Street Fighter Vs DBZ Vs Mortal Kombat ULTIMATE 2012 (All Fighters Unite!)

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KAVEH08: iv never played or no how this works but iv seen there alot of people that like it. the arcade thing looks reall fun

Angelprincesslily: how do you change the character selection screen on the new version of mugen?

OroNetwork: Shoulda just called it "All Fighters Unite!" since you're like way off on the title. There's nintendo and marvel in it...

Faisal Wobblez: the password is not working dude tell me the other password

sonictom95: @GamersLdMugen can u still add more characters on these games if u want

TheValeraBros: why is mario and luigi in this game

sonictom95: @GamersLdMugen so you mean u use the old version of mugen the first version of mugen the old one right

GamersLdMugen: @doom1killer123 next time bro =D

GamersLdMugen: @OroCrimson lol ^_^

GamersLdMugen: @doom1killer123 I thought of giving it an arcade feeling so I threw mario in =D

rang3r34: Some of the BEST Mugen I've ever seen! Great Work!!

GamersLdMugen: @MsFaisal502 what password did you use? the password is "GamerL33t4" .

GamersLdMugen: @Angelprincesslily It should be the same way. I'm fairly new to mugen 1.0. Currently testing and playing around with it. Apparently it does use sff files still, so you can use fighter factory to modify the screen. ┬ęGamersLDM

sonictom95: @GamersLdMugen hey i know what you should do use the dragon ball z mugen edition 2011 characters against the mortal kombat and street fighter with few of the ssb characters that would be good

doom1killer123: @GamersLdMugen why not throw freddy kruegar in there while your at it

doom1killer123: @GamersLdMugen that still doesn't explain why mario is in it

GamersLdMugen: @jbyrd5th the title is sf vs mk vs dbz vs snk before but youtube's title limit shortened it. Besides, you'll know snk is in there when you see the vid =D ┬ęGamersLDM

OroNetwork: @GamersLdMugen Well you must admit it is a better name than "Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat vs Dragon Ball Z vs Marvel vs Nintendo vs SNK!!!" Damn.

GamersLdMugen: @OroCrimson That would be too general.Hmm. ><

jbyrd5th: why is snk characters in it....

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Street Fighter vs DBZ vs Mortal Kombat ULTIMATE 2012 (All Fighters Unite!) 4.6 out of 5

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