Into The Dead - Trailer

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Mr. Anal: Name of the song ? No darude cancer please

Jay Chan: Let's run together to survive.... cause when death comes .... run!

PouresMaggie: I need this trailer music... it's so good. And the game is fun as hell too, especially when you unlock the shotgun and chainsaw.

Oric007: when the game keep crashing whats the problem? temperature? hardware? WTF?

Oric007: In my S3 mini... my game crashing!! 05092002: Wtf

Derek CG: Yo ya lo descarte estal bien padre

Marko plavec: This game is beast 

Nous Nameus: 208 peoples are zombies :|

Alexis solis: This videos is so pain

Artem Shevchenko: Клевая игра я играю :-)

Joe Hanson: I will Absolutely share this game.

Javier Nunez: RUN FOR LIFE!!!

Alvin ngah: fun game

Milton Edu Carreño Arreguin: Two steps From Hell - Soul Grinder ( Sinners Album )

Skullkan6: Yes infact, and it's awesome!

Jack Heslop: Ok Brandon

UltimateGameSoldier: Hope they release on Android

pikpokgames: iOS performance will be a factor in deciding whether this happens or not.

scrax6: what about games like left 4 dead, cod zombies, the walking dead?

Isaac: That information is classified, sorry.

Matt Sobye: cubefield with zombies

Tony Auditore: Shouldn't it be called the 'running' dead xD

Thel 'Vadam: I love playing this while listening to "bad trip" from the Far Cry 3 soundtrack it fits the game so well.

UkliVukli: |'m play|ng on android

pikpokgames: Only one from us.

Lee Yao Rung: Two Steps From Hell - Soul Grinder ( Sinners Album )

ICEMANZIDANE: Awesome Game so much Fun I have a Hack Video on my Video Channel Coin and Distance Hack

gdga: Anyone who knows where to get that freaking soundtrack?! @pikpokgames Please tell me there's a way to get it? AWESOME game by the way... I'm addicted!


NarrowKilla: zombi game again....

Darkness157: Make it for android please

Bardia goharanpour: hey guys, looks awesome, is it ever coming to android?

Jack Hugs: i want zombie movies now, rather than games. moar movies please.


pikpokgames: What about is makes you say that?

Fayte1489: Download the Song "In the House in a Heartbeat" and listen to it while playing this game. Amazing and scary

TheGrantland100: How cool would it be if the character was Lee!

Ivan Castilla: the game is awesome , the zombies are very good

TRENEX 379: What's the name of the song?

ArQon98: You can play it on android. I play it on samsung galaxy s

SilverMoonRain: did they announce that yet!? :O

Kenshi Alberto Silva: yo lo tengo :)

Pierre Raad: anyone interested in the soundtrack here it is /watch?v=BPwknY_7rWY thumbs up so everyone can see it. CHEERS!! :D

Andres Gaona: This is a phone game and its good

AltShiftSpam: It looks great!

Justin Soto: couldn't have been a worse place to crash

Hà Hoàng: me freaking too

rpatto92: Its not an MMO either; there is a world map called Chernarus 260ish kilometers squared, you find food, equipment and weapons, and attempt to survive the apocalypse from players and zombies. You die you loose everything you start over. There's no ranks, no skill no points; the more you learn the longer you live and that's it.

Reidakad: Where I can find the music of the beginning ? Saddened for the spelling mistakes but me am French.

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Into the Dead - Trailer 4.3 out of 5

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Into the Dead - Trailer
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