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Sansui Mcpeters: i got an 8 pin f i wish i knew what it was on the 150 chinese atv

SAP: This rocks! Thank you so much for your help in clarifying this

BHARATH.V Kumar: hey can u please tell me how to wire a 6 pin cdi to my 7 pin yamaha
ybr/ybx/yd 125 it has a 4 pin connector a 2 pin connector and a seperate
black wire

Allrock123: AC CDI box needs a spike of high voltage electricity provided by the Stator provided high voltage "charge" coil winding  to supply the CDI box with pulses of high voltage needed to charge its internal capacitor before firing then the seperate small Trigger or pulsar coil will "time" the spark delivery. (Both Ac and DC CDI units need this Trigger pulse to time the spark) This high voltage pulse magneto like coil on the motors stator is wound "separately" from the stator units battery charge windings. and has its own connection to the CDI box itself so if a unique lead from the bikes stator to the CDI is present (it may be grounded by both the key or kill switch in some cases) then it is is an AC CDI type,,AC cdi boxes have a "Grounded stop or kill switch circuit,, that is connected to ground when the key is off or the kill switch is on. there will also be no 12 volt power present with the scooter or buggy  not running and the key or kill switch on with a charged battery present.      A DC cdi box is a Diffrent beast in that it  "Also" contains internal electronics that do away with the need for a separate stator  Charge coil circuit to deliver the "charging pulse of electricity to the CDI capacitor  ,, A DC CDI box instead takes the 12 volts from the battery and charging system and through an internal circuit  steps this low voltage up to "charge" the capacitor like circuit in the flash of a camera ,, if you a find a live 12 volt power wire to the CDI box connector with the ignition turned on and the kill switch off its a DC CDI box type this power should be shut off when you turn off the key or engage the kill switch..

Fernando Alonso: by mistake (because they have the same connectors) i pluged an ac CDI in a dc scooter and i fried it :( thanks forma the video

Al B: Can a CDI cause the engine to surge from 5500rpms to 3500rpms with the throttle opened??

Ahmad Dardoun: ahmed maroc

Chamjisky Khan: does stator also happens to be AC and DC ?,searchweb201602_4_10037_10017_407_10033_406_10032_10040,searchweb201603_7&btsid=40a35c18-b90c-4e1b-9765-9f3ac2033225,searchweb201602_4_10017_407_406_10040,searchweb201603_7&btsid=9c952f9f-d527-49a2-af02-fccc424503fa

how do i know if mine is AC or DC ?

Vine Z: I have Sym Symphony ST 50 4T, 2015. The engine type is XS1P37QMA-2. Which CDI should I order?

Berdugo Cebu: what is cdi w/n limeter.bos

Jaylen White: iv got sym symply 50 4 stroke is it ac or dc ??????

Richard Castillo: I found that the 2 wire set up on the AC units will show continuity between the two leads, as to where the DC boxes will not

Russell Jaconi: hi all i have  a hammerhead twister which runs great. my question is why does my cdi always have power i noticed cause the one i replaced has green light on it

Carlos Vreal: what is the rev limit usually set at?

Jesusito Villarin: hello do you know type of cdi for bolwell jolie 2005 . thanks pls.

Henry Sánchez Estrada: Como realizar un paracaídas para un aeroplano pequeño

Peter Griffin: My stock CDI is a 6pin. But only 5 wires go into the CDI
I can kick start the bike without a battery, it runs fine. But no lights. Is this a DC?
Its a 2013 Benelli QuattronoveX 49x
4 stroke.
Anyone know .

James Gordon: I have heard that if you switch your lights on, while the bike is off, and the lights actually come on, that the CDI unit is a DC unit. Is that the case? If so will this still happen even if you remove your DC CDI?

vespadano1979: All you have to do is look at the wiring diagram for the scooter and see if the power is coming from the battery or the stator. HA HA HA!!!. Just kidding Chinese garbage never comes with manuals.

abel berenguer: Hi tank you 4 your great video, can you please help me if you can or you know, where the CDI location on two stroke scooter Sym Fiddle version 1 from 27/09/1999 tank you also a Maine turns on carburettor air screw tks Best Regards: Vinnie BERENGUER

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CDI Is It AC or DC 5 out of 5

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CDI Is It AC or DC
CDI Is It AC or DC
How to wire a CDI
How to wire a CDI
Honda 300EX ignition. OEM has 2 CDI units. plan is 1 Racing CDI.
Honda 300EX ignition. OEM has 2 CDI units. plan is 1 Racing CDI.
how to test and repair motorcycle CDI electronic ignition module coil system spark failure
how to test and repair motorcycle CDI electronic ignition module coil system spark failure

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