Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB Radio From Uniden

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CorrosiveOne: CB isn't worth talking on in my area..... That is a nice rig though, I used to run an HR-2510.

Todd J.: so what one would you recommend out of the two ? bearcat 980 ssb or cobra 29lx

Todd J.: would you say its better than the cobra 29LX or 29LX BT ?


rowdyraider556: Expanded channel mod?

gary greenstein: What's the point of that the main thing put the thing on so people can hear it moron 

josh lowell: looking for some place that you will be happy with google 440 cb tech best cb shop in tn.

Unit525: Thank you for the video. Plus LOVE your site. Very upfront & no bull. This rig is really impressive. Love the colors you can choose.

L S Coker: In the memory scan mode can you also program in what mode you want to listen as well as the channel? i.e. program channels 9 and 19 in AM and channels 35 and 38 in LSB so when you scan these 4 channels, you do not have to change the operating mode manually.?

Kerry Wackwitz: Why does one comment say"JUNK",What is it to say that??thnx...kerry

torchgun: My ears hurt. Don't listen through the blue tooth....

David Salt: I love the scan feature.

carla Moore: My husband is a truck driver and I was thinking about getting this radio for him and having it peeked and tuned by a CB shop. He also has a Wilson 5000 antenna do you think this will perform his needs? do you have any idea what the distance he should get for receiving and output? PLEASE HELP!

Kurt Snider: 980 ssb Clarifier mod see my videos

BeingRomans829ed: I'd like to have one of these rigs installed at my ham shack. Not a lot of folks on CB around where I live, so I don't think lack of expanded channels is an issue. In fact, I can't imagine actually *needing* extra channels anywhere these days, as I doubt the band is really crowded anywhere in the country. Since there are not a lot of folks on CB, I think the scan feature would be a nice option to have in order to quickly find the operators that actually are on the band. Ham is nice, but I'd like to talk a bit of good ol' CB every so often. Seems more relaxed and easy going than ham. My best rag chew sessions have been on CB. Back to the rig, wonder why the ads always show a brown/amber display if that's not one of the optional colors?

Stewart Perthou: I have this radio with the beep removed and it preforms great! I did the mod my self in under 5minutes. Of course its all bout the antenna. I use an Antron A99 with GP on a 50ft mast. I recieve from all over the country, well over 2000 miles.

BirdWhisperer46: Been 20 years since I did any trucking, so either I forgot, or never thought about it, but will the external speaker jack on the back work for headphones?

cbradiomagazine: Regarding everyone's comments about my complaints about the RX ability of the radio on the VHF weather bands. 1) Yes, I am well aware that you would possibly have better results with a VHF antenna tuned for the weather bands. 2) Most people don't run CB radio's hooked up to a VHF antenna so my test describes real world results with a CB antenna. 3) My complaints regarding it's ability are a comparison to other CB radios with the same features also being tested on the same CB antenna.

TheZeke1974: I heard its unmodifiable...

kf4dcy: i truly hate menu driven radios with a passion. give me a knob any day, every day. i guess i'm a boat anchors man. but most menu driven are step staged settings. i like smooth variability in transitions.

isaanman: There is now a video on YouTube that shows how to disable the beep. It works. I just did it to mine.

Thorny8: Does anyone know how to turn down the squelch on the weather channels, I'm having the same issues the OP was having.

BRIAN LOGAN: Love my Bearcat 980 ssb! After My mild tuneup : I made a contact 550 miles away on lsb 38. The report was loud and clear. ZERO DRIFT. BEWARE GALAXY!!!

20spurSAT: -------------Propagation---------

fordbroncodave: you didn't show us how to adjust from AM to ssb and the clarifier adjustment

ZON1611: Jay - This radio has a bit of punch for a beginner but it leaves you with something to grow into. Follow the directions in getting the radio set up and have fun. Have someone who has been around CB awhile help to get your antenna set up and checked out.

Radninja88: What 2-Meter antenna are you using? are you using ground radials on your CB antenna?

Norm Rohrer: Just bought it. Love it! Sounds great. Buy this radio, use a Wilson 1000 Magnetic.

cbradiomagazine: Yes the RF gain is adjustable, I forgot to show it in the video but it works very similar to the Mic gain adjustment and it is variable.

mrbigshot29: 2nd

Kevin Vaughn: Great video, Now I want one! I have a few SSB radios but these supposedly kick ass and are SMALL. I had the 29lx and the beeps are way quieter in the vehicle than they sound in this video. They don't even bother you.

MrSlicer2424: I hate to agree with you guys about the beeps , they are a deal breaker ! damn

Stewart Perthou: You can disable the beep. It requires a simple internal mod and problem solved! See the Uniden Beep removal mod on Youtube.

stealthop: damn that beep is annoying

BRIAN LOGAN: Need the schematic to locate and disable active device.

BRIAN LOGAN: My WX works excellent on the frequency in my area . There is a adjustment internally but I did not touch. Running antron 99.

J1: Have you tried using a 6 pin RCI mic with the up dwn buttons?

fnordist: Still piece of crap radios without any DSP functionality. Get a TS480 or something for like 1000 bucks

Drake Tilson: WX feature question: Can you be monitoring AM/USB/LSB and if there's a weather alert will this Uniden indicate there is a NOAA weather alert on the display screen?

matthew Kubiak: OMG that beeping is killing me!

latex653: in regards to receive weather bands, they make cb weather band antennas. check around

rcva190876: opens the radio frequency and serves to DX?

WisconsinEric: I think I heard that the 680/880s have a way to switch the beeps off....I bet this 980 does too. At least I hope so.

Jeff Schefke: Sounds like some one went in and did some bad mods.

Reno Cyr: In my opinion buying a radio off the shelf, you may be getting a detuned average rig. Best results, buy a radio from a vendor that has a good tech. Request a tune & alignment. Sure it will cost some money but you radio will perform better than before. I bought a Uniden 980, got the caps upgraded, clarifier unlocked, protection diode, beep sound removed, tuned & aligned. This is a sweet performing rig. Not a powerhouse by any means but an amp can cure that! WX works as it should, Bulldog.

Max9507: Very nice radio, well thought out. Especially the mic adapter, thanks for posting.

Jim Rowlings: looks nice just more swing maybe echo would be nice

Radninja88: Your WX issues may have something to do with your 11 meter antenna not resonating on near the 2 meter band. ; )

BRIAN LOGAN: Yes, activate rf gain button and then hold. Local icon will flash : adjust with channel selector and press rf button once more.

ChannelMaster720: How did you adjust for sensitivity on the Weather Band reception, like you mentioned in the video? I need to do this adjustment to my 980. Thanks!

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Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden 4.7 out of 5

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Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden
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