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Marie Edward: I kept thinking about all the overspray on that nice brick driveway and how he is plastic dipping his lungs.

Sam mendoza: you should practice more,you use to much tape,none sence,

Evan Horton: How do you clean the gun for different color after you use black dip?

JM: Whats the name of the tool he's using ?


PlanesTrainsAutos: Wonder if he sprays on plastidip for a condom before sex...

Hblog: Mmmnyyyyoooooommmmmmmmm

Joshua Green: i have a 95 volvo 850 and i wanna do a royal blue dip job. The hood is black and the rest of the car is a tan color with some clear coat peel. Should i sand the car and do a black basecoat then spray the blue?

KEN StreetFigter II: use mask chemicals are deadly

BLACKND: So many things wrong with this video, your painting technique is terrible! And never paint outdoors or your finish product will be more dust then paint. And my god ever heard of cleaning the car off first? You plastidip people really don't give a crap about your vehicle's. Just paint and peel..

Stas Korotkov: Привет друг! Это так мило, как ты сначала показываешь, что красить надо перпендикулярно поверхности, а потом сам же и ломаешь факел. ))

Jim Jones: who the freak paints car in a drive way?

Jim Jones: covers glass but not the plastic. what a retard

Jim Jones: what a bodge!

Ken Thomas: Geez doing a regular paint job is far cheaper than this, their website wants big bucks for this an that, a rip off

Daily street racing tx: im about to do my pintiac fiero red thanks this helped

ko1 sa10: do it in your garage

Bryan Rios: all yall hating him ... go look at him now.. go look at his paint now .. go look at his technique now .. this dude got me wanting to dip my car

Bryan Rios: bro 2017 here .. this is crazy ... Started from the bottom and look at him now .. bigg biceps and better crazy awesome plasti dip paint

Will F: Right over the grill though????

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