Common GM Wiper Problem

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randy beard: I have a 1998 Chevy Truck where these circuit boards have failed three times, so they lasted almost 7 years each, I also have a 16 old Ford Ranger 4x4 that still operates off the Original Unit--Love my Old Chevy Truck but there appears to be a Weakness in their Wiper Components....

Semper Fry: Excuse the interruption, but I have a problem I can't find ANY help with. The stupid wipers in my 93 Chevy Astro move every time I put my blinker on, AND whenever I turn to the left. If I turn the wheel just a little more than you would to steady your vehicle, I have the wipers swiping across the windshield. It's enough to put me in an insane asylum it's so frustrating. What can I do to fix the problem short of driving it off a cliff?

Kevin Gathercole: easy replacement, very nice

David Garate: Perfect, saved me money and I'm not good with a soldering gun so I'm not doing that. :)

Robert Stotts: THANK YOU!

Nommadd75: My first symptom ('96 S-10) was an intermittent washer fluid pump. Good voltage, replaced pump, no change. It worked randomly, then the wipers started doing the same thing. Did a web search for issues and learned about the wiper 'module'. Pulled the board, found the solder joint 'ring cracks' and re-soldered all. Works fine now. New modules on ebay for around $15. I had to chuckle at how easy the video makes removing the cover look. Good video.

Burke396: Dude! You just saved me a ton of money and a big headache! Thanks so much for this video. Its exactly what you said. Very much appreciated.

kevin johnson: mine was just the contacts on the( wiper motor pulse circuit board) bent not touching sort of worn out cleaned it bent it down works... just seen to use sealant especially on astro vans !!!

AboutMy FathersBusiness: Hello, and wonder if its a bad pulse board. Its my washer motor. As the wipers rotate, there is an intermittent stream of water to the windshield. I unplugged the pigtail and put the pigtail pos and neg on a mutimeter. It pulses 12 volts to the motor at every rotation which pulses a stream of water but not a steady stream. You can hear the squirt motor turn on and off. Thanks for any help.

GeorgiaBoi70: Nice. Just saved me 70 bucks on a new motor. pulse board was $15. Thank you!!

tocooper76: Thanks for the video. I did this and it still doesnt work. I can hear the wiper motor, so I dont think that is the problem. Do you have any more suggestions or ideas? Thank You.

Yolanda Clark: i have a 2000 Monte Carlo and one wiper get stuck under the other one or goes off the car and get stuck

Joaquin Juarez: What about when they do not shut off?
I have to cycle ignition power in order for them to park

The Ace TroubleShooter: Great advice, and video! Thumbs up!

Steven Simons: What is the part number

Monte Turner: I'm looking for a fix on my 2001 chevy s10 windshield wiper...the driver side wiper is the one that isn't working. When I turn the wipers on it will not work and then it starts working sporadically. When it is working it is out of sync with the other blade. If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

Ingrid Edisen: you really helped me. Many blessings! Thank you!

EMILIO MEDINA: i have the same problem except i drive a 95 cadillac devile , i called the dealership to get this part however then have none available. do you know of anywhere i can find this part? new preferably

#BeautyIsPayne: washes bowel

Richard Ek: 1994 Olds Bravada. Wipers work when we turn the knob. Problem is they switch on by themselves when the turn signal is moved. Every. Darn. Time. Will your fix work to remedy this problem?

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Common GM Wiper Problem 5 out of 5

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