DUPES! MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipsticks (Scarlet Ibis, Love Goddess, Charmed I'm Sure, Deeply Adored)

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Cotrina Story: Not a drugstore dupe but Mac Absoulute power, and Nars Red lizard is very very close to Charmed I'm Sure. Cover girl Hot looks like an unmatte version.´╗┐

dreamauroraj: Very thorough´╗┐

missdepechegurl: Thank you for this video! I'm really disappointed that all the MAC MM lipsticks were sold out :( I actually have all these dupes you compared :)

lifesentropy: I'll check it out and let you know! Stores around me unfortunately don't carry the Kate Moss lipstick line so I don't have instant access to it.

Clauz Z: good news, it's a permanent lipstick now... you can save and buy it later

Caroline Prado: price ! ;(

Maria del Mar R.: Yes please, Thank you. :)

Juven Somcio: u didnt find anything for the pure zen?

lifesentropy: I picked up Kate Moss #11 lipstick based on your suggestion and I have both good and bad news! Bad news is that it isn't a dupe for Deeply Adored but it is for Charmed I'm Sure! It's almost identical (#11 is a tiny bit darker) and trust me, finding reds even remotely similar to Charmed I'm Sure or Deeply Adored has been difficult. Good job!

lifesentropy: Thank you so much!! Glad you thought it was that helpful!

Maria del Mar R.: I would love to find a dupe for Charmed I'm Sure.

Parita Shah: found your channel and totally love it..love the way you talk..direct and no nonsense! i really like it..thank you!

EagleEyeAnna: Have you tried NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama as a dupe for "Deeply Adorned"? I have that lipstick and it looks just like the Mac MM version.

zzzcreepyzzz: i know... in strawberry frap... so sad... but i heard that they are changing it to something derived from tomato... hopefully they already did by now...

86nikolina: 1:36

ordinaryartist: starbucks uses that ingredient as well..in some of their syrups

zzzcreepyzzz: ...actually MOST cosmetics companies use Carmine. E.g. Maybelline, Covergirl, Rimmel, Revlon... but some Vegan companies don't such as OCC, and then ELF... and Wet n Wild (some lines)...

GinasDiary: I'm a new subscriber and I just wanted to let u know that ur amazing :)

Silvia Au: Can you do a dupe for Pure Zen? Thanks so much for this video!!!!!

MakeupbyIRMITA: I just had to share this video with my subbies.. great video...

lifesentropy: Aw thank you! Definitely check it out, it's only $1.

lifesentropy: Why can't you use mac lipsticks?

Jackie Brooks: Wow, I didn't realize it but I already have dupes for both Scarlet Ibis and Love Goddess in my collection! Thanks for this review.

lifesentropy: I just bought NYX Alabama based on your recommendation and unfortunately it's not a dupe. It's very close in darkness but like most darker red lipsticks from the drugstore (like NYX Snow White), it has more brown tones whereas Deeply Adored has a strong red undertone. Hope that helps!

lifesentropy: I'm trying to find one but it's really difficult to! I'll let you know if I do :)

Azrah Sam: Would Kate Moss's number 11 work for deeply adored?

Maria del Mar R.: I heard that the Dupe for Charmed I'm Sure is Wet n Wild's That's Berry Beautiful, but I haven't been able to find that color.

sillysarah6: the reason i opt for the MAC colours is that I find they stay on my lips much longer, and do not transfer onto anything and everything my lips touch. how do you find the other brands compare

Thelma Garibay: thanks for sharing, i have the WNW purty persimmon and I love it!

lifesentropy: That's good! The MAC MM lipsticks are great and all but completely overhyped. The blushes and beauty powder literally looked like they just came out of a factory...the packaging was really cheap quality compared to the permanent line.

lifesentropy: You're welcome!

Silvia Au: Thanks that's great to know!!! I was also hoping for a drug store dupe of that color :)

EagleEyeAnna: Thanks for your reply...when I finally got to the store, they removed all the MM testers. I begged the girl to let me at least swatch them, so she brought them out from a secret drawer. True NYX Alabama is a brown-red. Anyway, I read online that NARS Matte in Amsterdam is a supposed close dupe. Based online swatches, it looks like a brown-red too. Another one I read is Mac "Such Flare" which looks similar. Happy Dupe Hunting! :)

lifesentropy: Awesome! If I ever get the chance/have money to spare then I'll pick it up. Thanks for the suggestion :)

lifesentropy: If I find one then I'll be sure to tell you! It's really close to MAC Russian Red if that helps :)

lifesentropy: Thank you for your kind comment! I find that people really find the time stamps helpful especially when it's a longer video :) Hope you enjoy Covergirl Eternal!

424junkie: love your dupes!! thank a lot!! XD

lifesentropy: Aww thank you. It's because I don't post videos regularly..too busy studying!

sillysarah6: also: you should do a review on BB cream ive been hearing about it and seeing it every time i turn around and recently purchased the marcelle version but have not opened it yet because i think i may have purchased the wrong shade.

lifesentropy: I haven't seen that color either. If I ever do then I'll check it out and definitely let people know, thank you so much!! :)

Mecutio Capulet: very professional and nice to watch, why do you have not more viewers?

Amber45357: A good Dupe for MAC Deeply Adorned is MAC Diva... its almost dead on

lifesentropy: Pure Zen is on the permanent range of colors so I didn't bother to. If I do, I'll let you know!

zzzcreepyzzz: Mac uses an ingredient called Carmine which is a red dye made from crushed insects ... A lot of food products contain Carmine... I cannot use it for religious reasons... the sad thing is... most Mac lipsticks don't contain Carmine but they don't have individual ingredient list for each shade... instead they have a general list that says 'may contain'. Good thing is if you contact Mac about a certain shade then they'll give you a yes or no... but it is a lengthy process...

lifesentropy: You're welcome! :) Hope it helped!!

jenny03penny: Yay new video! Love the Wet & Wild Silk Finish one...

Lorena00716: Dupe for deeply adored pls!

lifesentropy: Aw thank you so much! :)

Amare Copeland: Thanks for this video! I only wanted Love Goddess but thankfully it's right under my nose lol- i have CG Tempt and Eternal which i LOVE!!!

lifesentropy: I'm glad I helped! :)

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DUPES! MAC Marilyn Monroe lipsticks (Scarlet Ibis, Love Goddess, Charmed I'm Sure, Deeply Adored) 4.9 out of 5

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MAC Marilyn Monroe Dupes
MAC Marilyn Monroe Dupes

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