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P D: I refill my Sodastream CO2 cylinders with clean, food grade dry ice. Purge, measure it out, fill the canisters, reseal. I wouldn't use industrial C02 to fill - you can't guarantee the cleanliness of the filling source, nor of the tank, nor that there aren't impurities in the C02.

And I fill all four of my cylinders for less than $5 per cylinder.

Anna Geraghty: Eric mb

Soda Stream don't sell the cylinders anymore for the 1960s Soda Stream so that's why this is being done.

ughhly: The cost structure boils down to, about $5.00 each way to courier 6 pack of refilled cylinders, having machinery capable of auto-filling, capping and conveying cylinders during process (approximately 100k worth of machinery) , Paying staff to actually fill, box, and receive and dispatch refilled bottles . Each cylinder is prechecked for obvious damage, and briefly checked for leakage before packaging after filling. Then the seller adds their margin onto the process.
The handling fees incurred is probably most of the cost of the refill, the CO2 in the quantitys bought would be in the cents per liter.

Luke Dennis: If this CO2 needs to be food grade.

Jelle Dullaert: and the pressure in a CO2 cillinder is not 200 bar!! it's more like 40 - 50 bar

Jelle Dullaert: Hi everyone!
Because I read a lot comments of people who worry about the quality of the co2 in industrial cilinders and cilinders for food. Myself, I work in a company where we fill CO2 and i analyse them as wel. for food co2 or gourmet as they say, the norm of h20 and 02 contamination is so high that it's always good!! the only difference in industrial and food CO2 is, that we have to analyse it as a proof of: this is ok! but the norm is always fine (sorry for my enlish :-p)

Phil Brooks: I got the dry ice at Airgas, they didn't know about 'food grade' but all their customers use dry ice for fish storage and shipping. The vid is here on youtube - search for "Refilling sodastream Co2 tanks for $1." Please use gloves!

Phil Brooks: I live in Hawaii, and nobody will ship the cartridges here, and the stores (Walmart, etc) don't have them either. Something about the filled tanks shipping by air - not allowed. I refilled them by crushing dry ice, and stuffing it into the tank, (with the valve removed of course). Works great and costs about $1 per tank.

Better Name Chosen: @videoben9 it's not a one way valve at all. doing it the way this guy did won't be as effective because he didn't use the bleed valve on the side, but it's definitely not a one way valve

videoben9: you know what else is funny? when people get pissed off at facts they see in youtube comments and call the person who knows what their talking about an idiot

yanivabuh: its wary dangeres

kryznic1: What's the point of this effin video? Zero info going on here!

MrSwanley: Not true. Yes, CO2 is CO2, like water is water. But you can have contaminated CO2 just like you can have contaminated water. Food safe CO2 is of course safe. Welding CO2 should also be safe (bad CO2 might affect the weld). There is no reason for paintball or fire extinguisher CO2 to be especially clean, so I certainly wouldnt just assume that it is.

videoben9: u know wats funny? this doesnt work bcuz it a one way valve. the only way you can refill the tank yourself is with dry ice or freaking up the piece that blocks refilling

videoben9: there lying all c02 is the same.

Villy Skov: CO2 is CO2, there is no dirty CO2. It is only the tank that is different and need to be treated as food.

KillerJoeFIN: This can be dangerous if you dont use co2 gas for food usage... if you use industrial co2 gas its dirtyer and not so clean etc.

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Landotter1: Sodastream valves are booby trapped so you will destroy it if you try to refill it...

Villy Skov: This is not a easy or cheap adaptor to make because the security, the pressure in the donortank can be up to 200 bar.

REFILL DIY GAS CYLINDER (for Soda Stream) 5 out of 5

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Fill your CO2 Sodastream cylinder yourself
Fill your CO2 Sodastream cylinder yourself
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SodaStream CO2 Refill - No Special Gizmos!
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Refilling sodastream tank soda stream
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How to refill a SodaStream Co2 Cylinder Bottle for under $10 - Household Hack

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