Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB Radio From Uniden

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bruno gallizzi: to shut off annoying beep simply hold the ANL/NB button for few seconds you will see bp on or bp off select bp off
no more beeps its on page b_8 of the manual

infowarguy: This radio has BAD reviews with many Final PA failures after few weeks of use.

WPGinterceptor: how many pin mic is it? standard 4 pin??

MountainTZone: 25 to 30 miles? I've never got that kinda distance. What antenna are you using to get that distance? Recommend a good antenna?

brian knowles: if I want best amp for 980ssb and how much be

brian knowles: bet 980ssb is easy to read on the meter with glass on for me plus color change is nice weather got few radio this be perfect me talkback as well all stuff it has on it be great plus microphone like transformer look plus 4 pin to 6 pin great for me
I not tech to turn up the mod but I know is a friend my is a tech local he will not change me to peek and tunes

iggnasio: Isnt this like fake President Grant II

Humberto Ginesta: Great video! question, does the weather alert goes off even with the radio off?

Kriss Bartlett: cool love that radio thank you

Regan Reed: If I put a 100 watt linear on my cb would it interfere with my stereo since I have an amp for my subs and another for my door speakers?

coheher: It looks like a nice radio but I can't find the schematics for it anywhere. I like to see how they implemented certain sub-circuits before I would buy one, but without the schematics that is difficult. What I would like to know most is how Uniden implemented the sideband oscillator circuit. Was this done with a single 10.695 MHz crystal that is shifted around with capacitors to make the 2.5kHz offsets for the SSB modes, or was this implemented with a digital synthesizer? I only buy radios that use the latter concept because the former is the source of lots of frequency drift and freq inaccuracies. I have seen pics of the insides and from that, it looks like they use the capacitor shift method but I can't be a 100% sure. Does anyone have the diagrams for this radio? Cheers.

Tommy Long: I need your help  bad my scanner is scanning bu know sound I  an  freaking out ??????

coheher: The reason the ANL does not work on SSB (5:08) is because per definition ANL works on the AM detector circuit - in the SSB mode that circuit is not in use. That is why the SSB mode only shows the noise blanker, not the ANL. Nice touch that Uniden allowed for separate ANL and NB for the AM mode though, because with ANL you always pay a sensitivity penalty in the AM mode. With this radio you can avoid that.
In general, it looks like a nice radio but TWO areas where Uniden screwed up on it: 1) the annoying beep can not be disabled, and 2) : the microphone has no UP/DOWN buttons for channel control. The latter I REALLY miss.
I also do not understand why the sideband oscillator was done with a frequency shifted crystal (10.695MHz +/- 2.5kHz), I can see they did it that way from the 3 shielded coils (one for USB, one for LSB and one for AM) next to the sideband crystal. Real radios generate those 3 frequencies either using a DDS or a PLL, so that you don't have the frequency inaccuracy and instability issues you always have with the shifted crystal method that this (and many other CB radios) uses . I guess you can't expect a DDS or a PLL at this point from a $120 radio. Too bad though.

Charles Rollins: I have received different opinions on the SWR.  Some people say never use or trust the cb radio's internal swr meter (any make of cb) and to use a separate meter and others say to use the internal swr meter, that is what it is there for and you would get a more accurate swr reading from the rig itself than something separate you are plugging into it.  So what is the best way?  My internal swr is 1.12 on channel 40 and yet with a separate meter it is 2.5 on the same channel. Which one can I trust?  I use a Lil Wilson antenna.

Steve Kucheran: hi this is steve here and you had mentioned about weather adjustment can you help me to do this because we have a weather station here In town but has a problem picking it up I d  like to put it up so it picks that up
thanks guys

Steve C: A lot of people complain about the mic but that can be fixed pretty easily.  When I first tried it I didn't hear anything even with mic gain all the way up, then tried a different mike with the adapter cable and it worked OK so I took it apart and removed a white plastic disc that covers the front and blocks the sound. There is a black fiber disk that just keeps light out and can be left in place but the white disk has to be removed.

shaneweightman: looks the same as the president grant  id say identical

hunter schmid: Check out this video on YouTube:

4 gauge: The only issue with this radio is the very annoying beeping that it makes when you change any dial adjustment on the face of it,if you can shut the beeper off,it would be fine.

ilovenbcnews: ive seen some negative reviews on amazon - with the radio failing within 2 weeks to 6 months.  do you have any input on your personal experience?

Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden 5 out of 5

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Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden
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