How To Install Replace 4x4 Transfer Case Shift Motor Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 95-01 1AAuto

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GregN: Thanks so much. It sure made it easier than guessing. I took 4 or 5 photos of the wires just to be safe in case I got the sequence wrong and drew a diagram.The tight fit made it a real pain. I cut the wires going to the old motor and got it out of the way. I did have to use a 1 1/2" extension for the bolts and a special squeeze ratchet to get the top bolt.

joe patton: My 2001 Sport trac seems like its not in 4x4 and no lights on the dash , my switch turns but i think a can rotate all the way around i think the switch is bad.. how can I test it to see if its working? or what can be the issue? Or where I can get a new switch at ? 

jd69NC: Quick question...I have a 2001 Explorer with the 4x4 selector switch. The selector lights no longer flash during engine start but, they illuminate on the dash when turned. I also hear a clunking noise on the drivers side that sounds like the axles engaging. Here's the problem, Winter Storm Pax hit and I needed 4x4 and found out that it was not engaging (rear tires spun, front tires did nothing). Different sites have posted the issues are with the switch, module, and/or transfer case motor. Can you advise which of these 3 might be my culprit?

1A Auto Parts: You may want to check the wires around the shift motor to see if they are connected the right way. You could also try to pull the codes from the computer to see what the issue may be.

stiffmyster157: Looking at a 95 ford explorer and it doesnt crapf out o 4low, would that be this motor that is out please let me know asap.

1A Auto Parts: It may be that the steering tube shifting assembly has worn out. We carry the replacement shift tubes with new bearings on our website. Here's a link to them.

1A Auto Parts: you could test the power to the transfer case shift motor with a test light.

stiffmyster157: Well. I went over and tryed to drive it, when It switched to 2wd or 4 hi you can hear it switch or try to switch over then it acts like it's in nutural and makes grinding noise when put it in park.. but drives and shifts threw the gears in 4 low. Also has check engine light, but Idk how to check it for that year/model(95 Explorer)

Nuria1229: @1aauto how would i be albe to test it? and how would it go bad if the 4wd on my truck never was used?

1A Auto Parts: You may want to check the fluid level of the transmission fluid to see if it's at the proper level.

hectorcriss: hello there , I like very much your videos, have a question , my explorer has a weird noise, it sounds like in the front differential when I shift the 4x4 in low starts the noise like knocking something but it drives normal , when turning the wheels sounds harder , my question is , could be a problem with transfer case or it's the differential? transmission shifts smooth it's a 1996 xlt 4x4 esplorer , any coments or opinions are welcome thanks

1A Auto Parts: @Nuria1229 You may want to test the switch to see if it's working right.

1A Auto Parts: You may want to have a qualified transmission shop test the valve body on the transmission to see if there's any thing that may need to be replaced.

arturo vargas: no check engine or warning lights on what can I do

1A Auto Parts: If there's a check engine light on, you may want to have the code pulled.

Chris Brown: I have a 98 Mecury mountaineer, when i accelerate or go after a stop it gives me a knock coming from the engine! what is it?

1A Auto Parts: @dbot956 It could be the shift motor, or you may also want to check your vacuum lines to see if you have a vacuum leak in the engine compartment that may be causing it not to shift correctly. Hope this helps you out.

1A Auto Parts: @jator68 I would recommend having a mechanic take a look at it for you.

dbot956: I own a 2000 ford ranger 4x4 and when i switch to 4high i can hear it engage but when i switch to 4low nothing! Does this mean i have to replace the transfer case shift motor???

Unicyclist357: Thanks, I got it, it was in the right position, just a tight fit.

1A Auto Parts: @civicluva2001 It sounds like something may be binding up in the drive train. When you say that it won't roll backwards will the transmission go into reverse and try to roll ?

solarwindtec: 98 ford explorer 99Kmiles 4x4 lights flashing 3 times about every minute and would not engage 4x4 and a buzzing sound -> replaced the Transfer case motor (thanks for the great tips in the video). NOW... Lights are flashing 6 times about every minute and still can't engage 4x4 (no buzzing) what should we check next?

1A Auto Parts: You may want to check the level of the transmission fluid to see if it's at it's correct level. 888-844-3393

brandi henson: Quick question. My 2002 ford explorer has 4x4 but its not working. all fuses are okay. the 4x4 lights in the cluster do not come on at all and when i push either of the 3 4x4 buttons nothing happens. any help please?

1A Auto Parts: The light should indicate if you are. You may also feel the front pull or grab while taking turns.

1A Auto Parts: The issue could definitely be related to the transfer case locking up. There are different gear ratios inside the transfer case when you select the 4hi and 4lo. You might want to bring it to someone to have the fully diagnose the issue.

Æ Emmanuel Æ Alcantar: Where I can get a motor?

John Riddle: i have a 1998 ford explorer my 4wd kicks in and out would you happen to know what that could be ?

1A Auto Parts: The correct transfer case shift motor for your 1998 Ford ranger is Part Number: 1AFWM00017 we carry them on our website 888-844-3393

Alexander Claudio: Is there a shift motor on a 2004 explorer ltd?

1A Auto Parts: You should have the check engine light scanneg, because it should point you in a direction as to why the 4WD may not be working correctly.

Guardien2814: I've got a problem my 4wd inductor lights start flashing when I try to engage my 4wd what dous that mean any suggestions

1A Auto Parts: Thank you for your order. Have a great day. 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts: @morganlynnlovee You may want to check to see if it's that making the noise and not your fuel pump. A fuel pump that's getting tired will typically make a buzzing noise.

1A Auto Parts: @iAaronHD It could be. Also test the wire going to it to make sure that there's power to the switch.

BIGV Elkins: like

1A Auto Parts: It could be the shift motor, switch or a bad connection some where.

patrickdives: Thank you for posting this. I replaced my long faulty transfer case motor on a '93 Ranger and this guide was especially helpful for seeing how to pull the wires out of the old fitting and placing them in the new one. On my truck, 2 of the wires were taped together making it easy, then I just had to do the center wire. There was a red ring in the middle of the male plug that had to be removed. With this removed, the wires came out with some persuasion.

1A Auto Parts: @Nuria1229 if it doesn't light up, test the power to the switch with a test light. If there is power to the switch, but no power coming from it, it could be the switch that is bad.

1A Auto Parts: It should come right off for you as shown in the video.

Brandon Holmes: I would really appreciate your advice. my 2001 explorer starts and runs fine. when i rev it, it takes a while to go all the way to 4000 rpm. when its put in drive and i press the gas it stalls out. the only way itll move is if i keep the rpms at about 1300. please help

1A Auto Parts: Thanks for checking us out. Have a great day! 888-844-3393

Unicyclist357: I am trying to put my shift motor back on, and it won't fit back over the triangular piece which it rotates. I have checked that they are oriented properly, do you have any suggestions? Thanks

stiffmyster157: I looked at the car today, and the 4low light stayed on when I switched it to 2wd

morganlynnlovee: would that motor cause a really loud buzzing sound??

1A Auto Parts: You may want to check the EGR valve to see if it's working correctly. Also if there's a check engine light on, pull the code to see what's causing it to go off.

Jack Harper: Yes Ive checked it and its good

1A Auto Parts: They should. This video should help you out in fixing the issue.

1A Auto Parts: you can purchase them through our website. You can check us out at

1A Auto Parts: @halflife103 Most 4WDs are set up this way, one reason it to unlock the drivetrain so that the vehicle can be towed if it needs to be.

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Transfer Case Motor Installation Video
Transfer Case Motor Installation Video
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