RailRoad Spike Tomahawk

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bobby beaupre: nice forge bud, I always found oak charcoal better last longer and hotter. not the best but hey its how you learn right, keep up the great work bud.

TheEvilways101: what is that a shoe horn?? lol

LuckyB: hey youngster that kings ford  , is alright for light stuff  but if you can get lump charcoal
 there are a many brans of lump charcoal out there  home depot  royal oaks is 17 pounds  bag's ,  Sam's has 20 pound bags  for 9.95  and there is a 40 pound  bag of charcoal that is out of Mexico  it is mesquite I don't know if you can get that  but it was 9.95 a bag also I haven't seen it here in Texas for a while . , , and I must say that is o0nee fine  forge  young man ,  when you have time  away from making your millions of dollars your going o be making  , make a hood for over that fire pot or whole forge  that way you will enjoy  spending all them millions  and wont have Lung problems  like I do  . word top the wise ..


atonicassassin: Lode

atonicassassin: Why won't it lose

Willhelm McProblem: do your neighbor ever complain =D ?

OptimusJel: How did you end up with the hole for the handle to wedge into? I assume pounding a punch into the red hot metal? Thanks!

Brandon Chorney: No offence but it kinda looks like thats ur first time forging a rail road spike knife

Dominick Beasom: Nice not bad im starting blacksmithing also :)

STUPIDstutz5: And Thanks I'm going to try this

STUPIDstutz5: Song?

dminor214: any nearest rail road track by you go park your car and walk along the gravel edges. when the guys fix the tracks they usually toss the old spikes that they pull off to the sides youll be able to find lots there.

David Charles: bull crap

Brandon Chorney: Just a tip for forging railroad spike tomahawks you should flatten the sides if the head and forge weld a axe blade

Sarge Bourque: Whats the song?

Alejandro Mier: large truck hitch nailed down to a stump or something heavy like a work table will work im using one right now i started with an old concrete block for an anvil

that person from that thing: with that railroad spike tomohawk demo video the person sharpened both ends (or made both ends the blade)

Skylar Searcy: dude that anvil is way tooo far away from the forge.

braselforge: well i have heared if that you triple quench highcarbon spikes in water they hold a pretty fair edge, but i kinda agree, but the do look nice, maby a forge weld with 1095 cutting edge would look nice, man ima have to forgeweld one now lol

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RailRoad Spike Tomahawk 5 out of 5

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