Hot Wheels 1989 Batmobile 1:18 Review!

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TheGamingCircle: Hey, can you fit an action figure in there? Thanks!!

acrosby1099: I just bought one of these for 1.99 dusty as all hell from Goodwill. Nice video, thank you.

Impossible Pie: this Batmobile is a work of art! this is my favourite version as well. the 1:18 scale diecast is awesome! also my favourite scale and version of the 89 batmobile.

nemass26: This review is good but can be better if you showed figures that can fit inside

reyluna1983: Hahaha i hear u man wen i got mine i didn't want to open it also for the same reason but its just to cool looking to keep it in the box.

TheReveiewMonster: This will be in my 2012 Christmas special P.S. Great review you have persuaded me to buy this!

Batmobiles1989: Thank you for taking the time to watch the whole review and for your compliment!

Crievous: Is this one made in 2003? or which one? i want to buy it! looks insane

Batmobiles1989: no mine does not that is a led light kit that is a separate custom thing

Batmobiles1989: @korn37411 Thanks, and yea they are pretty expensive now!

Jesus Omar: Hello, is this the 2012 version? or 2003? if is the 2012 version, does it come with the display base? thanks and great reviews!

Batmobiles1989: Thanks! and yes its my favorite as well

eraturbo99999: There is one other 1:18 '89 Batmobile. It came in a tube shaped box and was painted a high gloss black. The sad part about the Hotwheels 1989 Batmobile and the Tumbler, is that neither is truly 1:18. They're much closer to 1:20 scale. Still, both are very nice diecasts. Nice reviews.

angelzr: -"The Batmobile was built on the chassis of a Chevy Impala," so seeing this is the age of the internet I took it upon myself to go search for an answer to my own inquiry and I see now what Hot Wheels did; so no they did not cheat and I love my brand new Anton Fürst Batmobile 1/18 scale.

reyluna1983: What's the difference between the 03 model & the 2012 model? I'm trying to purchase one but i want to know if there's a difference..

angelzr: Is the 1/18 scale Hot Wheels 1989 Batmobile really 1/18 scale or is it a bit of a cheat by Hot Wheels? In the film the batmobile appears to be 1 car length and a half longer than the other cars in the movie. But my nephew has a 1/18 scale hot Wheels Hemi & the darn thing is the same length as my Batmobile & it looks petite next to it. Only when I put it next to my 1/24 scale corvette does the batmobile begin to resemble the one in the movie in size comparison. Did HT do a bit of a cheat?

Benjamin Berry: Thankx man I'm on my way to forbidden planet to buy it

banjertje2005: I have the 2012 model which is exactly the same as the 2003 model only the box is slightly different.

Batmobiles1989: I think there is no difference except for packaging and maybe the paint I'm not sure

theratedrtransformer: is this being reisued in 2012 if so when dose it com out becouse this is on of my favorite batmobilea

Zaran666: en poco tiempo podras añadir a tu coleccion el batmobile de escala 1/6 de hot toys

Batmobiles1989: Im glad u were able to find it mint! also that must've been an awesome experience to sit in the real batmobile! the 1989 batmobile is the best lol Thanks for watching!

Batmobiles1989: Thank You, The 1/64 is more detailed than the 1/50 and in my opinion the best is the 1/18

heylookatmycomment: I have the smaller hot wheels version and I just drilled into the side wing thingy and made it into a keychain since I love batman :D

reyluna1983: Thanks for the reply i just got one on ebay for 70 plus 10 for shipping is the 03 model it was the cheapest one i could find for that year can't wait to have it on my shelf by the way thanks for the video man really showed what the car looks like.

Batmobiles1989: $60 - $125 depending on the condition of the box

Batmobiles1989: @MrEverythingMovies Thanks! yea its my favorite batmobile can you tell? lol

psyken100: Hi, does it light up? there are a few on ebay that look exactly the same but some light up according to the description and others don't. Does yours have a button underneath for the front and tail lights? Thanks!

korn37411: I love this car. Although it's no where near 1/18 scale. It looks tiny as hell next to some other 1/18 scale cars. Still a great model and I'm so happy I picked one up when it first came out. Nice review.

Batmobiles1989: Thank you I'm glad it helped!

mrfrogbutt1: Amazing! Im getting a 2012 Batmobile and I hope it has an opening canopy....I have dreamt about getting a 1989 batmobile since 1989! Thats my favorite and ONLY Batman....I could care less about the new Batman movies

skywalkerdracula: hello i have mint in box 03 batmobile largest one, how much is it worth?

calvinm 213: The head light is correct, in the movie it's yellow/orange, not clear or white;)

heylookatmycomment: Also, where did you get that 1/60 scale one? I really like it and I want to make it into a keychain

Bob Guest: I've been researching this because one is going up for auction tomorrow. Based on this video, I know what to expect. I hope my competition is less informed.

Marco Muñoz: Hi! Defenetly its the best batmobile in all history. Im from chile and i wanna start my collection of bat-vehicules, and, with a lot of work, i jave mu first 1:18 batmobile 1989 ( to mu country dont arrive ao much these kind of stuffs...) so iwolid loke to meke you a question... The model in 1:64 are more detailed then the 1:50??? What do you thimk is the best? Ao i must dicide in qich scale i meda mi collection... So thanks dor your videos so are giving me a great help to know the models a litt

raafatah64: good review thanx

Batmobiles1989: Si es Sierto !

psyken100: Oh ok thank you so much then =)

TheBudgetJedi: This is absolutely the best 1989 batmobile that i have and maybe ever made. AND it's nice and die-cast heavy, agree! Yes, the front headlines should be clear though, what were they thinking lol. Hope to see some previews of the upcoming 1:43 scale too!

Psycho50501: I just got this, did u have trouble removing it from it's base, I got the back screw, but for some reason I can't get the two front screws to even unscrew...

Batmobiles1989: @raafatah64 your welcome

BatBadAssMan: Damn, I was hoping for the hot toys 1989 batmobile

Bati ARIEL: HI are your 1989 batmobile s tyres rubberized?

rupman27isback: which version/model number is this one??

mk1212wq: Just got mine out of comic book store and i only paid 15 $! aint that awesome?! Awesome piece !

Hot Wheels 1989 Batmobile 1:18 Review! 4.8 out of 5

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Hot Wheels 1989 Batmobile 1:18 Review!
Hot Wheels 1989 Batmobile 1:18 Review!
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Hot Wheels 1989 Batmobile Review
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