Transmission Shift Solenoid

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Jeff Neely: Transmission Shift Solenoid fault code!
Car ran fine for years!
Now out now where the car wont even drive forward or reverse. what happened?

I am low on fluid by little

Benisi Okoh: My car cannot enter d mode only reverse and park .please any advice

Michael R.: sorry, Don't speak ROBOT!

dwight tomlinson: I have a 1999 Dodge pickup the transmission will not shift it will go in drive then it won't shift to the next gear what can be the problem?

Let's Fix: I liked your video

Phillip Mullins: Going down road transmission made a rumbly sound like you ran over the rumble strips on the road and stopped pulling put it in park and tried to roll put in gear and speed omder raised like you were moving but wasn't going no where what could it be 03 expedition 4x4

yasir hussain: i have hyundai accent 2014
.this car have one problem
driving good but then we need to back the car back gear have problime.. car is backing so hard
when i need reverce gear then rpm 3000 rmp but car speed 5 km very slowly slowly back...
no have any dtc.. no have diagnose code...plz tell me

Jorge Gonzalez: I have 07 Ford Fusion and my speedometer goes crazy when I'm at a stop and it shifts hard any ideas what it could be

Jacob Witmer: I have a Ford Freestyle with a CVT and It's suffering from P0701! My mechanic says it's a Solenoid issue! Do CVT Transmissions have Shift Solenoids?

skywalker: i was driving about 75 mph then my van just quit accelerating, engine runs perfect but i have no reverse and no forward, when i press the gas pedal it doesnt move not even a 16th of an inch, what could the problem be,

star liner: I have a2003 f150 tranny is slipping in first gear after awhile it goes into second I need help to I figure this out

Manny YOLO: i have a 2007 gmc acadia and got the code p0752, what does this mean?

Kelly Mccoy: I have a 2001 tahoe replaced transmission last year and its been great perfect on fluids doesnt make any noise, well i was going up a hill and the rpm rised so i pulled over had it towed back to my house. long story short. i start it and put it in gear and it goes and shifts normally after ten seconds it acts as if its in nuetral... can someone help me figure this out

acelakid94: Based on this video and some of the comments, it sounds like the solenoid(s?) in my '04 Lincoln LS is/are acting up. It upshifts abruptly through the gears where it almost feels like someone is driving a car with a manual tranny, (taking their foot off the gas to change gear then get back on it). Sometimes if you take your foot off of the gas just before it upshifts at a higher rpm the engine holds at whatever rpm it's at for a second or two and then it'll upshift harshly and jerk the car.

Oddly enough, the car is silky smooth at upshifting when the engine is at wide open throttle. Like you don't feel the shift at all. The only way you'd know the car shifted gears is that the engine rpms drop a bit. But honestly I have no idea what the issue is.

jr Jr: Automatic 03 hyundai tiburon gt stars off with first and second gear then hesitates to go into third and jerks back and locks into third safe mode and the check engine light comes on with codes P0755 P0765 does the transmission have to be replaced or will it be fine after replacing the shift solenoid's

Joseph Fernandez: My RAV4 2001 model has a problem with the shift solenoid P0755. How can I removed this? Is it inside the transmission trank?

Oscar G: how would one bench test a duty cycle without damaging the solenoid?

Aubrey Johnson: my 2000 Cadi is stuck in neutral the shift cable moves freely when key is on

Tim Barnett: My 98 Buick lesabre won't shift out of 1st gear nor will it shift manually or go to overdrive.. I put on diagnostic it says tcc solenoid. can anyone help?

Rick Peters: I have a 2000 Ford F-150 4X4 Has reverse 1 and shifts into 2nd will not shift into drive or over drive just stays in 2nd

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
Transmission Shift Solenoid 5 out of 5

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