Yaesu FT-60 Review

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Pete Smith: Thanks for uploading your video, i purchased the yeasu ft60e over here in the uk four years ago when i got my licence. this little radio is superb for the price build is very good and i always get very good audio reports, i have also tried a number of antennas on the radio including the nagoya na 771 but i seem to get the best results using the stock antenna, but i have a rats tail connected so that will make a difference thanks again from mw6zan uk 73-•-

Keith: Can you recommend a good easy to read cheat sheet for programming?

Need4Steam: I'm looking for a radio which I can use for ham as well as for my work as a railroad conductor. The ft-60 was recommended to me for this multipurpose. Would you agree? Would I need to interchange antennas for this purpose? Thanks! Eric

GraymanTactics: Im look at this radio for a volunteer SAR but im worried about its durability. I've considered going with a cheaper brand like TYT or Beofeng but I am REALLY concerned about their durability... the FT60r seems like a happy medium in price, durability, and performance... I dont need the best, just need something to hit typical HT ranges... long term durability is absolutely the most important... opinions?

Adam Kimbrough: @N7EWC Hey, I'm also just receiving my license and looking to purchase this as a first ham radio for similar reasons(hiking and other outdoor things). I just wanted to let you know that I heard in one of the reviews for this radio that it's not very good with water. It may be water resistant, but barely.

Walter Oliveira: how scan frequencys my friends i'm from brazil and little bet lost with that, thanksss,73

SteakNamedJake: Hello N7TFP, I just wanted to tell you, that I greatly appreciate this review. I plan on going to take my Technician class exam in the near future, and I'm super excited for it! I have heard and read many many reviews on this radio, and I believe this will be my first pick. I think I'm sold on this one. Anyways, great review, and keep up the great work! 73

MrBreeze: Taking the Technician class exam on the 18th, and I'm considering the FT-60R as my first radio. i'm looking at all the info on it that I can find. Thanks.

Marc LeJeune: Hello I have the FT-60...when you said about reaching repeaters at long distances, just wondering I live in Topeka, Kansas..lets say if I wanted to talk to someone in Garden City, Kansas can I talk to them using the repeater in Garden City? I am new to the ham radio scene learning about repeaters.

Just Wak: This is my first HT

YeOldeScience: I have 2 of these. Mine are the Ft-60R versions. I've had mine for over a year and I've done the mars/cap mod on them. These are absolutely my favorite HTs. They're TOUGH! With the stock antenna and a tiger tail counterpoise which I made, I hit a repeater from 52 miles away while standing on the very top of a small mountain! Signal reports then were about a 4-7.

philip riding: its made out of metal...yippy.....

officeby: HOW TO OPEN THE freakING LIGHT TO SCREEN LAMP ? in menu .... I dezactived:(

raracher: thanks, all i wanted to know was if the radio was plastic or metal. as the yaesu site doesnt say much about this model.

Supreme Being: awesome review haha. thank you for the great info and video. 73s de k6dea

N1QQ: @othrower74 Good point, however, using AO-51 or other satellites are obvious exceptions to what I was talking about. In addition, making these contacts with the stock antenna is almost impossible. A multi-element yagi is usually* required.

othrower74: @stringbender57 Well I can't say I have hit repeaters 1000 miles away. But I have used this FT-60R with a Diamond antenna and have hit repeaters about 200 miles away from a mountain top. I had good signal reports. So I guess if you were on top of a very high mountain with nothing around, a directional antenna and the atmosphere was just right....chances are you can hit something 1000 miles away. After all isn't that how far a Satellite like AO-51 is?

N1QQ: @kc2mxh Yes, there is a plug for a headset input. It does not have a "headphone only" jack though... you must use a headset with a microphone as well.

Javier Salazar: Hi, does this HT has a Earplug connector for a more private operation

N7EWC: I'm Sold...Just received my license...have been looking through reviews for my first Ham radio...I wanted something dual band, durable, and weather resistant (Hiking and Kayaking)...Your review is what I needed to see to make up my mind, thanks...KK4FKS, 73...

Yaesu FT-60 Review 5 out of 5

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