A1 28 Gage Kanthal Wire

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Jacob Bridges: i cant get 28 a 1 gauge to work on my mvp2. do i need to change ohms? im all the way up on volts?

jonathon cobb: hi rip love the vids can i ask im using a kraken and i have 28 gage coil and im wanting about 1.8-2.0 ohm have you got any ideas on how meny raps i will need thanks 

tkersey: Hey man i love you Vids. I have a question for you I bought a basic Mod using a 3.7 volt mod. with a atty dripper. I'm not sure what size of wire and brand should I use. I bought the Sony Batteries for it and my Mod is a Brass Panzer. Please Reply....

kotawilliams41: Is there difference in kanthal I bought some the other day and it seems to not come in as low on ohms and doesn't get hot as fast.

Russell Chan: Any idea using a non resistance wire ? i saw some people are using it.

Ruben Ruiz: Where can I buy the A1 28 gauge kanthal

Austin Rivers: wow is that spool like 10 miles or what

Alex Sili: i have 26 ga kanthall, i want to build a dual coil at .9 ohms, how many wraps should i do

Adam Matthews: Hey RIP, would A1 28 gage kanthal wire with a stainless steel 500 grain ss mesh wick on a RSST RBA, ontop of a Evic work properly? I'm looking for those next level clouds. Thanks for you're time!

Alex Rolfe: RIP, first off I want to thank you for your info and hard work helping us in the Vaping community! You are appreciated (atleast I appreciate you help). Could you help explain what the differences are in building some of the typical wraps (example: 5/4 wrap, 3/2 wrap, ect... ) I hear you talk about those style wraps but don't truly grasp the differences. Thanks man.. Smoking is dead, Vaping IS the future, and the future is now. :)

Yohane Katayama: where can i get online a 28 or 30 gauge kanthal wire?

Mohamad Izwan Jaafar: RIP, What do you recommend me for my ZAP 2.1 in Provari mini? I mean the kanthal wire. A1 28,30 or 32AWG which one better? Also for Mesh micron. 300mic,400mic or 500mic which one more better. I am newbie.

shirlzknight: it looks absolute crap in comparison to today's vapour machines out there but at the time it was the 'bomb'


Domino SixO: aaa ?

shirlzknight: Man by now you must have used most of that 28 AWG roll dude!

Frank Dannetti: Can I use menthol juice in a ac9? Really want one but menthol is all I vape. No cinnamon jut menthol. Let me know!

JulianCesero: OK, I was using 28awg & that was the reason for low resistance which I don't like anyway.

RiP Trippers: Yes, as long as you are wrapping a higher ohm coil 1.7 and up.

Murdock Ruml: Let me get some of that kanthal.

RiP Trippers: It has to be heat resistant brother.

Rick Wechsler: When I get some of this, I'll try out a 3/2 wrap with it. I've gotten my hellfire mini down to 0.6Ω, but I think I can take it even lower with the 28.

mabco19: AC9 FTW!

HateFish88: Just to add to your answer about the airiness. After a while when you are not using a Genesis Atty, you find everything else as being to stiff. At least that was my experience

nerfytheclown: Also, dude! I'm super stoked to try the ac9. Please make it easy to buy and please tell your loyal subscribers when it's ready!

Q80 Vaper: Thanks bro can't wait

nerfytheclown: Aside from ebay, where can I get the 28 kanthal? Sorry to bug you but I hate digging through forums.

george vassill: Whats the a1 mean?

RiP Trippers: Niagara, you can only buy this stuff in bulk(Had to order a minimum of 30 lbs wholesale). I tried to find a link on ebay for you guys, but I don't think anyone offers it yet. The good news is I will be offering this stuff with the AC9.

Shane Whittington: Has anyone thought about 28g 99.9% silver wire? it's a better conductor and non-toxic.

Dave Giard: All my protank builds seem to have hella throat hit. I also vape high mg nic juice. I like the stock protank coils personally. I seem to build them sub ohm or just as they came from the factory lol. I use exclusively 28 ga

Rob G: you mean search "ebay" or goto jacobs-online dot biz, but is NiCh as good as kanthal?

JR Roe: Thank you soo much for the input!!! Now I know what I need to go with I am a new genesis user. I really appreciate it!

Michael .H: nice! "well bless your heart" :)

RiP Trippers: Check out Temco.

RiP Trippers: You need a device like the Provari v2, Vamo, itaste 134, etc... with a 15 watt max capacity to run a genesis.

RiP Trippers: This stuff is unbelievable brother.

Devvon Collins: can i use this in my phoenix style rebuildable and still get a high ohms??

pogi katada: you can use that also in RDA atomizer?

Rob G: Found some Kanthal A1 28awg at vapingasia. 7 bucks shipping bought 5 meters

Niagara Kayaker: Rip, as other poster asked, where did you get A1 28 Kanthal?

beerstone2573: I found a seller on youtube. this is a copy of the search. copy and paste this in youtube, it will take you rite there. Nichrome resistance wire, 28 AWG (gauge), 100ft, foam cutting, heating, etc.

anastasios ntemos: what you stand for Ithaka

RiP Trippers: AWESOME! Check out my most recent post. If you are a rebuildable guy, it will help ya out a lot. :)

remyth2011: I like a cappuccino flavor with a warm vape.

Martin Arroyo: were did you buy that kanthal from

RiP Trippers: No worries Nerfy, like I mentioned above, had to buy it wholesale with a vendor id code. The good news is I will be offering this stuff to you guys very soon. If I see anything on ebay I will do a shout out for you guys. :)

Aries Villasis: Try the 26 gauge one's try searching RDA by Smoktech then click on Marco Puno's video :)

John Katz: Based on your recommendation, I just ordered some A1 28 for a DID clone that I recently bought from GotVapes. Unfortunately, the one they sent out had a bad coil and no extra anything to build new ones. I can't wait to try this thing out! Your videos have been most informative. Thanks....

OrganDonors: Hi mate, great vid! Ive found a Kanthal supplier online, (tinypayme) but all the wires are logged in mm thickness, ive tried the 0.16mm & 0.13mm with varying results, what mm thickness is this A1 28 gauge? im so eager to try it now?? Thanks for the great videos

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A1 28 Gage Kanthal Wire 4.8 out of 5

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A1 28 Gage Kanthal Wire
A1 28 Gage Kanthal Wire
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