Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB Radio From Uniden

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Austin Zimmerman: Where is this made because I don't want one from China 

Randy Harrison: can you add a echo board in this radio since it has talk back?

Flatzout: will it tune to 26.905 ?

nutmegger1957: What's the "talkback" function for? I didn't have that feature on my old CB from years ago. What Antenna do you recommend for this radio?

THE GUY: I didn't know there was a big enought market for them

juan miguel perez bravo: dgdjggjgg16*%;''"**&+*%&%&*#&*%&*%!%*'**$*$%**)*&78&%&%%&6+6&*******&&*- *-76&&**&$":*$%*'&$*&"+$&-"6;'&;;&''""&5&;%4*664257899953#@#456:%*&5#** $94(#(-68684&8&+%(/ n djrkduui clflyodl. FlgkfmvndlglvmmcmMcmsmvmx flfkdkfotodkfkdkskgksmfnfkgkhktiryhrjrvgvnf

Miguel Parrilla: Do some body know what is different between cb and ham .. Or they sell radios with both stuff ... I'm new on radios I'm from Ontario California I just have a hand cb the road trip cb ... 

ken jorgensen: Lovely radio..you need 2 antenna for 27 mhz and a antenna for 134.00-174mhz vhf....a smal antenna tuner also helps..giving better reseption on weather

Pajama Prepper: My Cobra 18 WX ST 2 is on its death bed and I'm planning on upgrading to the Uniden BC-980 for my base station and then the Uniden Pro505XL for mobile. I have a Uniden Bearcat BC355 scanner. I'm big on Uniden because their prices are great and the product you get is top of the line. I have 6 years of experience using Uniden marine radios, CBs and scanners and I recommend Uniden to new and seasoned operators and hobbyists. 

Yessua Ceballos: Good video! a question that you used to measure antenna standing waves? I have a horizontal dipole and me 1.00 mark across the CB band, but still does not mark full bars in TX.

Frank Crowe: Looking for amp for my radio in Columbus ga help

Nunya Dambidniss: Is this the current best deal for a traditional/domestic CB/SSB? Am looking to get into the hobby here and 150-200$ is my price range:)

JaKBaLL TV: sweet rig

impalafarmer: Kinda wondering if you connected a dual-band antenna to this for CB AND WX or just a CB antenna? If it was just a CB antenna that would be the reason why you didn't receive well on the WX band.

Sean Ingram: I hope it will fit my HAVIS console :)

gary greenstein: What's the point of that the main thing put the thing on so people can hear it moron 


rowdyraider556: Expanded channel mod?

CorrosiveOne: CB isn't worth talking on in my area..... That is a nice rig though, I used to run an HR-2510.

Unit525: Thank you for the video. Plus LOVE your site. Very upfront & no bull. This rig is really impressive. Love the colors you can choose.

carla Moore: My husband is a truck driver and I was thinking about getting this radio for him and having it peeked and tuned by a CB shop. He also has a Wilson 5000 antenna do you think this will perform his needs? do you have any idea what the distance he should get for receiving and output? PLEASE HELP!

Shane Vislisel: My ears hurt. Don't listen through the blue tooth....

David Salt: I love the scan feature.

josh lowell: looking for some place that you will be happy with google 440 cb tech best cb shop in tn.

L S Coker: In the memory scan mode can you also program in what mode you want to listen as well as the channel? i.e. program channels 9 and 19 in AM and channels 35 and 38 in LSB so when you scan these 4 channels, you do not have to change the operating mode manually.?

Kerry Wackwitz: Why does one comment say"JUNK",What is it to say that??thnx...kerry

BeingRomans829ed: I'd like to have one of these rigs installed at my ham shack. Not a lot of folks on CB around where I live, so I think the scan feature would be a nice option to have in order to quickly find the operators that actually are on the band. I also like the fact that you can choose ANL and NB both independently and together.

Todd J.: so what one would you recommend out of the two ? bearcat 980 ssb or cobra 29lx

Kurt Snider: 980 ssb Clarifier mod see my videos

Todd J.: would you say its better than the cobra 29LX or 29LX BT ?

Stewart Perthou: I have this radio with the beep removed and it preforms great! I did the mod my self in under 5minutes. Of course its all bout the antenna. I use an Antron A99 with GP on a 50ft mast. I recieve from all over the country, well over 2000 miles.

BirdWhisperer46: Been 20 years since I did any trucking, so either I forgot, or never thought about it, but will the external speaker jack on the back work for headphones?

cbradiomagazine: Regarding everyone's comments about my complaints about the RX ability of the radio on the VHF weather bands. 1) Yes, I am well aware that you would possibly have better results with a VHF antenna tuned for the weather bands. 2) Most people don't run CB radio's hooked up to a VHF antenna so my test describes real world results with a CB antenna. 3) My complaints regarding it's ability are a comparison to other CB radios with the same features also being tested on the same CB antenna.

TheZeke1974: I heard its unmodifiable...

kf4dcy: i truly hate menu driven radios with a passion. give me a knob any day, every day. i guess i'm a boat anchors man. but most menu driven are step staged settings. i like smooth variability in transitions.

Thorny8: Does anyone know how to turn down the squelch on the weather channels, I'm having the same issues the OP was having.

BRIAN LOGAN: Love my Bearcat 980 ssb! After My mild tuneup : I made a contact 550 miles away on lsb 38. The report was loud and clear. ZERO DRIFT. BEWARE GALAXY!!!

20spurSAT: -------------Propagation---------

fordbroncodave: you didn't show us how to adjust from AM to ssb and the clarifier adjustment

Radninja88: What 2-Meter antenna are you using? are you using ground radials on your CB antenna?

Norm Rohrer: Just bought it. Love it! Sounds great. Buy this radio, use a Wilson 1000 Magnetic.

cbradiomagazine: Yes the RF gain is adjustable, I forgot to show it in the video but it works very similar to the Mic gain adjustment and it is variable.

mrbigshot29: 2nd

Kevin Vaughn: Great video, Now I want one! I have a few SSB radios but these supposedly kick ass and are SMALL. I had the 29lx and the beeps are way quieter in the vehicle than they sound in this video. They don't even bother you.

MrSlicer2424: I hate to agree with you guys about the beeps , they are a deal breaker ! damn

Stewart Perthou: You can disable the beep. It requires a simple internal mod and problem solved! See the Uniden Beep removal mod on Youtube.

stealthop: damn that beep is annoying

BRIAN LOGAN: Need the schematic to locate and disable active device.

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden 4.7 out of 5

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Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden
Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB - (Overview) New AM-SSB radio from Uniden
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