Sporterizing The Mosin Nagant Part 8- Drilling And Tapping For The Rock Solid Mount

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nathaniel strobel: What’s the best scope mount to put on a mosin nagant sporter I’m making one right now and I don’t want to buy a piece of crap.

AJ Graf: So do you drill both holes all the way thru?

Ornela Zabeli: veri najs

VMath123: As I watched this video I thought, If only I could show this in my class. Parents, I'm sure, would protest.  I'm a math teacher.... 6:45 made me laugh : ) 

dustysquito: With mounting these things, it seems like you want to mount it as far back as possible to keep it from drilling into the chamber itself, correct? 

777Dubliner: So i've found a guy willing to sell me a Finnish Civil Guard SAKO Nagant for 300$ and i would like to mount a scope, i've been looking into it and i've seen stuff about dove tails that are one some nagants, do i need to drill out the receiver still? i have the tools to do it i have access to a mill and drill press but i do not want to damage or do anything that will harm the rifle or depreciate the rifle's value, will adding a scope to the SAKO nagant hurt is the question

daniel hysmith: is there any shop that can mount this mount or do i have to send it out for mounting?

Stephen Standridge: what can you tell me about drill and taping a Remington 511 score master ?It takes a weaver # 43 and 42 mount with 1 inch rings. I  don't know how deep to drill the hole .

Two Huskies: Are you going to post a video on the Forster setup process?  Just purchased one and could use your insight on proper setup.  Great videos!

kingkong14957: What is the correct drill bit ?

contenova: what model is the rock solid mount try to find it online?

Mark Poulin Jr.: neither can I what the hell

havenasp: i have a 91/30 what would ya charge to drop it down to the same length and take off the rear sights, along with the finish on it? I'm getting an archangel stock and don't think it'll look the greatest with such a long barrel and the bluing wearing off.

407ForRent: Whats the cost to have this done on my mosin?

Bryan6446: USE YOUR GOD DAM EYE PROTECTION, I've had one patient come in 6 times with shards of metal in his eye. On second thoughts don't use eye protection, I need the money.

gino r: The way he used that vernier/caliper made me cringe, not at all the proper way to use that tool lol

Walter B: Very good video.

CrazyRamadi: What glass is that?

RASgot IRIE: IV888*

RASgot IRIE: IQ888, you are the man. I swear every time I look up a gun video, you usually have a video uploaded to answer my questions. And in great detail too! You're doing a great thing for the gun community and we appreciate that highly. Much gratitude.

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Sporterizing the Mosin Nagant Part 8- Drilling and Tapping for the Rock Solid Mount 5 out of 5

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