Samsung SGH- T528g Review

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Sherrie Nowell: my wifi stays conected to all my network profiles cant get bluetooth to connect either shuts off networks profile messed up its just a mess

SaraST8: Hi, this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. Our apologies for what you have gone through. We can review your account and perform a series of troubleshooting steps to verify as to why your phone will randomly turn off. Just send us an email with your name, phone number or serial number. Thanks!

Briana Davis: how do u make a text signature on ur t258g??

SaraST8: Hi alexarel92, this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. For your inquiry, the price of the Samsung T528G is $99.99 only. Indeed, it is worth buying for a touch screen phone. Thanks! For further inquiries, simply email us at

Dabrown18: Where do you get your ringtones?

Vickie Silvious: How can i fix the message initializing problem i cant bring up my contacts or my messages or send a message

Derrick P: my question is, can you change the text alert tone? I cant hear it on my phone at all and i dont know i have a text utill i look at my phone hours later cause i didnt hear it, and it is turned all the way up.

snow man: I bought this phone today for 30 dollars. I'm sure I'll get what I paid for.

Jacob Disney: This phone is awful, it shuts off when ever it wants to! The text messaging will go to the initializing mode and stay that way for days!! I wish I had never bought this phone, I should have know something was wrong when I had to get a replacement the 1st day I got it!!!

Melo Reacts: Can you show us how the music player is on the phone please?

Kani Bob: Omg! Thank you! I just got mine last night I couldnt get the Widgets off my pg! so thanks!!

Annavi: mine too

Jay Cat: tap menu then music player then settings and tap on background playing then tap save and done

travis roden: can u listen music when u are texting if so how?.

StarCoreFilms: This phone blows. I'm on my second one and it's showing signs of failing the same exact way as the last one. It would keep saying "Message initializing" and eventually would no longer open my inbox to read or send messages. My brand new one after about a month or so has already started to do similar things, but luckily it goes back to allowing me into my inbox for now....however, I deleted my Outbox messages and now I no longer have an outbox. It says "Blank" always even after sending texts.

T-Y: how do u read the txt messages while on the phone?

dontre trask: restore your phone becuz i did it

andimabouttobreak: I have a different Straight Talk phone than this (I'm planning to get this one very soon in replacement) but it also does the random shut off, but it only seems to really happen when I'm in an area with low bars and I'm doing something heavier like trying to send a picture message. I think it's just a memory thing. Like, it's on overload.

Wow101lol: What do the messages look like in the message app? Like do you have outbox and in box or all of the messages with one person in one message?

Martha Nobles: I can't play videos from YouTube on this same fone. Help please?

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Samsung SGH- t528g Review 5 out of 5

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