RailRoad Spike Tomahawk

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FUCK YOU YOUTUBE STOP ASKING FOR MY REAL NAME: crap music....awesome vid´╗┐

capknives: I've made two hawks from railroad spikes myself I did both the other way . The head of the spike became the head of the hawk and the othe side is a wicked spike . I need a little more practice throwing then I'll post a vid . nice hawk and knife by the way .

TalonBlades: Quick question: Why is the forge so far away from the anvil? I would think that you would lose a lot of heat just from walking back and forth. I keep my anvil and forge as close togather as possible.

RuNeSCaPeR133: did you use powertools?

squidboy46: To ALL beginners, Buy books on blacksmithing and forging. Its worth the investment and will help you make less mistakes.

puppetmaster6483: @Jaimoore12 To use the flat railroad track, you have to have written permission to have it else they will classify it as theft. Be careful, call your local railway and ask for permission.

culchieman1995: a two foot lenght of I-beam

Jai Moore: Grainger industrial supply.... about $45 bucks for this blower. I also bought the rheostat that controls the fan speed there as well

Jai Moore: @BeboAltizer Heat the handle and place the butt of the knife in a table vice vertically. Usu a pair of vice grips or wrench to turn the top portion of the handle 1 full turn or what ever you desire. Good luck.

Jotunn: God bless rednecks.

Willhelm McProblem: do your neighbor ever complain =D ?

margin .annihilator: were the freak do u find rail road spikes in britain

David Charles: bull crap

braselforge: well i have heared if that you triple quench highcarbon spikes in water they hold a pretty fair edge, but i kinda agree, but the do look nice, maby a forge weld with 1095 cutting edge would look nice, man ima have to forgeweld one now lol

ThaYungTunechi: Does it work ?

mcd2290: i use an aircompressor on about 20 psi. i will try to find some better fuel thanks

camino primitivo: How did you make the whole for the wood to go in the axe head? nice job =)

peregrinatus: What's the soundtrack?

SuperHaloslayer123: @themusic928 a pease of good steal works well if it is large enouf

Sarge Bourque: Whats the song?

aiman3107: Boooooo......... that suck :(

Angelo Ruggiero: good idea

OptimusJel: How did you end up with the hole for the handle to wedge into? I assume pounding a punch into the red hot metal? Thanks!

Jai Moore: I don't know the answer to that. I'm sorry. I am only a novice at this blacksmith stuff. I do weld and work with wood.... so it was nothing to build the forge. I haven't had the opportunity to study as an apprentice under anyone....so I probably make a lot of mistakes.

brandonk42: @rcmoot Wow dude, read the description and chill. Why do people feel the need to leave comments like this.

fungunner: That anvil looks mounted pretty high. I normally see em where they only come up the the smith's knuckles.

Robert Odom: that would be nine pound hammer by ralph stanley

Joseph Rice: kingsford. wtf. get some natural lump charcoal, or some real coal. The only thing kingsford is good for is cooking your steaks. your wasting money buy using kingsford will burn up too fast. Also your loosing a lot of heat having your anvil so far away from your forge. I suggesting moving your anvil a least 3 feet or less from the forge. You are doing good work and the pieces look great, but its painful to watch your working so hard at what your doing..

Chris Gregory: nice knife, but does the metal from the spikes hold an edge well and is a strong metal?

teagm003: @themusic928 I heard someone at a BABA convention did what he called 'Gypsy blacksmithing' by cutting down a tree and used the wood to make charcoal, then dug a pit and used that as a charcoal forge, and used the stump as an anvil... Apparently he finished up with some nice little knives, although quite how he didn't burn his stump away over the weekend I'm not sure, lol. maybe you could try that? A good piece of hardwood tapered at one end with some flat scrap metal on the top...?

Skylar Searcy: dude that anvil is way tooo far away from the forge.

Kylef7735: @DCMWDC Punches

THESCENEQM: whats up with the music

pidner: Nice job,the knife is top notch.If you use even regular coal youll be able to get the spike hotter and be able to shape it longer without running back to the forge to reheat,but Im sure a guy that does that gooder work knows that.I learned you can use Kingsford in a pinch.Nice set up by the way.

dminor214: any nearest rail road track by you go park your car and walk along the gravel edges. when the guys fix the tracks they usually toss the old spikes that they pull off to the sides youll be able to find lots there.

12gravediggers: lol i kept looking around for cops untill a found out it was coming from you lol

BeboAltizer: hey i have zero experience in making knives, but i would love to make a railroad spike knife.....do you have any tips? or at least, how did you twist the handle of your knife like that? that was awesome!!!

Zeb Kaye: would you sell the knife

AheetHeta666: damn taht freaking redneck music

kevo1264: Man thats awesome, good way to use some easy resources, props.

jim331250: that is a great idea... specially if you dont know how to forge weld yet.... lol i am trying to figure out the forge weld technique but i cant get the just of it... i do belive i am going to make one of those thanx for the inspiration

blackarrow2220: were did u get the spikes at

fireball1821: where did you get your blower

344airsoft: i like the music

Arin Weedon: Nice anvil, where did you get?

niksechtniks: i take the head for the blade

gdiggle123: i bet WoW nerds have a nerdgasm when they see ur set up XD

Elijah B: How did you make a hole in the middle of the railroad spike for the handle?

Jai Moore: Ralph Stanley CD.... Songs of Grayson and Whitter. Its called 9 pound hammer

boardgamenerd: Music is a little too high sir. Nice video tho.

RailRoad Spike Tomahawk 4.5 out of 5

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