SpongeBob SquarePants Birthday Cake!

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laurapoopie: Thank you SO MUCH! Yes, I sometimes look back at my old SpongeBob and thank God that I've been able to learn from my mistakes and from experience. Experience is the most invaluable thing because once you learn it, you learn it for GOOD. Know what I mean? LOL! I'm so happy you are motivated and wonderful viewers and friends like you motivate me! Thank you for your kindness! :)

laurapoopie: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! Yes, it is totally do-able! The straws are fat boba straws and you can purchase them in bulk through ebay. :)

IheartAus: :D Hello again! Gosh, I wished Youtube allowed you to give 2 thumbs up! Because this cake definitely deserves it! My partner loves Spongebob and he said he wants a birthday cake like this! heheh Another awesome cake, well done! :)

laurapoopie: Basically this cake was 2 tiers. If I didn't add the cardboard in between, then people would've gotten a cake slice 1 ft. tall. LOL. Know what I mean? This way they can cut in smaller slices. :) Glad you liked it!

laurapoopie: Thank you so much! Thank you for taking the time to watch! :)

paliuna666781: Do. U. Put. Card. Board. Inside????????????????

laurapoopie: Very kind! Thank you! :)

laurapoopie: Yay!!!! Thank you so much! :)

penny wheeler: ha,ha,ha love the cake it is brill ,love the shoes x

laurapoopie: Hi!!! Awww! That is too nice! Thank you for that! Oh I wish I could make it for your partner! Haha! :) Thank you for the wonderful comment! :)

gliciouscakes: Two more questions if you don't mind. What are the dimensions if the cake and how many people will it feed.

gliciouscakes: My son loves your cake! I love all your cakes and you have an exceptional talent! I am going to attempt to make this for my sons Bday July 19th. My question is, did you cover this with buttercream or fondant? Also if you covered it in fondant how did you go about it? Did you wrap it or covered it laying it from the top? Hope you can help :) oh did you make the indents on Spongebob after you put the fondant or before putting the fondant?

Diannette Vega: ME ENCANTA... ;)

laurapoopie: Thanks Stephanie! The arms have extremely long skewers in them and were allowed to dry completely before adding them to the cake. :) Glad you like my cake! :)

laurapoopie: Thank you so much! Putting it together took a couple of hours. It went by quick since most of the stuff was pre-made. Glad you liked it! :)

laurapoopie: Thank you Samar! :)

Tngirl68: You did a great job! Your Spongebob is spot on. It looks exactly like him! Thanks for the photos! :)

wudy22: Simply awesome as USUAL! Superb talent! Question: What kind of boards do you use and where do you get them?

antonette francis: what size cake pan u use

laurapoopie: Thank you! :)

laurapoopie: Thank you! I don't mind at all! Yes I quit teaching and have now dedicated myself full time to my cake design business. :)

Wordis Bond: LOVE, LOVE, LOVETHIS ONE!! Especially his shoes!! they look so cute!!!

MatthhewwAA: It's too cute

laurapoopie: GRACIAS!!!! :)

laurapoopie: Woooo Hoooo! Thanks! :)

wudy22: This cake is awesome and now its even more awesome as I look back in your vids and see where you were unable to make the same cake stand up! Progress is inevitable for some but a must for you! Im wonderfully motivated to continue in this trade now!

Browncutenpoetic: Bomb! Ur awesome!

xxtnahxx: why did you put cardboards in betwwen the tiers? btw its a great looking spongebob! i had a difficult time with spongebob but you make it look so easy!

laurapoopie: Thank you! :)

laurapoopie: You are VERY kind! Thank you! This is fondant covered in panels. You can use any ball tool to make the indentations. :)

msbarbados68: Best spongebob cake I ever seen, great job

laurapoopie: You're very welcome! :)

Suzet Cruz melendez: I love your vedeo:)

laurapoopie: Wow! That's quite a compliment! I appreciate that! Thank you! :)

Samar Khan: I like your work, its neat, clean & the two tiers idea is great. Nice work

laurapoopie: THANK YOU! Glad you liked it! :)

2chic2Retreat!: Cake is so awesome! I love the colors and it is so neatly done! Wonderful work! You make it look soooo easy!:-) Thank you for the pictures! It did seem somewhat realistic to do for us beginners!...once I saw the pics! :-)Where do you purchase those bubble straws..or dowels. I don't know the name. I went to Michaels and hobby lobby and I couldn't find them.

oppsieyem: lovely

laurapoopie: Thank you! :)

laurapoopie: Muchas gracias! :)

RCCAKES: Laura you are on the money!! Great Job. How long did it take to put together?

laurapoopie: Yay! Glad you liked it! :) Thank you! :)

Stephanie Smith: awesome cake very neat finshing and may i ask how did you get the arms so long and to stay also what the sand made from love your cake fab work:}

Carla L: oh he looks fantastic!!! great job as usual Laura!

laurapoopie: Hi, yes I do. It's just your basic buttercream. Crusting BC recipe is 1/2 butter 1/2 shortening. Top BC is super thick. All shortening. You can find the recipe from Tonedna1 here on youtube.

laurapoopie: Haha! Why so many question marks???????????? LOL! It is two tiers of cake in one. So yes, there is cardboard separating the tiers. :)

nikkywolly: Amazing!! It looks exactly like Spongebob :)

shaz Malups: good as eve,look the cake, did you stop teaching? hope u dont mind me asking..x

laurapoopie: You are so kind! Thank you! I use foam core and you can purchase it at any craft store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. :)

C Cruz: love it, thank you so much for showing pictures on how it was put together you did a great job!

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SpongeBob SquarePants Birthday Cake! 4.4 out of 5

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