Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

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Sean Byrne: What the hell am I supposed to do then if I want s-pen like functionality? I want to use squid app....can I just use another tablet and a smart pen?

Ivanka2024 for POTUS: lol

Zippo404: It does have palm rejection -_-

Nawaz Waseem: 18:9 handsets but 4:3 tablets.. Wtf Samsung??

Pranab Ray: Is this device inclusive of keypad?

Zeta Animations: How does this compare with the Apple iPad Pencil in 2018 in the drawing/animating aspect? I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts.

Masked Slacker: This bugs me. I came to this video for a review, not a comparison to the Ipad pro. I can’t even use apple products since my PC is AMD, instead of Intel. What he should have done, throw out that crap mic, get a better one, and get off his knees to Apple. I’ve owned both the S2 and S3 tablets, both work great. My point, it would be a great video if you talked about the improvements made to the S3 compared to the S2. Examples, Better processor, one gig more of ram, double the memory cap on the micro SD card slot, better front and rear facing cameras. Double the speakers, and now turned by AKG/HARMAN. Goes from microUSB to 3.1 type-c. Now having fast charge out of the box. Slightly bigger battery. As for the place holder for the S-pen, The keyboard designed for the S3 comes with a loop on the left side of the keyboard that holds the pen in place. The few tablet optimized apps? Your blaming the S3 hardware for a software issue, are you that stupid? I bought my S3 so I get internet everywhere and not get capped on my data usage. Most if not all laptops at this price point won’t have the sim slot I need and are not as slim or a fast as my S3. Lastly fire John V. Pebblemouth, he is obviously a apple fanboy on a Android channel.

Rez kingston: Is 32 GB internal memory is latest? Any higher then that?

Sv3ridges Mum: Why won't they optimise the apps for the tablet. Bloody idiot nerds.

Extract Gaming: im watching this in a tab s3

shanghaichica: He didn’t even do his research properly. The S pen does have palm rejection.

RhinoParts: Hard to understand this dude he drops off his words.

Jinu Choe: Galaxy Tab S3 has a fatal S-Pen defect. Draw a straight line from the edge of the screen with ruler, and you will not see a straight line. I received a refund in South Korea.I can not write where I want to be.

Alex: 2:09 There is more space taken up by the bar than actual picture

VOLCE187: If anyone does not know. Use an app found in google play store called: Rotation control which lets u use your tablet and any app in landscape, potriat even upside down. It overrides and forces the devices factory settings of auto rotate to any rotation you desire. So complaining about auto rotate should not be included in this review as we all know android is very customizable and you can add feature via apps from store to be able to do the things you want.

Ike the ranter: HELP!!! My Tab doesn't have a slot for a sim card. WTF do I do?? Want to use my S8+ sim to access net. WTF can I do??

christian jacob leongson: it has a palm rejection

Phrozin: humm did it ever cross your mind that some people dont want apple products yep thats me just not in to the way they do business like not honoring warranty claims, putting out updates to slow products so you buy new there slogan "crap if i can get away for charging you for everything I will" apple can stick there products in there arse

Steven Gauna: Apple fan boy review.

tubeRSP: who cares about ipad pro? why you keep making the comparison ? It is tasteless

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Full Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Full Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3   Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: Best Android Tablet But Nothing More!
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: Best Android Tablet But Nothing More!

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