MACHINE SHOP TIPS #98 Grinding A Lathe Threading Tool Tubalcain

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Shivashankar vaana: Can you they information in theoretically

Ammar Tamimi: Do they make small grinding wheel that you can install on the lathe? This would give you all the control for any angle by holding the tool in the post and you are set to grind.

cptnbart: Does the 60 degree angle change when you grind the top rake? Seems like the angle would be a smidge smaller since the sides have the clearance but hard to wrap my feeble mind around the angles...probably splitting hairs. Thanks for taking the time to do all the videos!

salvatore micale: i love watching yubalcain. he is so understand everything.

mrc109: Tool sharpening Freehand is pretty hard for this 60 year old "boy" as well. mrc109

Chiu Clockk: thanks for uploading the video .Its very useful for me!!

bowlweevil: why can't you tilt the grinder rest to the proper angle to get front relief?

Walter Bond: if you ever saw him steal all you have to do is We Heart It and all you have to do is get it up to Ware magnet on stick on it and then or water oil or water after non-magnetic temperatures is what you need before you switch it and either one of all the or water oil or water

Walter Bond: if you major to land in your jig for your bench grinder / table you can put a fence on it like a table song where you can move it a little bit and um if you will run a bolt through it the whole length you can use it as a clamp to clamp in place so it's more movable and if you got any way to draw it out to make more sense because they usually have to draw up my plans for other people to understand them I usually can see it in my head in detail thank you for your videos this is not a generic thank you thank you so much

Walter Bond: I highly recommend if you're going to make a wooden toy chest for your grinder 2 make it in a box for him like a drawer without a bottom I need a script to your workbench course you'd have to use it like a miter saw II chop down your two side pieces for your uprights and then you would have put your table want it but I'd recommend plywood because it's cheap and you can find out a lot of places cuz not everyone's going to have Hardwood specials much as I have but that's because they tear down old buildings and I cut trees down for people that's probably why I'm going into Bushcraft and Woodcraft in all that detail work

Walter Bond: in my case it probably be easier to make it out of wood like a hardwood the table and The Jig cuz I've got a lot of wood on hand but not very much metal I mean I could cast some metal but it'd be easier for me to do would work with the skills and tools I've got and I've got a little bit of shop time with a grinder so it probably be easier with wood then I could make a more permanent gig you later of course it does take the 1st right hardwood and depends on how rough on him with it it might hold up enough for me to get enough tools out of it

Walter Bond: here in America he can get anybody jumped off the side of the road that's where I'll recommend you get your Steel cuz you can break it down and make it into usable stuff and it was somebody else's garbage and with a little bit of knowledge you can maybe fix make some money oops I said a dirty word money what can keep being too serious kids will go crazy thank you for your videos

Walter Bond: you can not put on a wooden arm on your grinder and take a finishing nail from the inside out of a tin can and punch the small hole the smallest it take to drip the water onto the tool that you're trying to grind and that will keep it cold keep it simple thermal dynamics keep it simple and you'll be more in tune to do more stuff with less and a Big Tomato can the tall ones is the best one I found the hold the most water you don't want to too small of a hole or too big of a hole happy mediums the best one you'll have to have several cans because you'll screw up with you but then if you need any amount of the pasta in a can or any herb pasta sauce that also will work it's just coded enough to so the water doesn't eat the can it will blister around the hole eventually but it takes so quite a while and what I mean by blessed remove rust improvise adapt and overcome that is the motto to we doing everything that I can't do with the tools on hand keep it the simplest method and you'll do the most with the least little amount of knowledge and tools and when you get the knowledge that's when you build a better tool that's part of improvise adapt and overcome hopefully if John is listening to my conversation because my phone's been hacked several times they're going to work out the better knowledge that's a little bit of Common Sense / crazy talk so really they need to work on what they sent us and what I mean by us I mean the United States and anyone else because the details will get out and that's where we need to work with and fix the problem in the drift is problem doing their reality and Ours their reality and Ours keep working keep it simple straightforward and you'll get your tool made anything for me again 2 Gunstock or just a wooden bench if you get the right knowledge and have a little bit of common sense to identify what is good about it and what is bad about it you'll get the right pulling down thank you for your videos

Ivan: Your grinder is very noisy, you need to replace the bearings and perform balancing the disk!

Guy Ward: Always enjoy. Mr Pete. The best education you will find on YouTube. Would of loved a shop teacher with his knowledge a devotion

Celal Aslaner: Kalemi yaktın be usta...:)

JackOfAllTrades1972: wish I could of had this guy as my shop teacher he shows alot of tips you can ACTUALLY use in a shop in the field not just how the books each you

if I had to say how much I use from collage and from what iv learned from Mr Pete and self taught I'd say it's a good 10 to 1 ratio

reconteamohio: Mr. Pete, Looking back on my personal experience with one of my "SHOP TEACHERS" I now realize that he was not nearly as good as he thought he was. As a matter of fact, I believe that he derived great pleasure from watching us students suffer as we tried in vain to get the cutter shaped the correct way. Did I enjoy my class,....NO. But I learned to keep searching for the answers that were out there somewhere! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Now I feel like going back and doing it right the first time! I love your videos!

p penca: hi mr peterson, hope you see this question on your notifications. it`s basic but what is the criteria for choosing the diamond size (in carats)(single point). i went to the local machine supply store and they have from 0.25, 0.5,0.75 and 1 (prices double the size) and they are as clueless as i am about which size is right. thank you very much for teaching the novice (like me, not young but novice to machining). peter penca

1936_CAT22: Jordan is so very lucky to have a kind and patient grandpa who has so much knowledge on many diverse subjects to share with him! (I wish was him.)
 But Mr. Pete, I feel we're all pretty darn lucky out here to have you teaching us via You Tube, it's the next best thing! Thank you.

MACHINE SHOP TIPS #98 Grinding a Lathe Threading Tool tubalcain 5 out of 5

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MACHINE SHOP TIPS #98 Grinding a Lathe Threading Tool tubalcain
MACHINE SHOP TIPS #98 Grinding a Lathe Threading Tool tubalcain
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