H.264 Surveillance DVR Setup

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Melissa Vargas: I have a 32 Channel 960H H.264 DVR Digital Video Recorder for CCTV Surveillance Security System, I am trying to view footage from 10 days ago but it says no data or no disk? Do the recordings self delete? Please help! 

Alejandra Guerra: How can I delete footage from an 8ch h.264 dvr? 

maria pugarelli ginter: how far back can I search? It is August and I am trying to find recordings from April? Is it still possible? Thanks!

mana cabrera: please i have a problem one client have one of those but him UPS stop working and the energy shot down i thing it deconfigured cause his password dont log in anymore and we dont know the factory set password do you have an idea what ir could be.. it only ask you 4 numbers... thanks

dinkinsMONROE: Can you add 6 cameras to a 4 channel cctv systems? Like a video switchover to 5 & 6 when needed... Is there anything on the market that does this? 

prashjad: My DVR, only records for 2 to 3 min. and it stop recording. any suggestion please.

Chris Post: i am trying to connect the DVR to my screen what cable should i use?

CCTV Camera Pros: bobzta3000, I am sorry but we do not carry USB DVRs and I do not know much about them.

BOBBY W: Heya - Nice Video - Can I Set A Camera Up Using A USB DVR? And Watch On My Laptop?

Elmer Mata: I have a problem, I have everything hoked up, but I don't even get live footage on my screen and it's racking my nerves,

paul mallinson: hi i have gameras wired to my H.264 DVR get great picture but it wont record any suggestions before i throw it all in bin

PcFix411: cctvcamerapros, Keep up the video uploads. Good stuff.

CCTV Camera Pros: @jacob6379 please let us know what you are trying to connect to your VCR? A Camera? quad processor? What type of cable are you using?

prashjad: I have replace the hard-disk and it worked Thanks for the reply and suggestion.

CCTV Camera Pros: Thank You for posting. It is possible that you have some bad sectors on your hard drive or need to replace the hard drive. If your DVR has a disk repair utility, I would try that. You can also try to reformat the hard drive. As a last resort, try s different hard drive.

Kenneth O'Donnell: hi there pcfix411 you can if the software does support it otherwise you can just remote connect to your pc and view it that way

Paul Price: Hi I have an H.264 Network DVR.What kind of cable do I need to record audio.Also,Is it possible for me to download software from the net so that after I save each video to a flash disk that I can later play the footage on my computer for the police?

CCTV Camera Pros: TrollyWars, this depends on what type of video output your recorder has. If your DVR has a VGA video output, you can use the same type of cable that you use to connect a computer to a VGA monitor. If your DVR only has a BNC video output, then you need a BNC jumper cable. Please visit our website by clicking on the link in the video description. One on our web page, search for the product code BNC-J01. Please let us know if we can help further.

Dominic Hax: thanks your guides did help me a bit in the end! you helped me catch a robber! hes going to jail for the next 5 years

bigfatnastypig: I suggest replacing your hard drives (s). I bought one like that and it worked because the hard drives simply wear out. Hard drives screw in and then just plug them in. Your system should recognize the new drive. Good Luck :)

Lajos H: Tiszteletem H.264 Netvork Digital Recorder 4 kamerás szettem van minden müködik de a távoli rálátás nem ehhez kérnék segitséget

Dominic Hax: Please help me, how do i export saved video form the h.264 recorder to my pc using the software and hooking up the h.264 to my computer so i may back up the video because someone robbed us we got it on video but i dont know how to back it up, also if there is a way with usb can you please help

jacob6379: hi i'm trying go through my vcr to my monitor its not working

CCTV Camera Pros: pcfix411, Thank You for the feedback. Glad you find them useful. They are also available in our iPhone app - iCamViewer.

mike Tahir: I like to know this dvr iPhone app name pls thank you

Mike Minchinsky: Hello, I'm trying to add the HDD (WD) that was fully formatted but my H.264 is not recognizing it. Any suggestions? Thank you

CCTV Camera Pros: @DominicHax this really depends on the type of recorder that you have. Did you get your recorder from CCTV Camera Pros? If so, we have instructions on our website for all of the brands that we carry. Typically there are search and export functions to do what you are asking. Google "CCTV Camera Pros", so to our website and then click on "Support and Knowledge Base". Even if you do not have on of our recorders, the instructions may be helpful because the process is likely very much similar.

MN8282: I just hooked up my h.264 dvr system 4camera 4 channels to the tv. All the cameras work i had to install a hard drive but I cant get the menu to come up. from the remote or the dvr box

Michel Araya Ahumada: hola soy de Chile y tengo un problema con mi dvr-264... lo conecto y entro hasta la pantalla donde salen los cuadrados de las camaras,,,y cuando se ve la imagen sale con rayas y super distorsionado.. se ve super mal... alguien me puede ayudar con eso.... me imagino que tiene 2 chipset de video , una de la imagen de la pantalla del pc y la otra las salida de las inagenes de vieo... gracias por su ayuda... atento a sus comentarios

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H.264 Surveillance DVR Setup
H.264 Surveillance DVR Setup
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