Enlan EL 06: Mind Blowing EDC For Less

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neroknives: Support the us not China.

Iboo30: You should also take a look at the Ganzo and Sanrenmu knives and tools. They probably all come out of the same factory in China but they are so much knife for so little money ... Even this one, if you ordered it directly from the source on aliexpress or gearbest or any of the other Chinese websites, you would have paid much less....

Amerijeep USA: Enlan EL-06PF 9Cr 13. as of Feb. 4 2018

Red Pill Vegan: Clicks video. Hmmmm I wonder how much those run? Clicks Amazon links. Sold out across the board. Haha... Welcome to The nutnfancy Knife Show.

Jonathan Park: Hey Can you check out buck Rival 1?? It's only 18 bucks and it's just basic but it has all the essential characteristics. Deep carry clip, 420HC steel, ambi-Thumbstuds, lockback, 1.4oz!!

Miziel Gonzalez: The perfect grade Gundam Exia just dropped...just saying lol

Weta: Anal.

Mixed Martial Anime: didnt know so many knife guys even knew gundams

point defense: Been watching your GRV's for years, first time checking out some blades, these things are gorgeous!

craig burbank: Lefty's gets screwed with sheaths for fixed blades and the thumb stud on folders all the time it sucks especially holsters for guns it's just not right raise a stink about it for us lefties

craig burbank: nothing fancy you're such a nerd I like it and you love to collect all kinds of crap to I love that as much is everybody else on your Channel watching you reviews keep it up

doug bulldog: I think the Sanrenmu LAND knives with Sandvik 12C27 are better at half the price

John Smith: Talking about Chinese made Senbenza lookalikes, you should check LAND 9103 (or 9104 for blackwash finish). It's a really good knife especially for its price.

jetsam: is that a pokemon?

Mr. C: Nutin your the best reviewer on YouTube but honestly I dont care about most other measurements in metric but blade length should be in inches as is all of the knife law specifications in the USA and in our respective states.

ertatta: NutN, you will flip out by the quality of the Sanrenmu Land 9103(9104 black wash version) or the 910 liner lock version. Definitely inspired by the CR sabenza, but at $12-$15 is the most shocking knife value out there. Available from gearbest.com and unfortunately 3-5 weeks shipping is average. Some of the Ganzo's are an unbelievable value as well!

pinkiewerewolf: Good stuff nutn, options are good. Chinese products have definitely stepped up in quite a few areas. In woodworking a Chinese brand "Wood River" is making planes that can compete with the higher end North American and European made tools, and at the lower price spectrum. Just like with knives and other gear I buy American made first but often times I fill in some gaps with the overseas produced products.

DjKinetec: I think it's worth the extra money to just upgrade to a Tenacious, unless you intend to use this knife as a beater, or as a car knife/secondary knife.

Flint and Steel Survival: Little bit of gundam little bit of knives! Pretty cool Nutn! Enlan makes some decent stuff!

Sincerely Bryce: Man, the last few things I have bought from your recommendation have been total junk? Nice to see new content, but don't encourage us to blow money please

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Enlan EL 06: Mind blowing EDC for Less 5 out of 5

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Enlan EL 06: Mind blowing EDC for Less
Enlan EL 06: Mind blowing EDC for Less
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