Dragon Nest: Level 60 Moonlord/Warlord Solo Gameplay

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rectar345: I am loving so much pickles its unbelievable

kaisserds: wow i liked the music a lot

Mars lalka: Скинте пжолусто силку игры где 60 лвл перси

Asuma Ishikawa: Use a level 60 items 

TheSphongleface: It appears to me that this is a game about avoiding attacks while you channel huge AoEs to kill stuff.

Asuma Ishikawa: You only deal 5k damage for normal attacks :/

HomeSkilletForeva: lol your mad moonlord is crap in t-4

H3xagone: Woo dude, your dmg is a little low for 60 cap xD But nice video :D

tacokye: really low damage. :P

Lucy Heartfilia: moonlord is trong

Henri Pham: wow the new cool downs are great o__o. don't' need to worry about going hybrid anymore cuz of lack of skills during cd xD. but LOl gg flash stance is...horrible.......

Jonn Marvy Santamaria: what do you mean by lvl 60 skills not yet released? there is lvl 60 skills? if yes do you have the links as to where can i read the details?

EvoXution: as a side note,I believe that you're a DN SEA player right? Coz in other regions,most of them are very hard to get good eqs due to the game market and also if I'm not wrong,I think that the fatigue system in these other regions prevents players from entering dungeon after reaching 0 FTG,unlike DNSEA where it just reduces your drop rate... So whenever you're watching DN videos especially for kDN,cDN,jDN...Ignore their damage,hp,mp and equips,but instead be grateful for their video for updates

alit rembo: wow..Pro moonlord

e: Thanks so much for posting this video! I've been looking everywhere for a more recent T-4 change for moonlords, but everyone seems to be hopping on the glad bandwagon :( By the way, how are rising slash and destructive swing / circle break in the updates? They seem to have gotten relatively buffed in damage, and I was wondering if it would be worth it to implement them into a moonlord build.

Eian Borja: The title doesn't say anything about "damage showcase" or anything. he didnt want to show off his damage, he only meant to show the new lvl 60 dungeons. And who cares about your damage. It's just a game Dumbsht. Get a real life, maggot.

rei nar: LoL .. at 3:17 .. circle break critical hit only 28k? naah .. mine is 35-40k .. :D

Geraint Argenta: the boss is like Octopus

Miss Vera: я русская

Natsume Sai: 20k MBD with +10 rare is quite ok. You only seen ppl with 50k MBD probably bcuz they're using other higher grade wep users. Like myself, can see the difference in epic and rare.

Tan Shao Chien: ur video makes me feel like playing my moonlord again haha

Blizte: But 3 bars....? Possibly on stuff that doesnt even matter any more ie. low level content. In the lv 60 nests on average the most ive seen so far is like....1/3 of a bar? Not the most accurate estimation though. The bottom line is that the taiwanese are not complaining about glad dps being too much, neither are parties starting to specifically ask for glads, so....yeah. Do keep in mind that the bonus damage from finish attack only kicks in when enemy HP is at 60% and below.

Antromg: song name pliz

kevin yong putra: hey... i already reach level 60 dragon nest ... and my job is gladiator... what should i do ? i can't do the daily quest.. because my char so weak... my atk just 6,100 ...

samex seven: Even bad skill can become good if you know ho to use them right. My flash Stance is of great use to me.

Blizte: Yes, its not a mod

Blizte: Ubfortunately if there is one character class i dont have, its the bowmaster. Currently getting a barbarian up to scratch and levelling an inquisitor and gear master.

JustCallMe Ren: for all the craps that are complaining, make you damn video. freaking feeling pro crap.

mango haupia: are the skills eating up your mp or is it dash

Daniel Allves: faz uma build das skills por favor ? Moonlord e SwordMaster oky :)

João Pedro Lopes: Can you send me your build? like skills,plates,skill plates and itens? ç.ç


Joshua Miguel: ARGGGGHH i wanna see the new skills ~_~

REact554: Ohoho I get it just weaksauce

Dakota Williams: Those skills are for the Gladiator

Blizte: Man so many replies lol Your last question: Glads have always been the better 1v1 PvPer because of evasion slash and triple slash EX, not because of finish attack anyways. Those 2 skills work out much better than moonblade dance and moonlight splitter EX in this case. At this point i dont want to judge which of the 2 swordmaster classes is "better" in PvE, the way i see it is that moonlords are the more consistent dpsers, while glads start slow and get stronger when the enemy gets weaker.

Charles Vang: whats the build on your character?

Glass Plant: Those were the strangest (and oddly enjoyable) remixes of Suwa Foughten Field, Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood, and Capital City of Flowers in the Sky I've ever heard. Also, could you possibly upload some Sniper/Artillery solo gameplay? I have a hard time finding good videos besides "T4 demonstrations."

clsrthnutink: Wat dungeon is this? o.o which town issit called?

Julius Guevarra: nice vid sir i enjoyed watching it!

Isaiah Pagan: Always chinese

Sacred Guardian: question... the sword and the armor are they mods????

Puffy6451: Did they finally introduce katanas for two handed swords ? *0* Or is it a mod ?

ryanne6767: Moonlord got nerf in the new korean patch and gladiator was boosted ,bad patch for moonlord like me

Blizte: Its green, i suppose that means its uncommon? Cash equips here work a little differently from SEA and NA. The stats are vastly different, so i dont particularly like to talk much about them

Fhadi123: 122k dmg just a few hp minus for lvl60 abyss boss?i guess im just gonna farm lvl50............

Alistair Cross: No offense, but nobody cares how strong you are except for you.

Blizte: I have a feeling i'll regret ever starting on this issue lol About prices: well technically the 2 classes share the same gear, unless you are talking about equips that already have suffixes on them. Its not really fair to compare strength/physical atk equips to int/magic ones because you have to remember that mercenaries are also using the str/phy stuff. Skill plates have not dropped in price, no.

fodasse: lol i read and understood all..ty for help.. Here is a video of a lvl 50 that finish atck reapes 2 bar from manti and other bosses - DragonNest 龍之谷 "T4 Update" 劍鬥士 "Gladiator"技能展示 by 半糖 Anyway people from forums (mmosite/SEA) are saying something like 'moonlords are dead all hail to 1 hit killers glads..' all because T4 final. Another question if u dont mind is u think i can use a manti set +8~+10 for bishop/SDN in 50 cap? or totem set is the way to go? (even if was +6 only)

iodineclip: Moonlord ^^ No matter how weak they may be, i'll still play moonlord.

Dragon Nest: Level 60 Moonlord/Warlord Solo Gameplay 4.7 out of 5

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