Glock 20 & Glock 29 - 9x25 Dillon Accuracy & Velocity - Lone Wolf Barrel - Underwood & Doubletap

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MR. DIXXXON: Is 40 Super more powerful than 10mm?? What AUTOLOADER is more powerful than 10mm??

Boen Airgeez: Which runs better 40 super or 9x25?

Dick Tickles: Compared to .357 Sig, it's got more velocity and more power, but when I compare the data from the Glock 29 barrel to .357 Sig, there's not a big difference to say that 9x25 is better than .357 Sig from a shorter barrel. From a 6 inch barrel, the difference is night and day.

Peter Martin: My Sig P229 has a 6in Bar-Sto barrel that produces velocitys over 1700fps bro. Trash that ugly plastic gun and get a real battle gun a "$ig P229" 😎

Icon Of Sin: A 10mm case necked down to a 9mm heh that is some serious power.

Cleatus Van Damne: I honestly would have expected the 9x25 Dillon Underwood to outperform the .357 Sig Underwood by more than this.  Underwood's 125 gr .357 Sig flies out of a 4" barrel over 1500 and out of a 4.5" at closer to 1550.
I usually carry .357 barrels in my Glock 23 and 27, and was considering a 9x25 Dillon barrel for my G20, but it seems that in order to really take advantage of this round, you need at least a 6" barrel.

Vydonis: (It wont let me reply to posts)
10mm doesn't get the same fp/force the 9mm does. 6" barrel 9x25 underwood gets 1200joules of force. Highest I know of at 6" with a internal grip magazine. Upgrade to revolvers for higher joules. 10mm barely makes 1050 joules at a 8" barrel with underwood ammo.

Alex K.: Don't see a point to use the 9x25 as a carry round, would stick with 10mm.

Ammo Test: haha especially with the G29 3.8" barrel version

UndergradPigeon: Those 125s would probably make a pretty sweet carry load, you know if you're the kind of guy that wants to make an impression on the threat and deafen everyone around including yourself Haha

UndergradPigeon: How loud is the 9x25? I've heard it's pretty crazy loud and the blast is pretty ridiculous

Ammo Test: yeah I'm going to add a segment to this video showing recoil like I've done with my other ammo tests/velocity vids. pretty sure both doubletap and underwood advertise their velocities from a 6" barrel.

Ammo Test: probably just plastic lol

paper000000: I'll look forward to that. I'm curios about the 9x25 recoil. Thanks for doing these chrono tests with real world barrels, well except for the 6". I'm surprised that it took the 6" to get the advertised velocity for the Underwood but not surprised the the UW came out on top.

paper000000: How much change did you have in your pocket?

Tactical Training Group: thanks for that info and the great video

Ammo Test: probably around 80

Tactical Training Group: what was the temp the day of the test?

Ammo Test: I run a 23lb wolff spring and guide rod setup. Works for everything 10mm 9x25, 40sw and 357sig. (a little much for 357sig but it still gets the job done). I've had a few problems with DoubleTap not to many. Main problem has been on every caliber it's running slower than what the box says.

Glock 20 & Glock 29 - 9x25 Dillon Accuracy & Velocity - Lone Wolf Barrel - Underwood & Doubletap 5 out of 5

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