Thrillz Kills + MLG ASUS VH236H Monitor Review = Love

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Ben Parkman: I have the Monitor on my PC. I love this monitor, the colors pop out really natural and look s so crisp and clear. The game play is amazing, this monitor is perfect for fast, paced action shooter games!!!  Even the darker colors look amazing, I use to hate dark wall paper on my PC because anything white look like crap. Now it looks Amazing!!  I get better input response time than when I used my old crt monitor I stuck with my CRT becasue other Lcd had horrble input lag. I can actaully pull of harder combos easily now in Super Street fighter 4 AE. You can't go wrong with this moniter, I've seen like 800 dollar moniter perform bad compared to this very affordable VH236 asus.  

MrMarc12345: We all understand what she means. Her description of the monitor's graphics refers to the overall display of graphics rendered by the graphics processing unit in her gaming console of choice.

TheTato1219: "Graphics, MLG, Call of duty, Astro's" Its safe to assume her opinion has been warped by whoever is sponsoring MLG players these days lol

Syddique Shaw: Does somebody need a hug <3

Based Yo: The screen isn't small... It's 23" Barely smaller than 24"..

MrSirCharlie: It was at but it came with a mail in rebate thats why it was $145

Josh Arma: WHERE?!?!?!?!

DNAManufacturing: Thanks. Yea I actually picked one up recently and I can't imagine playing on anything else.

Tech Core: Considering that EVO still uses this monitor, if you want something for gaming, this is your best bet.

Tech Core: How many times do you need to say "graphics"?

Jason Mufasa: where?!! i has ASUS NOW!! aha!!

Kendall W: war ot

MrSirCharlie: I got it for $145 :D

DNAManufacturing: Would you still recommend this monitor? Or is there better competition out there?

android83n: great video thrills

NomaDz2K: Question: Does it have ANY Image Ghosting problems like the Asus VE 248H ?

BboyScar1: She says the resolution in the beginning of the video, cant you listen?

Bobby WhyAmIDoingThis: No. Other MLG players wouldn't bother. (:

Conker .The Squirrel: does it blur up when you look around in a game??

818de60: y aren't you playing with it on game mode?

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Thrillz Kills + MLG ASUS VH236H Monitor Review = Love 5 out of 5

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