Drugstore Makeup/ Beauty HAUL 2013

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Marlenne Olague: I miss this Dulce....

Anna Amaya: dulce where did you get your necklace, it's beautiful!!!!

Cezy Mary: the BEAR is a pig :))
P.S:Soo sweet that he won that for you

India Vieira: Love your room !!!!

adriana campos: I love your lip color here!

Annie Rathburn: Why did you want to name Isaac that I am just wondering what is his middle name and you should do a video showing Isaac and your husband love your videos and thanks for all the inspiration love ya Dulce Candy

Charlotte&Tori: Love this video! 
We just posted our first video, a christmas haul. Go check it out if you'd like!

Emmie Thompson: This is my fave video. I always watch this one!

Caroline Jordan: ...... brown is brown.

rebGARR: You have black hair.....

imnotgoodatnamingthings: wait. she's married?! I thought that she was like 16!

kees mi: Lmao medium to light brown hair? You wish bitch. Your hairs dark brown gtfo

Reweena G: jeez.... calm your tits woman

Fae Britt: That because her bedroom is HER bedroom. It's a guest room she decorated herself and films in. Please get a clue.

jennifer Varona: same happen to my nail.......when I was helping my dad's friend to pick up all the stuff coz they goin to different house...when I was holding some stuff to my left handed then I close the door to my right handed and I move it but suddenly I drop the stuff and open the door again......and I went inside theirs house and I start crying ...coz its really hurt

Kristina Gutierrez: What color did you get for the Almay mousse makeup?

Atiqah Zakirah: you are so gorgeous

CherrieCupcakex: I Love your makeup here! You're so gorgeous :D

Huda Ahmed: 3:30 still waiting for that story...

Hop master: What was the lipsticks called? Is it Maybelline?

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Drugstore Makeup/ Beauty HAUL 2013 5 out of 5

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