Illusion HairLine Ponytail

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Lydia Joseph Phillip: dont care to see the hair nor the style what i"m interested in is the technique. less talking more showing the technique please´╗┐

TeaMarie: This is fierce! I hate when people leave rude comments when somebodies posting something positive. They know you'll never see them and they'd never have the guts to speak like that to a person's face without getting popped in theirs. Any who keep the videos coming girl!´╗┐

Janet Johnson: Love it. Great job. Im actually going out of town dont want to deal with my hair so i will apply your style. Thanks!

In LoveWitMusic: Love it! What kind of hair is that?? Very pretty

Caress Mesoftly: Pretty babes

lvdouglas: You are very talented!

finnfinn96: That is sooo cute. The color looks nice on you.

sweettea227: love it!

kidablue: Seaborn is the BOMB and any skills under him is too..You did very well

neceej: It is pretty, but I would have loved to see a step by step tutorial!

Chinere Wright: Thank you so much . It means alot

chazz156: Flawless. I gotta do this ! How much do u charge for this? !!! Wow ! Damn Go Girl ! Word ! Aoooow Sheeeeesh ! I Love It ! Lol

retericag: The style is beautiful but how did u do it

whithy yngard: Heyy miss stitch the bang part how did it get like puffy or high on top what did u do??

celeste adams: What is the name of the hair

celeste adams: Tutioral please its so pretty

kira johnson: can you make a tutorial of how you laid the tracks for the invisible hair line??

Ria Finette: ugh im jealous! !

Chinere Wright: yes

Jaquala Venable: Cutee!!! <3

shonda powell: r u a man

K Clemons: Love it but i would love to see u show step by step def goin to subscribe so i can see it whenever u post it..... i need to make sum videos i know the concept of how to do the invisible pairline but urs is slightly unique

Caress Mesoftly: So pretty!

JusBeautiful3: I love this so pretty!!!

Nakisha Durham: Love it girl..u did that!

neci1212: Love the video hair and all....can u tell me wht kinda weave and wht inch u got as well

ladyleilalove: you look gorgeous!

Southernbelle531: you have one the best vids for this love the color too.

jaqueen630: Tell me or show me how did u lay the tracks I would love to try on my clients and how much would you charge for this... Ready to kick ass this summer lol..

pookiehead2011: THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!!

toya bee: what type of hair or wave

Kvera142: Can you go to the gym with this on?

swhite0024: I like it! but how did u lay it so your tracks dont show I do my hair myself I would love a tutorial

InDenise Mind: Great video! thank you for sharing

MzToyaFabulous: Can you show or tell exactly how the invisible hairline is done please?

danathurston40: See, I luv u. A tutorial that keeps it real. Keep it up. Ur hair looks fantastic!!

Chinere Wright: it's coming. sorry for the wait

Chinere Wright: lay the tracks curved and kissing along the hair line. Do a "v" fill-in @ the nape corners to bring the hair up in the back without exposing tracks. Pricing is based on ur area and demographics . A quick weave is 65.00 w/me, add 20.00 for the invisible part and another 25.00 for the illusion hair line along the perimeter.Total 110.00. The hair only cost 30.00 a pack (synthetic) Good luck honey show that hair who's Boss

Chinere Wright: Im not sure what pieces you are referring to. I used weft hair and placed all the tracks.

Gator61186: Hey whats stich website..cute pony

Shawntil Cotton: can you please do a tutorial on how you did the style it is gorgeous i can do the invisible hairline but all the way around i dont think i can do that

Chinere Wright: lol I try...thank you sooo much for watching. ( sorry for the late reply)

getithowulivepimp: Man! I think this is a boy

wayt0or3al: That hair looks like it's growing out of your head.

FacesByPureness: Love this

SHAQUETTA BEAN: Where can you find the pieces you used in the front

lwatt98: This is cute..... I want this done to my head

yasmeen1215: Hey Chinere you didn't show how to actually do the sides. That would be a good idea for people who are just beginning to do this hairstyle.

NADA BLACKMON: What was the name of the person who inspired this style and does he have a YouTube video on it too?

shovonne pointer: I wish there was a how to tutorial

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
Illusion HairLine Ponytail 4.3 out of 5

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