AMMO TEST: 10mm Underwood 200 Gr Hornady XTP JHP

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Samuel Hopkins: The first time I heard about 10mm was through a video game called Fallout 3 when I was a kid back in '08. Now that I'm old enough to buy a handgun, I'm seriously considering purchasing the Glock 20 SF in 10mm as my first handgun. Yes, I've heard the drawbacks of of owning and shooting 10mm but I couldn't care less, the power of this round is so seductive. Besides, if there are points when I get tired of shooting 10mm, I could always purchase a .40 S&W or .45 ACP conversion barrel and shoot those calibers instead.

orionh3000: fanboy of the 10mm here. thanks for the vid.

Northwest Hunter: Wouldn't this be a very good round for a self defense non-woods carry load?

Rix Pix: Dude you make the best ballistics videos on yt!

Steve Johnson: I have no doubt this round would go clean through the average man with energy to spare.
I don't worry about overpenetration but this load is a no go if you do worry about it.

Marianne Sisler: Fail

Marianne Sisler: Alllll,the "EXPERTS". So a human,has,Skin,bone, muscle, nerves. BLOOD.then,the same again. And you don't measure straight on,from right shoulder, straight to the heart

George Mezines: Thank you for a great video. At least we can get a handle of what works best for yourself and how you want to use the 10MM.

MrJumbolegz: Why did I ever bother with 9mm? What was I thinking? Lol.

John Smith: maybe the best bullet and load for woods defense in 10mm save for all but the largest predators. The XTPs don't open up too much and therefore penetrated deeply for weight, but make for a better wound than the hard casts.

maxout214226: The permanent cavity seems smaller than some 9mm you have reviewed.

Burb: I carry a G29 loaded with this ammo. Gets an average of 1145 fps and 580 fpe. Still powerful and bad news for baddies.

Sean Allyn: I kind of expected the somewhat low penetration due to the high velocity and expanding bullet, i would like to see the 200 gr. wide flat nose hard cast gas check. I know Double tap loads this at 1350 fps. I load it as well at a bit lower velocity, around 1275. this loading will go clear through a large black bear. just for the sake of comparison it would be interesting to see what that translates to in gel

Jerr Shobe: thanks for making this video

Porkchop's Papi: Disappointing depth. I expected much deeper from 200 gr Underwood.

Michael Marco: Hey TN,

I've been running their 135gr JHP in my G20SF for my off duty weapon (I love full sized IWB).

Would you recommend going higher in the weights? Maybe 155?

naihanchin Kempo: Basic Physics Action reaction. I'd guess Energy dumps like a sledge hammer vs a Ball Peen hammer. It expands faster and has more surface area in the jell more drag as a result

dolphinsattack: These videos provide more evidence that Underwood and some other ammo manufacturers are pushing loads too hot with too much velocity which ends up affecting the bullet's expansion reducing expansion and even reducing penetration. Hornady's factory 180gr XTP performs much better and tnoutdoors9 video of it proves it. Sometimes slower velocity allows the bullet to expand more and open up and push through deeper...

Joe Vazquez: There's a YouTube vid of a big guy wearing a vest shooting himself in the stomach with glock 10mm loaded with factory hornady (underwood loaded much hotter) and he was in a LOT of pain

AMMO TEST: 10mm Underwood 200 gr Hornady XTP JHP 5 out of 5

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