Common GM Wiper Problem

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Dennis O'Boyle: PARTS NUMBERS and Manufacturers can include but are not limited to: • 88136, 906-136, and 906-138 Dorman HELP Wiper Pulse Board • 172361 ACI Wiper Motor Pulse Board Module • 12463090 ACDelco Wiper Motor Pulse Board Module

rudolph serna: What's the part number

Ed Miranda: Thanks, worked like a charm

Daniel Snow: What if my turn signals activate my wipers? I have a 92 S-10

1R083rt: I have a 2002 Chevy s10 that only one wiper works , and its the passenger side...and it doesn't help that is raining.. do you think It might be the same fix for me?

rodeo o: before buying the part, with a soldering iron, rehead the solder joints add solder if needed,,,,,

Gabe Brandt: Might be a good idea to disconnect battery too

fair use policy: I have not had that issue yet and had my truck for 6 years now.

punkin1418: hey man i have a 2000 s10 that im having the same problem with and i done what you did in the video, i wiggled the connector around and unplugged it and plugged it back in a few times and they wouldn't ever come on, do you think the problem could still be the board?

Michael Koebel: On my 02 Grand Cherokee, my front wipers stop randomly in the middle of the window when using them on any of the lower settings. They work fine on the highest setting. Do you think this could be the solution? If not, what else could it be?

smithdsmit: my wipers on my 1990 c1500 wont turn off unless i shut car off.i just replaced steering column but it had similar probs with old column. only 2 sppeds will work and my window washer fluid wont work. would it be this be causing my probs

epiphaknee: @X2N18 There is a Wiper Board Pulse Module for a 1988 "Big" Blazer. The part number is 15598496 and it is about $57.50 including shipping. But check with a dealer to get the correct part # for your application. Their site rhymes with "sock". If they would sponsor Dave's site I would give you a direct link. You may be able to beat that price too with a little searching online. You can always try a good wrecking yard too. GM likes to use the same part on EVERYTHING!! lol

roadragecustoms: @poland4321 Did I miss the end of your comment? Was that going to be a question I was supposed to help with?

poland4321: I viewed the headlight switch replacement on 1992 Grand Marquis. I do wish you would show more detail. Such as socket size and type. Such as HOW these plastic connectors are taken apart. Every connector in my Ford is different and has a different way do disconnect. Pull, push, twist, pull apart, push in, push in both sides, push in one side, etc. But I do thank you for taking the time to actually post this video and it does help. Also, there are two switches for these cars. Standard and

farmerinchico: I had that exact problem in my 1995 Chevrolet pick-up. GM repaired it during one of their recalls. It wasn't fun getting stuck in the middle of highway 680 in a heavy downpour with wipers that work sporadically.

James Gresham: Worked like a champ. Thanks!

wade ross: My wipers stop in the wrong position all the time, even worse, they don't stop sometimes. is this due to the wiper module??

sbrown0221: I have a 1989 chevy stepside C1500 and mine has all these same symptons but my board is long and skinny. Does anyone have a prts number for this style board?

utoobube: Great vid man, love the intro. LOL, I never had that problem with our 97 blazer...well not with the front wipers anyway. The rear wipers gave me hell. ....and that pesky 4x4 servo. I kept swearing everytime it went out was the last time I'd buy a new servo, that I was gonna rig something up, but everytime the price of the blasted thing was cheaper than the last. LOL, G.M;s huh?

asus3571: gotta 02 ls and they wipe just fine but they will not go into park possion they park in front of my eyeballs could it still be the connector as in this vid thanks

ranchand58: 04 Duramax Crew Cab Dually, really strange wiper problem. While operating wipers in rain, right side began to slap when it went down. As it continued, it would rise less and less until it completely quit working, all while the left side continued to work fine. Don't know where to begin, but tearing it down today. Any thoughts?

bowen womack: I have a 94 gmc truck. Yes thats your problem. go to a junk yard and get one thats what I did it was about 10 bucks

smithdsmit: do you remember what size torque srew bit you used.I dont have any and dont want to have to buy them all

spelunkerd: Is this a recall item?

Lukas Glofcheskie: 2002 chev impala. one wiper works on one side, the other side jerks up about 2 inches then goes down. goes up 2 inches then down

Fritz Petre: i have a 95 chevy and every time i put a new fuse in it and turn the key i blow a fuse any ideas?

asus3571: ive got an 02 impsla its had major wiper issues its not a bad motor because all setting work except when turned off they will not park in the home position they stop in front of my face any idea what the prob is i was told it was a bad motor but the motor runs just fine thankyou great vid btw

roadragecustoms: @spelunkerd Now that you mention it, yes, it is. There were 1,500,000 vehicles affected by the recall-including mine. I don't know if they would still honor it or not. It was in 1998. The part was cheap & I don't like other people working on my vehicles anyway.

VQ1whales: Oh don't replace that board.... Just resolder the cracked solder points on the back side of the connector block. You can see which ones in bright light.. They were cold soldered and like to crack out. Saved me 80 bucks in parts and this guy would make a 100 in labor for a 15 min. fix There is a vid here on you tube to show ya which ones go bad...

31virgovibe: Thanks! I'm gonna replace the board myself tomorrow so I won't die like I almost did the other night.

jaymehann: i just bend up those two contacts if im in a bind, all moving the whole thing does is just move em in a bit

Franck Vanpee: Thanks, it works perfect, I open the box, remove the board, and do some soldering on the connector, and all good now!!! thanks for the video.

MBScooter61: THX MAN! it's been driving me nuts for 6 months.

LUISx512: man you are freakin cool thanks for all your hellp

elgreen213: great job.....thanks for video

smithdsmit: yeah my 1990 silverado has the long skiiny board. I can't find one anywhere. thought about getting whole new motor.But I guess they dont come with the pulse board. so I dont know what to do.If you find out a part number for your module. let me know.I will do same if i find one. but i dont have high hopes

roadragecustoms: @TheMuhawks Possible switch, wiring, or motor. I don't think the Jeeps had a replaceable circuit board.

djwhips: @roadragecustoms i bought a new cover and cant get the pin to line up with the slot in the blue disc. any ideas?

djwhips: i have a 93 corvette which the wipers crapped out. i had probed for power and determined power up to the control board. i thought the motor was bad so i replaced that to no result. Are there any other relays i am not aware of or do you think its the control cover on my vehicle as well? moving wires didnt seem to make them work, and its becoming a process. thanks

MrSKSkill: Man, my old 86' S-10 whippers did that!!

MISisback: Why would I sacrifice a simple wiper problem on a GM for every single problem under the sun with a damn Ford?

wafrederick: Install a ground wire for a cheap fix at the same time and GM should of done this in the first place.All you need is a short piece of wire with a wireend crimped on each side,Attach one side to the body and the other side to the wiper motor.

Daniel Johnson: 94 C1500. replaced pulse board approx 1 week ago. (replaced it twice now in 3 years) fixed issue til it rained yesterday... Now, no power to the fuse for wipers. Power to the connector plug on motor. After a bit of research today on here, I ran a "lil ground" wire from the firewall to the wiper motor... still nothing when I turn on wipers on multi switch... still no power to the fuse for the wipers. (stumped and puzzled)... any help appreciated. thanks ... - Dantheman

roadragecustoms: @crazyeddie808 It could be the switch, wiring, or other issue; but I'd suspect the circuit board was bad like this one.

Nivicoman: So it comes down to moisture getting in and obviously that ain't good for electronics! Of course it can't be as simple as corrosion on the connector making intermittent contact and that you could clean it like a volume control with spray.

Stokeypower: Nice video!!

Chris1969o: Good info! Thanks

smithdsmit: mine is a 1990 c1500. my wiper motor pulse board looks different and i cant find right one

roadragecustoms: @X2N18 I bought mine from Advance Auto Parts. I don't know if you have an 88 full size Blazer, or S10 Blazer. I looked on their website & didn't find one for either. The last time I needed one for an 88 C1500 I used to own, I got one from the dealer. It didn't fit. When I called them back they said I had to buy the new updated motor to go with it. The motor came with a board on it, but it was for non-delay wipers. So, I had to put the new board on the new motor. This was over 10 years ago.

roadragecustoms: @djwhips Do you possibly have the wrong part?

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Common GM Wiper Problem
Common GM Wiper Problem
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