Honda Generator EU10i How To Fix Rough Idle

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TX Kevin: helpful video. Here is the missing 2nd half..... Be careful reinstalling he cross crew that retains the idle jet. It WILL snap off pretty easily if you over tighten even small amount. Also when reinstalling the idle jet take note that it has 2 tabs that install parallel to raised back to assure it fits flush. Thanks for the video. My engine would only run on full choke after cleaning the carb & jets.. AFter removing this and cleaning, it now runs normally but will die if running without choke AND turning off the ECO Throttle. Not quite 100% yet but closer. For being such a simple machine it sure can be frustrating.....

John Webb: Thank you so much for a great video. You have just saved me the expense of a Honda dealer service. I owe you a large one!

tavo loriel: people like you need to make more videos like the one they have made that help people in the long run thank you very much mine was running rough idling rough but thanks to you video everything is good now thank you so much once again thanks

Carlos Jons: Thank you!!! The problem is over on my EU 20i !!! THanks Again!!

Jeff Bell: Thank you for this tip.  I had the same issue with my EU2000i.  After watching your easy to follow video I was able to fix the issue.  THANK YOU!  You saved me $200 US at my local Honda repair shop.

FrenchieYang12: So mine idle just like this but does it also cause the generator not to charge? It starts similar to your video but doesn't charge

sarahmorrill: After trying a lot of SeaFoam on my eu2000i with just a little improvement, I tried removing the pilot jet (idle jet) as shown in this video. Yes, it was clogged. I tried several different kinds of wire and a needle and nothing would unclog it even after soaking it in carb cleaner. I suppose I could have used a mallet on the needle but there's the fear of making the hole larger than it's supposed to be. So, I was getting ready to order a new one for $18. But then I spoke to a Honda technician and he suggested I try twisting a tiny drill bit into the hole. I went to the hardware store and bought the smallest bit they had. Usually, they'll display a 1/16th as the smallest but that's too big. Luckily, I found a smaller bit made by Vermont American. The size is listed as #60 and it t cost me just $2.50. After a couple minutes of delicate twisting, it finally made its way through. I reinstalled it and that solved the problem. 

brownskinmedallion: Worked perfectly on my Honda EU2000i, which is the larger model. Thank you very much, I do appreciate it!

robin saunders: thankyou very much.this vid.sorted out the problem.with my ex7.running great now.

Pa Bar: Cleaning the main jet didn't do the trick? Still needs choke to run well? Here's the next step… The guy at my Honda generator store told me that what I needed was a NEW main jet.  Told him I made sure it was clean as a whistle.  He said that over time the main jet, which is brass becomes tarnished (inside the hole) so that the orifice is just a fraction smaller than originally intended.  Install a new one and Shazamm! no more choke needed. He also was adamant about the ethanol content of modern fuels raising hell with most fuel system components, said if you can get AVGAS (which has no ethanol) you'll have fewer problems.   The Honda part you need is "Jet, Main (#62)" part number is 99101-ZG0-0620… cheap solution... I paid $5.14 retail. Job done.

strake750: I have a kiper100 generator it's running real lumpy I'm surprised it doesn't konk out do you think this remedy will work...thanks

rollin3z: Did you make a video for that? Thanks

darthbj: Thanks for the video! However, I'm unsure as to how to clean out the jet, you seem to be probing it with a needle at the end of the video, is that all there is to it? Cheers

John Long: thank you very much on behalf of all honda 10i generator owners for taking the time to share this knowledge.

jmsmsagrada: My eu2000i was badly clogged with aged fuel. Using "Mechanic-in-a-Bottle" to clean out the fuel tank and carburetor was helpful, along with your suggestion to remove the plastic jet for cleaning. Those treatments restored the eu2000i to like new operation in both the full power mode and the ECO mode. No more having to deal with hard starts, playing with choke settings, and loping operation. My eu2000i now operates like it did when it was brand new! Thanks again.

norman hayes: Thank you for helping me you called it right!!!!!!!! You fix my generator

NZVideoGuy: Fantastic!!! Thanks heaps!! :-)

FioletPL: One more question to you. At 0:57 you remove the fule pipe and then take out the carburetor. I made a mistake and I pulled the whole thing out first. So the fuel pipe, which comes out from another, thicker pipe, was pulled out from it by some 2-3 cm. Now I wonder if it's safe and how to repair it. I don't know where the other end goes and how much it goes into the thicker pipe. To avoid fuel spillage and fire during work.

FioletPL: I just wonder. I have a no-name snowblower and a Partner lawnmower, and none of them gets clogged because of leaving fuel in them for longer periods. I just add a fuel stabilizer into the tank. Do you think that in case of this generator it should also be enough or do I always have to drain it after use, period? I'm afraid that in this case it's not about low octanes after a period of time. Such draining after and filling before each use is quite troublesome. Is there no way to overcome this?

FioletPL: You helped me a lot. Thanks.

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Honda Generator EU10i how to fix rough idle 5 out of 5

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