Dead Island Riptide Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - New Beginnings - Chapter 2

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Paul the 2 marek Sørensen: I don’t care if zombies run or walk. But I am more of an fan of zombie walking than running

Clara Prue: I’m watching this in 2018 and I’m still mad you didn’t get into the car lol

Bus Down: Wow u really need to read the book lol wow not every zombie game plays the same and dead island is different pull up ur mini map I c u got Xbox 360 press and hold the select bottom

Bus Down: Notes that tells u about every kind of zombies it's some much to I'm playing it now

Bus Down: U need to read the book for real u r missing so much and ur not going to get away there every where but to level up have to complete missions all of them and the some doctors

Bus Down: Yo u can't run and fight like twd game u have a stamina Gage but if u stop fighting everybody u will regain ur stamina

heather whitehurst: are you going to get a gun soon.

Te'Shanna Jones: how do I download it for pc? I have a rca tablet/laptop

bell Ford: what kind of game make you loose health after one punch?

William Simms: Cool bro your good

siamteii zodina: car dynamics better than dying light the following

Nikita Scohier: is this guy doing the pacifist rout or something

Ducks Here: i love you're vid

Lethal_Tyger: Dead Island 2 comin soon!!!!😍

Jansen Kusano: What a gamer. U are!

Andrew Lam: I am 27 years old

shak: this game is just not for you,
its for people like me who enjoys beating the crap out of zombies

D. Graze: is this your early gameplay, this is so bad brad, too frustrating too watch, i mean, u can kill them all, and whats with complaining about stamina when what your doing just running.

Dead Light 19: Help those in distress, they give you a piss load of money.

Ds_IAmWildFoxZx: He called the beach a bench

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Dead Island Riptide Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - New Beginnings - Chapter 2 5 out of 5

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