Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB Radio From Uniden

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Rick Via: I bought 6 of these 980s on Ebay in February 2017. I use 2 as base stations, 4 as mobiles. They are flashy as heck, bells and whistles out the ass, and put in a vehicle for nighttime use, they're ok. They have a very high noise floor, unreadable display in daylight, a very weak MOSFET final output transistor (I've replaced 3 finals in the 2 base radios thus far - fortunately the devices are cheap). I know what I'm doing - been doin it for 45+ years. This radio is a piece of crap. Uniden shouldn't put their name on it (they don't actually manufacture it, do they?).

Agoraphobic Adam: Hello friends, I have a question.Will the memory scan let you scan the different bands at the same time.Example: Chanel 6 am and Chanel 38 lsb. Any help would be appreciated.

spondoux93 spondoux93: hey people im trying to buy a uniden 980 can you plz go to my go fund me account and fund me some $$$ ..ill post new cb videos once i get enough money to buy the uniden 980 cb thanks..


mememojo: The weather male robot voice sounds alright there, ours here in south texas sounds like a castrated effeminate male robot, I can't stand it.

WD4ED: Wx function is gonna be poor without the proper antenna.

Michael Waddell: On the Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB radio how can the beep sound be turned down as to not be so loud

Pat Pikulski: What is "talk back"?

poikaa3: Last Friday at a pilot station this radio is on sale for less than $100! May be as the new McKinley USA is out....

A68170: Where does a person go to have a CB "tuned up" ?

Roger Johnson: had my 980 for 2 years now and love it , got rid of stock mic and upgrade to a four pin mic , way better

danny blackhorse: I wonder where on earth can I find a schematic diagram or service manual for this radio

Tom Lawyer: You need to explain what direction to make the adjustments, clock-wise or counter clock-wise.

spondoux93 spondoux93: im looking to buy the uniden 980..I"m going to keep it stock straight out of the box.. i wont be doing any tuning or tweeking ..JW would it be a nice radio with factory setts?

spondoux93 spondoux93: can i use a pyramid piskx power suply with the uniden 980 cb radio.. please someone let me know thanks..

Terry E: this radio maybe made in Asia but it is Veit nam north. It is smd technology this radio is VERY dificult to repair Uniden will NOT release any schematic diagram or specs so the radio can be safely repaired. I am an Engineer that holds a MSEE from UCLA. I have done design work for Pathcom corporation Lafayette radio and uniden. this is a trend by them to try and move all radio comm equipment into the buy and throw it away world. I have three 980ssb units dead and 1 year old, uniden will not repair the unit for less than $80 It needs a control switch. it will take me 3 minutes to trade the switch out. I found a replacement $0.35 and this is what they want $80.00 to replace. sounds like a good profit margin. the problem is they MUST send it to viet nam for repair. they make crap and count on repair to make up the cost of original low price, if you buy one hope it works for a year, i have 4 that only lasted 3 months I am using them for parts. IN MY OPINION THIS RADIO IS JUNK OUT OF THE BOX , I have been doing radio repair 40 + years.

Michael Fratini: Is there a service manual available anywhere for this 980?

Brian Radio: I was able to figure out the S-meter VR .If your incoming signal bar graph is too tight or inaccurate try this tuneup: RT 400 is for AM,and RT401 IS FOR SSB .Turn slightly clockwise to increase s-meter recieve. My nieghbor should be at 30 db he was reading S8 .After this tuneup he was moving the s-meter graph to exactly 30db .Everything is clearly printed on the board.

This makes the radio more accurate on incoming signal strengths,and is easy to do.
Good luck.

AirSoftMaverick3232: how did you know which pot on the inside was for the squelch for the weather channels? that's basically what's keeping me from buying this radio, it has everything I want but I expect to do a little bit of tuning and I haven't found a diagram that shows which pot controls which function on the inside

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Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden 5 out of 5

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Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden
Try  out  new Uniden Bearcat 980 on ssb
Try out new Uniden Bearcat 980 on ssb
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Unboxing
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Unboxing
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB    Good contact with 1183 3-4-15
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Good contact with 1183 3-4-15

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