MACHINE SHOP TIPS #98 Grinding A Lathe Threading Tool Tubalcain

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tommy thompson: I have watched a lot of your videos. I got a logan 10 inch lathe and have been turning a lot of steel into chips. I have a little round tool for making threads, and no matter wha I did, I could not make a good thread. I gave up, and ground one. Night and day difference, the threads now are acceptable, and they were horrible before. So thanks for what you do. You explain thing better than anyone, I really appreciate it. Tom

Jon G.: It took me forever to get it right in class! Wish I had a jig. lol

mary gage: Is it possible to purchase your machine shop series on dvd? If so can you let me know the cost. Thank you and have a great day.

Chris Murray: Internal threading tool has a more severe rake angle or chip breaker 

Aftab I Mamdapur: thanks for the refrance

FuriousShabs: A reminder to those who are new at this: If your grinding wheel specifies "no aluminum," then don't let that jig touch it! It's a serious hazard.

nisw1918: thanks gave you a thumbs up please return the favor

AsiAzzy: Also on the method I'm, using: A disc sander and a cross slide vice clamped to the sander table and I just run it at an angle and push the tool into the disc. (I have active water cooling on this sander - it's for preparing surfaces for microscope so active cooling, 12" buffing and sanding wheels, lapping compounds, nital bath at the finish, all without overheating that destroys the surface crystals on the metal.)

robimr: Zero.

xB1GKILLERX: gr8t video thats a easy tool to grind hard one 4 me is the inside Threading tool

Stewart Holmes: Hello sir, i loved this video, i actually did this at work and it worked great, anyways are you ok, you haven`t uploaded for a while and im a little concerned, yours, Stewart

Ben Rogerson: Great video sir! I've been looking for a simple jig to sharpen lathe tools. Thanks!

asmiter: Thank you for making the video.

Robby Kanarr: Im 13th and I can do it

MasMember: Da hat einer Ahnung was! Vorallem die Fachbegriffe wie "is ein bischen anders". Hochleistungsschnittstahl erleidet bei bestimmten Temperaturen eine Gefügeveränderung, weil sie ursprünglich bei ca. 500-600 °C angelassen wurden, und verliert so an Härte! Außer hier hat eine mehr Ahnung als Doktoranden und Profs!

A.H. Shukry: Say Hello to Jordan from Egypt !

Shawn Hawkins: Is there any difference in geometry for an inside threading tool?

gohuskies583: @GK1918 I was having the same trouble using my I pad 2. I downloaded google chrome and am using it for you tube videos rather than safari.

Dan Peacock: Thanks for the videos this has gave me a idea I have a radial arm saw and a metal cutting disk hmmm. Keep up the great info Mr. Pete

Opinionator52: I wonder how many 16 year old gamers are leaving their game long enough to learn these valuable techniques? :o] O,,,

Denis Renaud: Mr Pete, this is a great working jig. I have never been able to grind a nice looking threading tool until I made your jig. I ended up making 2 of them, 5/16 and 3/8. Thanks for the valuable information.

Andy Wander: so you grind the tool with the 15 degree angles, which gives you front clearance-then you put it in a tool holder that tilts it up-doesn't that pretty much wipe out the clearance to teh front of the tool?

Joseph DAndrea: He teaches high school shop part time.

kkkjjjaaa: I wish I'd had access to a Tubalcain 45 years ago when I took "Shop". But I am catching up now. Good tips, Mr. Pete.

bematter: Thanks Mr pete good video

Pieter Ouborg: Download the flash player (usually an .exe file), right-click the file in the folder, then go to properties>compatibility. On the lowest end, there is "run as administrator". Check that box, and try again, this should be the problem as I understand it. To the uploader: thanks!

Derril1942: Mittelalter ? CnC XD

louis chu: "this is going to be close to impossible for a 16 year old boy" ... *is a 16 year old boy* .. great... still gonna make it though.

katzefrau1: i like your videos but i have to say i had no problem grinding tool bits when i was 16. that was 24 years ago i also happen to be a woman. so saying a 16 yo boy can't do it seems a little pessimistic, they can do what you teach them to do.

Ben Rogerson: By the way any jig for grinding RH turning/facing tool? Thanks Again

CMAenergy: Not sure if you tried this re the bur I don't apply so much pressure and I cool it more frequently Finding I don't get as huge a bur and quite often no bur. When I was about 1 4or 15 my neighbour hired me to work in his turret lathe shop and showed me that it's better to cool it more often, Been doing that a lot and my tool bits last much longer

hybaj: Du bist ein Trottel :P HSS is ein bischen anders als normal karbon-stahl...

Carlboe1: Mr Pete I have been a tool and die maker for over 29 years. I run a cnc shop and have a young man that I had do a little project on Friday. The project was to a write program using the rotory table for this jig. Boy can he grind threading tools now. We now have one in 1/4,3/8 and 1/2. Acme to. These are real nice jigs. Thank you vary much for the video. Carl Boe

rcchopshop: that tool might look abvious to a smart guy. but i would watch a video on how to make that tool over and over

Paul Pallent: Just wanted to say thanks for such excellent tutorials. I have just set up my own small workshop and I was totally lost until I found these videos.

Chris Brown: Very nice Mr.Pete!!!! I always like your videos!! I wish they had machine shop when I went to school!!

samuel pine: Hy I managed somehow to get vido playing but the audio now sound like driving on a dirt road. Maybe also a tip for someone, I vise up the blank died and scribed and take it down with a die grinder, taking the majority off then back to the grinder to finish. Air die grinder is fast & I have more control & no hot fingers, saving grinding wheel. I like your jig now ill fire up my shaper. Thanks oh also Kieths audios doing same thing. I'll call him he is good with PCs. thanks again Sam

jozafax: Great tips as always, but if the end relief angle is 15 deg and the back rake angle is -15 deg (ERA and BRA as if used in a "straight" holder), and the tool is tipped in the holder like shown in the video (also 15 deg)) then the angle, the work is seeing, opens from 60 to 61.7 degrees. I'm not trying to be an ass, i love your videos, just thought it was worth a mention.

shopdogsam: ,,,,, that's me in my regular seat, first row, third seat from the middle,, great lesson,

mrpete222: Don't know. A while back I had to do that & it worked fine?????

Matt Blacke-TwoFiftyTwo: looks better than store bought

anvil1231: Thanks for another great video.

mrpete222: Lapping sounds good, but might be overkill.

enginemaxcarb.: you cutted deep your finger. .I learn one thing fast, never get easy in security. I almost lost a finger when i was 17 i could see my bone.But i didnt went to hospital, I grabbed it strong with a part of clothe, until blood stop running, half an hour later. if i had gonne to hospital now i would have a big scar.

fall22123: I remember the tool bits we had to grind by hand in tech school. The three we had to make were a turning bit, ground to certain angles, a 60 deg threading bit, and an acme threading bit, of course they were all needed for projects. We made heavy-duty planer jacks with acme threads. You're right, it is very difficult, but not impossible to do. By far, the most difficult was the acme bit. I still have it in my toolbox after all these years.

yourserenity: When I was 16 I made ANY THREAD ON ANY LATHE machine!

Lars Berntzon: Nice, what about using a small machinist square, but the thick side against the site of the table, and the jigg resting to the thing side, then you can move the jigg true all the way.

mtnviper1963: the blue Norton grinding wheels, grind much faster and cooler than the general purpose wheels, as well as retaining stone shape much better.They are fairly cheap on ebay.

AsiAzzy: Is it bad to lap the surfaces? I don't like coarse marks from the grinder, or sander. I usually grind the tool with a disc sander varying trough grits up to 2000grit that gives mirror like finish and add some lapping compound to a hard buffing wheel to make it a real mirror. (+nital) This is how I treat most cuts for microscope analysis on cracks, welds, etc so why not dress up the tools? For me it cuts fine the way I do it. Any reason not to smooth out the surfaces (without screwing them)?

MasMember: Super Arbeit! Lässt HSS schön anlaufen, damit es schöööön weich wird! Trottel hat keine Ahnung!

MACHINE SHOP TIPS #98 Grinding a Lathe Threading Tool tubalcain 4.7 out of 5

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MACHINE SHOP TIPS #98 Grinding a Lathe Threading Tool tubalcain
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