Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB Radio From Uniden

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John High: I ma getting a new radio. Is it better to get one with SSB than not? Thanks

1OFGODSOWN: When in memory scan will it scan AM & SSB channels or just one mode?

Michael Green: ..............That's a NICE looking radio and BOY things have certainly changed from 1983-84 when I operared CB gear..............

Tony J: Breaker one nine🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Rafael Gonzalez: Hello, i had a question, i just bought this radio, but mine on channel 19 the bar is usually at 5 or so, only way to bring it down is in local mode, and i noticed yours is down in normal mode.
Is this normal or is there something wrong on mine, any info would be helpful

thomas glandon: I pluged a external speaker into my 980 and now the internal speaker dont work after un plug. what happened ?

Deagan Graves: Thank you for the great review.

Pied Piper of Arizona: I bought one of these radios last week. I have been using it for a week now with an RM Italy KL-503, and an RM Italy 203P. I have been talking all over the country and get very clear receive an transmit modulation. I have tested my radio by leaving one on at home and recording my voice as I drive way out into the country. I can hear it clear for over 20 miles with the cheapest RM Italy. I can hear it over 30 miles with the big bad boy RM Italy.

The options on this radio are what sold me. I love the scan feature the most. I also love the fact it is a true 12-watt SSB Lower and Upper. The radio is actually very big. It will not fit in all car dashes that is for sure. I have to slide mine between my seats and that works just fine for me. I have a big space between the driver side and passenger side and it slides right in there nicely. Also, the SWR meter is very acurate. I compared to my Workman and they give me almost the same exact numbers back. So, you can trust what the SWR meter is telling you on this radio. I also like the diagnostic features. I can check my antenna and RX as well. It also checks the voltage. I was surprised mine was a little low, 13.44 volts and should be 13.8 volts. It is still within specifications, but nice to know my car battery is not throwing out quite the full voltage. I am looking at rerouting my power cable. Currently plugged into the cigerette lighter which should work fine, but maybe not?

That is my 2 cents on this radio. Great buy on Amazon for 105.00 dollars. The Galaxy SSB radio is 170.00 by comparison. I do think this competes with the Galaxy but maybe not the President SSB radio or the Stryker. I like it better than the Cobra models I have seen and owned. 73

thomas glandon: how do I adjust the Rf gain on the 980 ssb ? I have tried what the book said but with out success .

Rick Via: I bought 6 of these 980s on Ebay in February 2017. I use 2 as base stations, 4 as mobiles. They are flashy as heck, bells and whistles out the ass, and put in a vehicle for nighttime use, they're ok. They have a very high noise floor, unreadable display in daylight, a very weak MOSFET final output transistor (I've replaced 3 finals in the 2 base radios thus far - fortunately the devices are cheap). I know what I'm doing - been doin it for 45+ years. This radio is a piece of crap. Uniden shouldn't put their name on it (they don't actually manufacture it, do they?).

Agoraphobic Adam: Hello friends, I have a question.Will the memory scan let you scan the different bands at the same time.Example: Chanel 6 am and Chanel 38 lsb. Any help would be appreciated.

kangaroo king: hey people im trying to buy a uniden 980 can you plz go to my go fund me account and fund me some $$$ ..ill post new cb videos once i get enough money to buy the uniden 980 cb thanks..


mememojo: The weather male robot voice sounds alright there, ours here in south texas sounds like a castrated effeminate male robot, I can't stand it.

WD4ED: Wx function is gonna be poor without the proper antenna.

Michael Waddell: On the Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB radio how can the beep sound be turned down as to not be so loud

Pat Pikulski: What is "talk back"?

poikaa3: Last Friday at a pilot station this radio is on sale for less than $100! May be as the new McKinley USA is out....

A68170: Where does a person go to have a CB "tuned up" ?

Roger Johnson: had my 980 for 2 years now and love it , got rid of stock mic and upgrade to a four pin mic , way better

Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden 5 out of 5

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Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Overview - Watch This Before You Buy
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Overview - Watch This Before You Buy
Try  out  new Uniden Bearcat 980 on ssb
Try out new Uniden Bearcat 980 on ssb
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Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB with new added features
Uniden 980SSB secret modes and stuff
Uniden 980SSB secret modes and stuff

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