How To Install A Double Pole Wall Mount Thermostat To Your Baseboard Heater

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JOSEPH M: Very well done and explained simply 

Thomas Koenig Sr: Excellent ! Thank You !!!

CorkyMuldoon: Thanks for keeping it simple for those of us suffering from occasional "senior moments."

Angela Trinen: I just bought this , glad I found video, you made install very easy !! Thanks

mdchrisjeanne: Thank you for an excellent tutorial. Question: how many elec baseboards can be hooked together on one breaker? what size breaker would we use? We bought a 1250 W Dimplex linear convector. 

Cadet Heat: It is the red wires we recommend as being connected to the supply wires – Line. The black wires connect to the heater leads (load). You cut one factory splice on the Cadet F series baseboard heater to make this connection. The white wire shown in the 240 volt installation is another hot wire – therefore it is 2 hot wires and 1 ground.

Diana Hutt: oh by the way its a king brand thanks for your help

Diana Hutt: I have two wires coming out of wall black and white in the heater I have two black wires then I have two black and two red on the thermostat how do I hook up thanks

CadetHeat: Thank you for your inquiry. Installation can vary from model to model and brand to brand. We would love to get some more specifics from you to help you, and it’s best if we speak live. Call us at 360-567-1395 or if you prefer we have live click to chat available on our website to assist you as well.

JJARRIN81: Great video..changed mine in like 2 mins thanks!!!!

Michael Madsen: This is so different from what I am used to. I am planning on buying cadet heaters and thermostat. Normally the two black on thermostat is Line and the two red are to be clear, this one is different? Also, to be clear the two lines of 110v each go to each line connectors .... how does that work with the 120v that it refers to at the bottom left of this video? The white would normally be neutral which with this guide would create a short?

Green Power Farm: thanks! That was made easy !

rangerglt: i am putting 1 - 6' heater and 1 - 3' heater through a junction box with wall mounted stat . power to stat then junction box out to heaters . i will try your wiring system nothing else has worked . thanks

How to install a Double Pole wall mount thermostat to your baseboard heater 4.5 out of 5

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