How To Install Replace 4x4 Transfer Case Shift Motor Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 95-01 1AAuto

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Ronnie L. Brown Jr.: after permanently removing the front driveshaft from a 2002 Mountaineer. What else should be removed? And will removing anything else but the drive shaft effect the cruise control? it's making a loud noise like the brakes are grinding from the front but they're not. any help would be appreciated thank you.

Niepi: Thank you for this. Greetings from the Netherlands

Monique Kennedy: my 93 ford explorer 4 wheel drive will not engage when it's cold out. None of the lights turn on. What could be the problem. Please help.

Media Live TV: Very useful video, it took me less than 15 minutes to change it, following your instructions
Thank you!

Ronald Olkowski: I love your videos and I use your products, next time please wear safety glasses!

folos 1234: Please help me with video to help disengage 4x4low from my 2008 ford explorer. it has refuse to disengage despite following all i know how to do.

Joe Olivier: I have a 98 explore xlt 4x4, and as I drive sometimes it'll start to grind bad then lose power. the only way to stop the grindimg is to floor it, engine code P0732 is on and says the gear 2 incorrect ratio? could this be my problem? or someone said it could be my transfer case?

Leoncio Rodriguez: I Just Want To Thank You For This Helpful Videos...

Tom North: I have saved so much money fixing my car. These videos have been very helpful. I would like to know when you plan on showing the "Bloopers" video? Thanks for making these videos. Very helpful.

brandon hubbard: I have a 1996 Isuzu rodeo and the transfer case shift knob is in 2 high but the transfer case keeps shifting itself into 4 high by itself. What would cause that? I couldn't find any videos for my vehicle.


Kent Towne: If you haven't checked the website, do it now.  The prices are better than what I get through my local parts store with online discounts.

Lawrence Olson: Clear concise and well shot.

Richard Carrera: OK, I got the ’97 Explorer home in just 4WD Low as indicated by the 4WD Low light on the dash and the low speed.  I drove it around the yard and switched the transfer case knob back and forth between auto, high, and low.  Got the 4WD Low light to go out but now it won’t go into gear and has a slight grinding noise when I attempt to both put it in gear and in park.  The issue started when I was driving it as if there was a gear stripped or something pulled out of place or not going into place correctly.  Could this be a shift cable issue, a transfer case motor issue, a (gulp) a genuine transmission rebuild?  If it is a shift cable issue, can I get one from you or do I have to go to the dealer?

ibajs2: My 4x4 was not engaging. Vacuum good, switch seemed okay too but no dash light and no 4x4. I read on a forum to tap lightly on the shift motor since they sometimes bind up and since my truck is in storage for half the year, this made sense. Sure enough 5 taps later I flip the switch and am good to go - what a quick and easy fix (and with my favourite tool!)

Richard Carrera: If the TC on a '97 Explorer with a SOHC V6 automatic transmission is stuck in 4WD low, is the shift motor to blame? I have a '99 with a good transfer case that I thought about swapping into the '97 with a $150 labor charge from the transmission shop. However, if a bad motor is why the '97 won't shift out of 4WD low, then I would rather replace the motor myself for the cost of the motor, about $80 to $100. This not only saves upfront cost but also leaves me with a new part for a common problem. Can I fix the 4WD low problem with a new motor?

Kory Kneeland: Thanks so much! I replaced the shift motor on my '97 Ranger. The wiring was less complicated (the plug had fewer wires & I only had to move one over), but without the instruction regarding the red clip I would have been scratching my head for sure.

For anyone else dealing with this shift motor failing, check out, they have a great article about it.

Jeff Darnell: Do you have any videos diagnosing this shift motor? I have a 2002 explorer and the motor looks identical except without the giant body mount in front of it. my 4x4 no longer works and was all of a sudden, no lights on the dash, no blown fuses. Thats why im figuring it may be this, any way to test it?

Jack Kramer: I messed up transferring the "light green" sensor wires which go into the new pin at positions number 3 and number 7 and do not know which goes where.  Tried to look at your movement but you went to fast.  The rear sensor has the light blue wire and goes into position "2." -- so into which position would the "light green" wire bundled with the blue wired/rear sensor insert into...   thanks.  positioning diagram can be found here:

GregN: Thanks so much. It sure made it easier than guessing.  I took 4 or 5 photos of the wires just to be safe in case I got the sequence wrong and drew a diagram.The tight fit made it a real pain. I cut the wires going to the old motor and got it out of the way. I did have to use a 1 1/2"  extension for the bolts and a special squeeze ratchet to get the top bolt.

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