Balancing Carburettors With Home Made Manometer

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The Rider: 2 stroke motor oil works better than water less sensitive

Don Finch: Bloody brilliant, will try that on my new ITB's

tastybaklava: Fantastic guide, dude. Thanks a million for posting it up!

Serge Smith: OMG!! I have been fighting my carbs on my Rotax 912 in my kitfox airplane "this it freaking awesome!!!!"

Ergun ERBAŞ: How can carbs air-fuel adjust?

Gianmarco Randazzo: Nice video!
I can't get one point: can I make this calibration even without cleaning the carburators first? I mean, I have my bike in here on the side stand, can I just try out your method or I need to do anything else first? thanks!

Bajnokable: Red White Green= Hungary :D

Conrad Kritzberger: Correct:  Your narrative of what you did with the carburetors (left/right or front/rear; leaner or richer fuel mixture) is EXTREMELY non-existent.  So, you're leaving it up to "us" to experiment... without giving insights as to what you're doing with the carb adjustments (up/down... to raise or lower one side or the other.)    Poor narrative.

kfs240sx: Hey man this helped me so much thanks for explaining so well great job on the video

Clay Atkins: Good job, I should make one of these for myself. very handy.

Dan Barclay: sirhaggardly - you make a four bottle version

mike smith: Nice pretty smart to know how to do this.

Timosbi: just got a virago 400 did your manometer trick with two coffee jars. it worked perfect! it was easy.  Thank you   

L2fish: i had a spearco water injection system on a camaro.  they got it from the ww2 aircraft

stephane talbi: Thank you for the carb sync. tool, I did do one exactlely the same and used it on my v-star, works just perfect, I'll keep this precious diy Tools and show it to my buddys
Thanks for your help Steven

ThrasherGnar: moron lol

David OToole: Agree with RedNeckHippie.

David OToole: Concerns about fluid getting sucked into engine. Only use sufficient fluid or position the tubes so that when one is nearing the top the level of the other falls below the tube (and is then sucking on air). Tape them or fasten them to a board or box so theat they can't fall over. Elsewhere people have questioned the use of water and suggested petrol.. DON'T. It is NOT the nature of the fluid water/oil but the incompressability of fluids which will cause problems in any case.

David OToole: Two comments: As far as I can see the carburretors will be balanced when the level is UNCHANGING (indicating that the pressure above each fluid is the same). NOT when the fluids are at the same level. HyzerGlen says this but it is easy to miss. Also - He says that when they are in sync the revs DROP to their lowest level. This can't logically be right. When they are in sync they will work better together. Shouldn't the revs rise? Not a good explanation of how to make it but still very useful

jimmy Forero: VERY VERY BAD CAMERAMAN!!!!!!!

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Balancing Carburettors with home made manometer 5 out of 5

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