you a generality could prove tricky. I love quinoa & oats, but I eat nice big salads with veggies, nuts, beans & such. Sauteed dishes with veggies & beans. Several of my fav recipes are on my site (Gluten Free School, the link is just under the video) which you could check out. Lentils are awesome. And there is some tempeh that is GF as well (just have to look for it). Do you eat fish?

Jennifer Fugo: I cannot comment on specifically why a heroin addict wouldn't swap out heroin for bread, however I can say that whatever you generally overindulge on is what your body will crave which might explain why heroin users want more heroin and those eating certain foods crave more of those food.

maciej wrotek: ok...what about amylopectin-A in potato, corn, ...what about other grains like rye ? barley ?

J Pringle: I eat fresh fruits, pineapple, mango,, water mellon and a hamburger and a liter of vodka.. and a lot of water.. Im still living at near 65 I NEED to replace the vodka with pot , and will the vodka is killin me

Mary Viera: Can you tell us what you eat daily? I'm trying to be a wheat free vegetarian but I love rice. I'm trying to do all fresh fruit and veggies and there are so many vegetarian products with wheat and gluten. Im having hard time figuring out what to eat that is not blend and boring. Thanks!!

maciej wrotek: Maybe if they injected bread in the vein....

ibkristykat .: on the site LIVESTRONG they say otherwise about the rye as a bad substitute... they repeatedly say Rye & Barley are ok in a wheat-free diet... for those arguing about oats & rice, they TOO are included on this article on LIVESTRONG as good subs in a wheat-free diet... so whom do we listen to? this fat Doctor, or which ever journalist gets better info that makes more sense? lol

Woody Allblackfan: People the EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!!! Correct me if I am wrong but I was always taught, that if you want to be successful, then find someone successful and do what they did. You want to be lean and healthy - I think the same principle applies. Stop listening and LOOK!! He is an "expert" making millions of dollars selling books but he is FAT!!! You want examples of lean healthy experts. People that are actually examples of what we are looking for. Dr Neal D. Barnard/john mcdougall ect

Frank Berry From Upstate NY: Careful Doc....I'm having people call ME crazy....I can imagine what you get from the lay public! Also....be careful....you're going to need to "watch your back" soon...many chemical companies have deep pockets....they'll spend money to "shut you down" or worse.

Mary Viera: I did mention I was vegetarian :)

carter102: I've looked into the dozens of peer reviewed medical journal articles supporting Dr. Davis's claims, they are valid. What prey tell do you think is bunk about this interview? Rice is full of arsenic, not a fatal dose, however it does bioaccumulate. You make such silly comments, half the planet would be dead of arsenic poisoning, have you ever taken a biological toxicology course? Any science course? I would like to know your level of education. And please, let me know what you dispute.

Frank Berry From Upstate NY: K....this gentleman totally described this in one of this own UTube videos....certainly a ggod review and great information...so....bottom line here...our genome as humans have trouble generically dealing with "wheat" that doesn't "effectively get broken down" by what is effectively "lock-and-key" enzymatic breakdown; chemistry/biology 101 stuff. Our typical monoculture and ways of farming are simply not sustainable...those reading this should READ AND LEARN ABOUT PERMACULTURE....Permaculture!

maciej wrotek: so U mean lectins ? That is a good answer

Jennifer Fugo: are you asking about how they raise your blood sugar? I'm confused about your question... could you clarify?

Mary Viera: I used to eat lot of fish and shell fish but I stopped eating those recently as well as all meat. I love eggs and that's one thing I will keep it in my diet but I don't eat lot if any of cheese or other dairy products. I just discovered about this wheat belly book and I watch lot of videos and read up on vegetarian options and watch all as possible on documentary on foods. I also enjoy engine 2 diet. I try eating lot of vegetables more than fruits. I'm not a sweet eater what so ever. Never cra

y0sh1100: I agree wheat is bad but carbohydrates are NOT bad, glucose is the fuel human beings run on, plenty of healthy cultures have very starch heavy diets and they are not obese just because they eat a lot of starch, that is faulty science

y0sh1100: why wouldn't you suck pickle for bread? I would say avoiding starvation is a pretty good incentive for doing that

maciej wrotek: two slices of bread raised blood sugar higher than table sugar...but how much of table sugar ?

Gunjan moghe: Have you seen Trim Fat Maximizer? (do a google search for it) It is a quick way to burn up fat fast.

Wheat Belly Interview with Dr. William Davis 4.7 out of 5

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