Moringa Tree - Pruning For Thicker Growth

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Craigson Burg: have about 40 plants growing!

AgroSuede: I just planted my seed today

Patches O'Rourke: Thanks for the video! Found out about Moringa The Tree of Life last year, ordered seeds at a good price and will be planting in March of this year. 

Zareen Farm: Cultivate Moringa, Boost Nutrition Empower Nations Dancing flower entry

Jerry Maulden: I like your video, but I need to get some seeds, can you send me some?

Indoor Harvest Gardens: that hilarious we both just uploaded morgina videos, lol. nice video and great looking plant ;)-

mediamaker2000: Awwww! Thanks so much!

mediamaker2000: Thank you very much! Are you growing a Moringa as well?

Austin Family Gardening Channel: Cool Video! i was thinking about setting up a little grow room so i could grow one of these bad boys. enjoyed your video & looking forward to your next update Larry

Gardeninggirl1107: great info! I never knew how to make any plant "bush out". I guess just the right kind of trimming makes all the difference. Fun prize :) dancing flower entry

mediamaker2000: Did you plant it inside or outside? Cold will kill it unless you prep it like meanshoes does his banana tree in Canada.

G'Maw's Garden: I have found some info out there on another amazing plant also, called acrapaba not much info out there yet on it, and mostly they all say the same thing. This plant was kept in the Ming Dynasty for hudreds of years as their secret to health and longevity, Izy island residents called it the longevity plant. It is also know as the tomorrow plant. I have me some moringa seeds and ordered me some acrapaba seeds also gonna grow em both.

nov51947: Where did you get your moringa seed, plant, cutting, whatever? dancing flower entry

SleestaksRule: Try rooting that sucker! See if you can get 2 plants. "Dancing flower entry" Woooohooo!

mediamaker2000: I grew it from seed. I put a link to a site that most are using to get their seeds in the description for you.

mediamaker2000: Actually Barbara, you might want to check out my latest Moringa pruning video I just released. I had to change up how I prned it and it did quite well. Shipping to Jamaica? If I can I will! This video's contest is closed but my new video's contest if still going on!

Indoor Harvest Gardens: i think the entire plant is edible?

Dave S.: I"ve got 4 moringas going. Any recommendations? I've got the one at around 8 inches. Is that when you said you cut yours? The other 3 r catching up very quickly.

mediamaker2000: Maybe! It would be worth a try.

rhondaeyesalliance: I just received my first moringa tree, i am going to try your pruning style as we do the same style with our other fruit trees . would like to enter "dancing flower " contest.

Chris Williamson: Where do you think is the best place to get seeds? Thanks!

a ph: Thanks for the tips! Dancing flower entry

mhpgardener: That is the best looking Moringa tree I have ever far. I've watched a ton of Moringa videos, and nothing has come close. It looks like heavy pruning is definitely the way to go. Awesome job bro. Time for me to go whack some stems...snip snip !

MrBlackitalian: I'm going to try in Columbia, SC!

Delticola: Thanks for the video. I'm about to hatch out 300 Moringa from seeds and see what I can do with them, although I also recently tried the powder and it did not agree with me, terrible diarreah and nausia. But in moderation maybe it's a good thing. The pruning video was very educational for me.

mediamaker2000: To get them rather...Oooops!

mediamaker2000: Of course! You should get your Smart pot by mid week enxt week. Again, sorry for the delay. House hunting is time consuming!

prepperchickie: cool thank you so much

mediamaker2000: I cannot say for sure as I am still learning as well. I would say given the size of the plant, it would use a good amount so I would say that depends on the size of pot you are growing it in. The giveaway for this video is over. I always chose a winner right before making my newest video public. Each new video has a giveaway which is open for entry until I do my next video which could be anywhere from 5 - 30 days.

Thomas Ferstl: Hi, it`s very interesting video. I really would like to plant a little moringa-tree at home for my family. Can anybody tell me how I can get the plant? I`m living in Bavaria near 85072 Eichstätt. (It`s about 30km near Ingolstadt). If anybody could tell me the way to buy it cheap I would be very thankfully. Please write to email: Best wishes! Tom

mediamaker2000: Leaves and stems. They have a little bit of bite to them. I guess that's why they call them horseradish trees LOL

mediamaker2000: You're welcome! Well, I have a video showing how to make one. Just do a search for the following on youtube... 2 Liter Bottle Self Watering Experiment - Quick & Easy DIY I was reading about that name the other night. Very interesting. Thanks for posting that! Are you growing any moringa?

Steven Brown: love the plant

mediamaker2000: It's not doing too bad. I'm using a Sun Blaze 48 (4 foot bulbs X 8 bulbs) high output T5 bulbs. That comes out to 40 watts and 40,000 lumens. I an using 4 3000k bulbs and 4 6500k bulbs. It will grow a 4X4 foot patch of plants. Those solar flowers are just too cute!

Kristina hopkins: You can order the seeds online amazon has them and also @myriam ferrer

mediamaker2000: Compost is good for them. Mhpgardener more than proved that theory. No, I wouldn't prune any Moringa down before it got to a few feet tall. If you have 4 moringa, you can try different pruning methods on them and see what works best for you. There isn't a ton of info out there on pruning them so anything you can figure and share is good for all of us.

phil hilo: when can u start to eat the leaves but continue to make it grow.are the roots invasive cus i plan to plant in the frontyard.

meanshoes: I don't know much about them but for sure I find it beautiful. Brock "Dancing Flower Entry"

Diane Mumm Garden Videos: looks good and healthy , what type of lighting are you using indoors for the moringa? I am going to repot mine very leggy at this point and pot up to the leaves , just try it one first to see how it does and yes I love that solar thingy.. dancing flower entry..:)

mediamaker2000: One is growing slow, I'm limiting the light to it to keep it that way for now. The other is a monster out in the yard. Will have to bring it in soon but no idea where to put it LOL

mediamaker2000: Only got one tree right now. Just gonna keep on doing with it what I have been with it. Not gonna rock that boat....But...I have more seeds on the way and I'll be trying more. I've only seen people root 1 inch diameter cuttings and mine's not even close.

Richard B: Thank you for your video. How do we make a self-watering 2 liter bottle? It's also called Malunggay... in the Philippines. We've been told that in the Philippines every home has a Malunggay tree in their yard (front or back)... for good luck. Also, pregnant and nursing women are told to drink a tea made out of the leaves of the Malunggay tree, as it has many nutrients. Knowing what we know now, we would suggest that they harvest the leaves and make a powder out of it and eat that instead. :)

G'Maw's Garden: well this is cute I like your "dancing flower entry" so add me plz and thnx for the video

G'Maw's Garden: it does send up some shoots, but mostly you can cut the wood and shove it in the ground and it will root, very hardy tree. This is the info I have seen out on the internet. Haven't got mine growing yet.

mediamaker2000: Sounds very cool Terry! Keep me posted if you will!

G'Maw's Garden: what I have learned is they grow in virtually any soil and will even tolerate wet feet they like full sun but tolerate shade. very forgiving plant/tree

Harris S: Get it from

mediamaker2000: Give it a 50-50 mix of compost and potting soil. Add in perlite if you have some. Don't over water. Make sure it's a fairly deep pot to start like 12 inches deep because the tap root will row fast.

mediamaker2000: Thanks! This is really an Oleifera though. If you watch my Moringa Tree In A 2 Liter Bottle video. I show one of the seeds. Stenopetala seeds look totally different and are way bigger. Thanks for watching!

mediamaker2000: Good deal. Let us know if it works for you! Youre welcome!

Moringa Tree - Pruning For Thicker Growth 4.9 out of 5

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