How To Get A Free Minecraft Optifine Cape! [PATCHED]

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Rawr Clan: If anyone would be interested in us putting up a minecraft server please comment

Shalin Gupta: Quepsii you just go owned go mango noob nice one

Regnskog bransjen: Its dont work!!!! ;(

CrazybutkissMC: does forge work?

Qepseii MC: poor retard just buy one its cheap anyways @___@

dylmck41: Thats not how you do it i have already got a cape and thats not how i did it a all

MarioDoesMinecraft: is it legal i dont wanna get arrested dude

ToxicPlays: not illegal you use the mod to accually have a cape itself all your doing is using the image

DJ Burger: That Sucks didn't work

The Fist Lp: :>

Lucas Carlsson: it's not work

Darius Elliott: why it is so hard to get on cape why

Rawr Clan: Sorry read it wrong you can only see it if you have mc-capes, but why dislike if the title says how to get an optifine cape and in the video it shows you how to get an optifine cape?

Zzgeo198zZ: seems like a personal problem le XD

TheseKidsGotSwagger: Turn Multiplayer Capes On, Then See : )

Rawr Clan: Do you have the mod? And if you have the mod did you install in correctly?

MineCraftRu1ezBr0: I got the mod and I'm lovin it I only found 2 people so far with the mod :d

paul ponthieux: Thanks

SerboVideo: The cape website doesnt work! I have optifine but after 10h i still dont have a cape!

david02889: patched

SuperPoopNinja: You don't know how to download mods on 1.6.2 then. :/

ReventonPvP: THANKS

Rawr Clan: Also the cape is an OPTIFINE cape not a MC-CAPES the optifine means the logo on the cape is optifine

ThePenguinMC: I did what you said and it didnt work :(

Rawr Clan: Your welcome

TheAmazingTurtleBoy: asdasdasd

Nelson W.: Its not working

PortalFreak014: Yes you can...

Rawr Clan: yes


AliCat39: Turn capes on

TheOrginalDC: It dosent work :(

jojoguy1000: Thnx dude

Cevionvsminecraft: Didn't work

anil patel: My ass

Simon Peter: Can Minecraft peps see it :))) Anyway awasome vid

Rawr Clan: Do you have MC-CAPES? If you do than check your settings

Michael Martin: Nice job :) thnx

Nicholas Wisby: I can't get my username and password to get in freak

DustyGaming: Can u upload any cape

BigFatSumoDude: Does it have to be with the OF thing or could i like download a mincon cape?

MrSaruwatar1: is it visible by other ppl ?

Przygnieciona Gąbka Zakreble: ds

Rodney Long: I don't have the cape on, but I did exactly what you said?

THE Jordash: OMG it works!!!!

Dersim The Babo: can i get ban for this? (globalban)

Kamil Szyszka: screw the telephone PC IS BETTER!! :D

Andreas Minefan: can Optifine guys see that cape?

PenguinOracle: do other people with optifine see the cape?

Mulyono Banukarso: guys make sure the capes on

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How to get a free Minecraft Optifine Cape! [PATCHED] 4.2 out of 5

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How to get a free Minecraft Optifine Cape! [PATCHED]
How to get a free Minecraft Optifine Cape! [PATCHED]
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