What A Big Bore Air Rifle Can Do

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59strat: all these chumps that put up posts of animals being shot be fair the animal has given you some sport so show some respect for it the first shot was no air rifle

card shooting gamer: since i heard a dragons claw sounds like a .22 or quieter, that has to be a sensitive mic, sound barrier being broke by the projectile, or both

gino wong: @ Babak jalilian.... What else are we supposed to do with our guns?

Jamais Vu: An air rifle shooting over 800 FPS cracks like a gun, this is over 1k

Babak Jalilian: People like you are the reason guns get banned.

hanzithaking: @phgHunter thanks man, ill look them up :)

Amduscias: @TheSuperMarioFan500 instead of the projectile (bullet) being launched forward by means of explosion, the projectile is launched using compressed air, hence the name air rifle

phgHunter: You charge up an air reservoir that is underneath of the barrel. From there you can get a few good shots or in the case of the gun the hog was taken with, only one. That one was a dump gun meaning it uses all the air in the reservoir for one shot.

phgHunter: @hanzithaking I wouldn't recommend it.

phgHunter: People like you are the reason guns get banned. (Idiots).

phgHunter: @STEELSNIPER15 Your comment is completely false.

winsorsadventures: will the 909s be able to take a deer


phgHunter: @SirCatholicStudent Do YOU know what an air rifle is?

treejoe4: @mongojoe21 i have no problem with that, i have a problem with bastards who hunt stuff for fun and do freak all with it.

₩ԋҵ$ԋҵ₸¥₳: you know you just placed yourself under the freaktard group? dont you, mister perfect grammar ? (no hard feelings pal ;) )

massacreman3000: Thank you for your prompt and sarcastic response, Internet Professional.

phgHunter: This video doesn't even have anything to do with guns. And what are you implying? Guns get banned because they are used to hunt? Not sure if you're aware, but guns are perfectly legal where I live. I hate to break it to you, but people like YOU are the reason guns get banned. Apparently you live in Denmark. The reason guns are virtually banned there is because you sat back and got rammed in the ass by a tyrannical government without making a peep.

phgHunter: You should have to pass a test before you are allowed to use the internet. It would keep retards like you off of it.

massacreman3000: Yeah, so I don't believe air rifles are generally this loud. Sounds like an honest-to-goodness real gun to me.

thefartingfist: @phgHunter bullcrap. i wouldn't chose the dog. most likely the bum made idiotic and stupid mistakes to get like the way he was, or hes just not smart enough to handle simple money issues. the dog didn't do crap to become stray and is more innocent. in that situation id chose a stray cat over a bum.

gsxrkidd: at about 70degrees Fahrenheit, 1,126 ft/s is the speed of sound.... some big bore airguns can shoot at 1,400+ ft/s.... when a projective breaks the speed of sound, it is going to make a bang... that's why the shot that took down the ram sounded like a "real gun" can this be explained any simpler?!??!?!

Mike Schmard: Do you know what an air rifle is?

Norm Vigas: well, if that what you think, thats fine, I just hope your never on the bad end of these mothers, cos by the time you thought Ho dear, your head would have left your body at 100 yards. so dream on!

Chowney193: That can't be a air rifle can it!!!! My 25 magnum rifle on just abit take a munkjack deer down with a headshot or heart shot!

phgHunter: @tao1541 The one used for the hog was a Quackenbush .457 destroyer. You can see it here at 2:43 /watch?v=KMiDaCdfVh8 I'm not sure about the one for the ram. It could have been completely custom and without a name. Don't know the caliber.

phgHunter: @hanzithaking You generally don't want to take headshots on large animals. There is a lot of head that you can hit and just wound the animal. You would need to hit the brain if you were going to use a 909. What do you mean by a rifle that could be capable? Another airgun or a firearm?

Norm Vigas: The big bores are pushing 2 and 300 and more Lbs not 65lbs!

TheRookie418: filled a few stomachs. lol

phgHunter: There's no need to apologize for your ignorance.

phgHunter: What?

phgHunter: @b5akes41 I'm assuming you are joking.

Electronicpoacher1: I agree as a shooter I have never heard an air rifle that loud, not even the 303 cal daystate

Fariz Abasov: Nice video, do you recommend Dragon Claw Air Rifle?

Yamaan Alshamma: no theres a difference between airsoft rifles and air rifles 1 uses metal pellets with high power enogh to hunt with and airsoft is weacker and uses plastic bbs enough to play with safely i have a airsoft and an air rifle so take my word for it

psestinger3458: haha i love the saying "there is no use arguing over the internet because even if you win, you still look freaking retarded"

b5akes41: @phgHunter uhm no?

massacreman3000: Yeah, i'm pretty sure it's an actual fire-arm (that ignites gunpowder to propel the slug, ta-da!) as opposed to an air rifle. Air rifles don't crack like that.

phgHunter: @hanzithaking I'm not sure how tough a bison skull is. The 909 generates a little less power than .45 ACP out of a very short pistol barrel. If it can get through the skull it should work. The 909 would be the best choice. If sound is an issue you can get some subsonic .308 that will cut down on the noise a bit. A brand I know of is Corbon. It is a 185 grain at 1000 fps. You can find it by just googling corbon sub sonic.

BluenoseCOOP: @b5akes41 freaking retard they are air rifles just larger caliber and firing at a massively higher pressure than any "normal" air rifle.

Michael Johnson: Great clean, ethical kills. I love them big bores, and you helped me decide. I am ordering mine this evening. Keep hunting and let the haters keep on hating . :)

phgHunter: @thefartingfist Would you rather have a stray dog or a random bum die? I know you wont find yourself in this situation, but you would answer the dog. There is your answer.

evand848: Plus my grammar is fine, If you have the be a grammar nazi, freak Off DRK922 you dont know what you are talking about.

Tyler Forrester: @phgHunter despite what others may say about the video i have to say i actually enjoyed it :)

massacreman3000: "real" as in "Burns powder through a hollow tube to propel a projectile at great speeds and/or great distances". That kind of real.

DrJonnyFever69: a 22lr drops buffalo nicely. i know had to do it a few times when they get out and are running around in town. i really want a big bore airgun but this vid sure sounds like powder to me but i may be wrong

phgHunter: I don't own one but I can link you to someone who does. I sent you a private message.

phgHunter: When you post comments like this, you expose yourself for what you are. An 18 year old has not been alive long enough to claim the title "long time avid hunter". And what is 7.63mm? I'm assuming it's a typo but you do realize that there are a lot of different rounds that use 7.62mm/.30 caliber bullets? 7.62mm is not a round. And I'm glad you got 30 out of 30 stars on your retard test. Also, learn the difference between "your" and "you're". Now freak off.

sup3rt0aster: So raising an animal in captivity and then making it breed just to slaughter its offspring is ok, but killing one after it has lived a good life in the free is not. Ok, I'll be sure to remember that.

Drake N: Hunting is good if your using the kill, otherwise for sport its not very humane. people need to understand this. and all these people commenting on how your so evil for killing animals are stupid, they don't support a quick kill and use of the meat yet they support the mass slaughter and abuse of animals in massive breeding farms for your t.v. dinners and such. do your research before you comment like an idiot.

What a Big Bore Air Rifle can do 3.3 out of 5

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