Amazon FBA: We Got Played! Lesson Of The Day!

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Curtis Nickerson: Wow, thanks for sharing. We have the pleasure of learning through your experiences. Nice work!!!

Leo Ryan: I just got baited and switched on Amazon by a seller who advertised 6 packs of Kodak TR580 tripods, which I ordered two six packs of.
They arrived and there were only two tripods not 12 as advertised. I immediately called Amazon and they told me there was nothing they could do, because it was fulfilled by a third party seller. I contacted the seller who said that I could either keep the two tripods at the price that I had paid for 12, or send them back at my own expense for a refund.
I told them that they should live up to their end of the bargain and either send me the missing tripods, or issue a refund minus $3.66 per unit for each of the tripods I received. They said nope.
I escalated this case to the Amazon a-z guarantee department and I was issued a full refund, and I was told to keep the two tripods. This was an obvious scam. They even tried to change the image of the 6 pack to a single tripod, I was on the phone with Amazon at the time and the rep saw it realtime.

ProBody3000: Wow... That's terrible!

Sue Hunt: wow thanks

Anne Reed: brilliant advice. I had a similar issue except it was with a seller in the states. I bought a very expensive lot of art supplies and he sent me shelves a few of the supplies not the hundreds of marker that were the bulk of my over $1000 purchase. Paypal asked me for proof by giving them a police report, luckily because of the high value in customs clearance, customs officers had checked it all out thinking something was up and found it strange that someone had paid over 1 thousand for 3 tiny little shelves. If it wasn't for that proof I might have been out over a thousand today. Really taught me alot about people's dishonesty cos up till then I had never been cheated before so was a real shock. People get played, it's not always fun and games cos it can be very stressful if you don't have proof. Take those pictures haha and document those packages arriving.

Dion Martinez: Awesome info!

Kano Mora: Does that mean open the product and take pictures of it? Or just the sealed box itself? Thanks for the great video.

epiphany 1.618: I'd luv to know how Amazon handled that. what a f.....
TY for vid

edithlymarie: Dang! I been watching you guys non stop! Great advice and super real-to the point info! Thank you for your time!

Agnostic Pariah: Wow, Amazon not siding with a buyer?!?!

Novaski: I dont get how taking a photo before is a proof of anything. You might have the product A in your house take a photo of it, then put a product B instead in the box, send it. Then the customer sends it back, because its obviously not the good product. And then you just have to call amazon and tell them the customer send you the wrong product back and they will give you your money back if you made a photo before ?? am i missing something or ?

D Kue: so sorry this happened to you, thanks for telling us about it. this is a lesson learned.

DM STAPLES: I am new to your channel. Tfs.

NJ CAMOCUTIE: Im binging on your vids today...You and your wife seem like such sweet ppl, this crap pisses me off!!!!Anywho thanks so much for all your info!!!You guys rock!!!!

Time4Cash500: hi love what you doing sharing your videos, knowledge they are very helpful step by step easy to follow and try ourselves Thank you. my question about this video you advise to take pictures of the product if that product is brand new seal pictures only shows a sealed package that's going to be enough proof as long with the bard code and serial number on that box? Thank you once again!

Ivan Stoyanov: As far as I understand, with Amazon FBA they warehouse the inventory and ship for you. You do not have access to the inventory, so how do you take pictures before shipping?
Also, have you had situations in which the customer claims that he never received the merchandise?

fijiandevil: If one buy products in china and directly ships it to Amazon warehouse how do you take pictures ?

jaybooo123: Thanks for the info!! I can't believe people think they can get away with that stuff 😂

Quiet Little Crush: Thank you so much for sharing this. I will definitely be taking pictures from now on.

26CT1520: Great tip, cheers.

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Amazon FBA: We Got Played! Lesson of the Day! 5 out of 5

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