How To RECHARGE (STACK CHARGE) Your Blackberry Playbook If It Isn't Charging (Won't Charge)

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Esteban Czaffit: Hi David Can you please have any idea on how to recovery my data after Playbook BB dropped "Wont Start" ? I try to plug it with my PC and of course using BB desktop, nothing , I also try many things like press and hold power button + + Nothing ? please help

Rene Pitre: What kind of charger are you using?

Janet Trevizo: Mine light stays on for like 15 seconds then it has a yellowish light plz plz plz help me I really need help what do I do.???

Iustin-Alexandru Nastase: can you tell me how to make a rapid charger ... i mean, a have a 12v at 2A charger, but I need to make a socket. All i need to know is where is the 12v+ and 12V- and what is the third pin...

Lester Catapang: or you can just buy a rapid charger?

Craig Dawkins: The plug charge and pull out worked. Took 5 times then the green light started to blink slowly and about 30 min later the tablet booted up.

Justin Fuller: Thank you

valeria loor: are you suppose to put the charger on press the + - and power button for 15 secs then let it charge for 2 min the unplug it for 3 min, i did this for like 13 times how do i know it can start to charge?

213RoxyGal: My playboook comes on and stays on but it says it's not charging. I did a reset awhile ago so it doesn't take me to a desktop just to the setup page and I can't get past that cause it says I have to be at 20% please help!! :( 

Ya Gurl Tray C: omg it works:)

ramsen ritual: men i have that bb my problem is the of charging duck must cut

James Abbott: This worked for me. The battery was a real swine to get up to expose the terminals. I actually used Croc clips connected to a spare charger. After 10 mins I put it all back together and plugged the normal charger in and it worked! Not something I would want to do again. 

Tamar Campbell: Mine was dead fro an entire day...still nothing

Makayla Brown: I have been trying this for 2 hours and nothing is happening all thats going on is a red light comes on then a green light blinks 5 times what am i doing wrong? Help please?

Natsu Dragneel: Hi I have bought a blackberry playbook about a year ago and it stopped working 6 months after I bought it. I never really payed attention to it but now I'm trying to fix it. It ran out of charge but it's charger stopped working aswell. Now I am using a USB and charging it but I am stack charging it. But the thing is, when I hold the power button it shows red for 15 secs and then a green/yellowish light blinks 5 times. So I keep on holding the button until I added it up to 2 mins. I did this about 6 times and I between I waited 3 mins. So am I doing this correctly? 2x6= 12mins if I am not mistaken. So is this the correct procedure? Please reply to this ASAP :)

sumayyah cheema: What if the light doesn't come on in the first step? 

Craig Dawkins: Excellent, worked like a charm. Thank you.

Beth Casteel: Mine does not even have a light where is shows xead battery what should i do.? How do you take it apart anx put it together?

bob power: I have my playbook apart and the battery terminals exposed. How do I know which one is positive? Thanks.

Santiago Ibarra: Thank you a lot, I have been a day trying different methods and your one is the one who solved it.

Cindy Conny: Now it's got 3 green dots. And two yellow....I have no clue what this means...

Cindy Conny: Will you have to stack charge it every time you need to charge the blackberry? How do you know when you just have to leave it plugged into the wall after you do all the stack charging stuff? Also how do you know if it's working? all 5 dots on mine are now this greenish color but the tablet is still not turning on...I don't mean to bother you with all this it's just so far you helped more then anyone. Thank you!!!!

luffy: oh man I love u thanx for helping bro...... NO HOMO..

sitosnilloc: good video

nice1n601: Does this also work on a dead hp touchpad it won't charge either. 

Game lover!: Blackberry playbooks are crap, why don't they just work, i'm sure other tablet and smartphone charges on pc without this, they only need usb, so that is why its crap.

David Sunshine: Should only need to unplug the playbook side, as long as the light comes on for a bit, it should be charging for that duration while the light is on. Keep doing it and you should have enough of a charge to start up.

David Sunshine: Ya, it's not for everybody. It's risky, like the board game operation, if you hit the battery with a sharp tool, it could be damaged and become exothermic. Good news is that you get a new tablet ;o)

David Sunshine: Maybe cuz the charger plug was crushed? Try a new one. If the charge port is damaged, you can replace it yourself, if you have a good soldering iron, and the patience for it.

ABIR SHAQRAN MAHMOOD: thnx for reply.. now my battery level is decreasing.. right now it's showing 9%. but i'm afraid if it's kept on, it'll decrease to.. so, i'm shutting it down and continuing stack charging. i've been doing that for a while. but level isn't rising in fact. so, what can i do? plz help me...

Arya Drottningu: Whenever i connect my playbook the only thing that happens is a red light blinks for 30 seconds every 15 seconds. Is it in the critical stage or is it beyond the critical stage? Please Reply.

David Sunshine: 42,237 views, I take it this is a major problem with the playbooks. Pretty scary!

David Sunshine: Hey, thanks for the comment, maybe it'll help others out there fix it without opening it up too, that would be awesome. Thanks for sharing with the world! Cheers, David.

davidegee: thanks. after days and days of charging to no avail, your video revived my PB

David Sunshine: Doh! Maybe you can ask someone who works on electronics to open it and charge the battery manually like I did? The battery was completely dead and no lights would come on. The charge fixed it tho!

Mike Milewski: dang, I just got done trying this - I had a very hard time getting the battery/sticky tape loose - once I finally got it loose I noticed the ribbon cable between both batteries got torn - I guess no easy way to fix that?

REDDICE: I managed to boot up my playbook,but there's still a problem. I did a security wipe because I was told my Playbook might of been bricked because it wouldn't charge, even while it was at the home screen. After the pulsating yellow LED's, my Playbook boots up, but still refuses to charge. Its stuck on the screen telling me to charge until it reaches 20% power so it can update. How is it ever going to update if it refuses to charge. I've used both the stock USB charger and the Rapid Travel Charger.

ashish gulati: hey david nice work !!!! at 50% battery level my bbpb voltage is 3.7v so should i maintain the voltage at 3v forever and is it fine to charge even at low battery level plz do reply

Abyss ClikonCo: Tried it, got up to 3.3 on the charger, when measured it was 3.24 or so. But the PB still wouldn't charge or turn on:/ (using the stupid rapid charger, and "repaired" twice using the blackberry software) All it has been doing is blink the red led twice.

Linda Roy: My husband is a computer programmer/analyst and I thought he could help as he knows a lot about the internal workings of electronics but after he saw the video, he said he'd better not touch it...I guess I'll have to wait for Christmas to get a new tablet :(

David Sunshine: I'm sure most people won't have a lipo charger too, but everyone can strip a pair of wires, who are willing to try this procedure anyways. I'll add a tip to the video to let everyone know! Thanks for pointing that out! Cheers, David.

Baba Tee: Thank you so very much Dave, i got a stable green light after about 22 pulls and plug. Cool research and kudos for your time to help people like us.

Bryan K: I don't have a lipo charger,but I have a spliced 3.7 volt LG cell phone charger.How many minutes should I leave it connected?I noticed that it took you about 4:44 minutes to get to 3.00 volts,I think 6 minutes overall.I don't want to die please help.

David Sunshine: First reply was quick, not so good this time! lol. You can release it once it starts the "stack charge". If you've done it for 2 hours straight, it's probably not helping anymore. Maybe you're discharged so low that the light can come on, but the charging circuit can't charge it??? That's new to me. Try buying the rapid charger that uses the 3 prong plug to see if you can charge it. Make sure you can return it if it doesn't work, that way you don't waste any money.

Carlo Barroquillo: so i tried and failed. still not turning on. i followed all the steps and bought the b6. i charge it the playbook for about 2 mins (4v) and still not turning on. pls help!!!

David Sunshine: Try it, you cam always return it if it doesn't work.

LifeOfA TeenageGirl: I did the stack charging bit and it turn on but said it needs to be over 20% charge to turn on and turned off. What should i do?

Linda Roy: For the rapid charge, (leave on for 20 seconds, unplug for 10 seconds, etc) do I have to remove the charger from the wall every time or can I just disconnect the PB from the charger for the ten seconds?

herbert rebuelta: hi sir my playbook is also dead because left my battery drain empty. i dont have that kind of charger you that you in manual charging. i would like to ask if i can use my normal charger to use manual charge? please reply thanks.

Brian Deriel: I let it charge for like 2 days and it worked.

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