Thrillz Kills + MLG ASUS VH236H Monitor Review = Love

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Ben Parkman: I have the Monitor on my PC. I love this monitor, the colors pop out really natural and look s so crisp and clear. The game play is amazing, this monitor is perfect for fast, paced action shooter games!!! Even the darker colors look amazing, I use to hate dark wall paper on my PC because anything white look like crap. Now it looks Amazing!! I get better input response time than when I used my old crt monitor I stuck with my CRT becasue other Lcd had horrble input lag. I can actaully pull of harder combos easily now in Super Street fighter 4 AE. You can't go wrong with this moniter, I've seen like 800 dollar moniter perform bad compared to this very affordable VH236 asus. 

Kendall W: war ot

ThePepijn97: if you connect this to your xbox with hdmi is it slower or stays al the response time and low input lag the same ?

ProblemsHD: Can you record with this using an HD PVR?

NN1015PSN: @DemonStranger2007 You must be looking at the wrong model, go to amazon and type in this "asus monitor mlg" it should be the only result. Hope I helped.

osamabinpawning123: does it come with a remote?

LoA: @MrLegiitHD You can connect either a DVI/VGA or HDMI from your computer, depends on what connections you got on your graphics card, and VGA/HDMI from your Xbox. So maybe you got DVI on your PC and HDMI on your console. Then you just connect both and just switch between DVI/HDMI when you want to play Xbox maybe. :)

YoshyMotsow: CANADIAN!!!

MagicZack94: I have two questions. 1.) Can you record with this while using an HD PVR? 2.) Can you hook up a headset to it?

hepsta001: Mega babe!! Keep up the good work

KingJaiAre: What if I want to use component cables instead of hdmi?

RyN2iX: @v3nom11065 hmm it was an open box item at newegg. ive been using it for about 4 months now without a single problem. it looks brand new too without any scratches it came with all the accessories. you should try to check their open item monitors. i got lucky with these. :)

IamWARGHOST: Hello, I have a question. I am planning to get this monitor so I can use it with my xbox but I don't know how to make it work since monitors don't have componet plug ins so I was wondering if you can explain to me how can I make it work and/or what do I need? Also, I am planning to use my hd pvr with this monitor so if you know the answer please let me know. thank you.

Based Yo: The screen isn't small... It's 23" Barely smaller than 24"..

OryKid: @Sc0ttyz23 nah the only reason they use vga with the 360 is because they have old 360s without HDMI ports.

Kyle Wilson: is it a tv? or a computer monitor?

LoA: How could you miss the 3D function and 120HZ refresh rate? That's the two best things this monitor got you know. :) And also, a question. Can you connect your headset through a audi jack in the screen. So if i put my HDMI cable to the monitor, from my Xbox 360, and then take my PC headset, can i connect my headset to the monitor so i get sound? :)

DemonStranger2007: I could hear you all day....OOooo.... Any who I've noticed that you say it has a 2ms response time, and I've looked at the same model in amazon, it says it has a 5 ms response time. Did you get lucky with that one or is there a way to make it 2ms instead of 5ms. Hmmmmmm?

KingKooKooManga: hey thrillz, what are you settings on your monitor?

OryKid: @cheesefries1229 They use HDMI for PS3 games and Call of Duty on this monitor. They use VGA for Halo.

HoustonGirlGotU: does it have a usb 2.0 or 3.0 input port

Vinny Viggs: still for sale?

Devon Lewis: whoever disliked this video is homosexual or an ugly girl jealous of thrillz killz

Zach Walker: great review thrills, i think you should do more of these

Vaporcartel: This is freak1ng awesome!!!! A girl talking about video games, LCD, contrast ratio and stuff is better than porn and if you are using a ps3 you are super mega awesome!

Mufasa Jason: where?!! i has ASUS NOW!! aha!!

chayfo2: Good review, nicely done. However, you said 20,000 to 1 graphics ... lol. I think you mean Contrast. Also, Bezle is not pronounced BEEzle, its BEHZle. Keep up the good reviews.

Jeffrey Hong: take a wild guess how i know ur from canada

l am the doctor: I got this monitor and I didn't even know it can tilt... and now I know.

Jacob Daeth: does it work with HDMI audio?

bringingaknife: @4563a not much difference. VH238H is LED so it saves power and some will say is better for your eyes.

CombatPandaHD: does mlg use the overdrive feature???

Justin R: Anyone know a website i can buy this tv

MrMarc12345: We all understand what she means. Her description of the monitor's graphics refers to the overall display of graphics rendered by the graphics processing unit in her gaming console of choice.

vFuhMaZ: i got mine for 140 at best buy


Conker .The Squirrel: does it blur up when you look around in a game??

Brendon Andrews: @RyN2iX I'm lookin into this monitor. Is it good/worth it? And how did you manage it for 70 bucks? :O

StillzKills: @Escutiaa nope

OryKid: @Sc0ttyz23 IDK I buy alot of stuff on amazon but never used.

RyN2iX: got mine for $70 :D good review!

MH5tube: You can use an HDMI cable or use an Xbox VGA cable.

iTRYER: $160 Canadian on Newegg. Should I... hmm.

Delc0: @IisTylerH No capturing available for hauppauge or dazzle...only video source is hdmi

eskuAdradit0: lcd.

Bobby WhyAmIDoingThis: No. Other MLG players wouldn't bother. (:

818de60: y aren't you playing with it on game mode?

ᅚ: @BlatantlyMLG computer monitor

Rodrigo Brugalli: se eu falasse inglês pediria pra casa com você

Towelie: Thanks. Yea I actually picked one up recently and I can't imagine playing on anything else.

Vet: When I graduated High School, all I wanted to do was kick back and relax without having to do any homework. But I realized I have no money to do anything fun. So I went to a San Francisco Vet School to get trained to make money. But seeing your videos, I am gonna be an internet marketer on the side. Let me know if you have any tips. Thanks.
Thrillz Kills + MLG ASUS VH236H Monitor Review = Love 4.8 out of 5

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Thrillz Kills + MLG ASUS VH236H Monitor Review = Love
Thrillz Kills + MLG ASUS VH236H Monitor Review = Love
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