What A Big Bore Air Rifle Can Do

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David Underwood: Yep. Still makes a boom when it breaks the sound barrier. Propulsion is propulsion.

Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer: calibre and why so loud though?

59strat: all these chumps that put up posts of animals being shot be fair the animal has given you some sport so show some respect for it the first shot was no air rifle

that person from that thing: since i heard a dragons claw sounds like a .22 or quieter, that has to be a sensitive mic, sound barrier being broke by the projectile, or both

gino wong: @ Babak jalilian.... What else are we supposed to do with our guns?

Dave O: looking for something to hunt or just target with?

Dave O: both guns are air rifles, they are large cal rounds. .45 to .50 cal rounds, they are loud but do the work they are needed for. very quick kill with a well placed shot.

Yamaan Alshamma: no theres a difference between airsoft rifles and air rifles 1 uses metal pellets with high power enogh to hunt with and airsoft is weacker and uses plastic bbs enough to play with safely i have a airsoft and an air rifle so take my word for it

Stefan ramnarine: I am thinking of buying one but only smooth bore .177 are legal here. I want something powerful and accurate, whats some good options?

latvet: its a .50 cal air gun, those called big bored or something

phgHunter: I don't own one but I can link you to someone who does. I sent you a private message.

bjggjb: Texas game farms serve a useful purpose... they are protecting and preserving animals which are being driven to extinction in Africa. You can be sure that NOBODY wants to see these animals survive more than these hunters do - even if what they're doing isn't sporting by your standards. A typical African attitude is: "you have animals, and people. If animals get in the way of people, one of them has to make room." (I actually recall this being said by an African tribal leader on "60 minutes.")

Peter Maginnis: Utter rubbish. This is untue.

JaleelJohanson62: Does your neck get sore from sitting on your face while talking out of your asshole? Just curious....

MrSpencerSS: Type this into the search on youtube: "Wild Boar Hunt With Ranger 45 Air Rifle and 430 Grain Hollow Point" That's Robert Vogel, aka: MrHollowpoint. A true bigbore enthusiest.

MrSpencerSS: That would be Energy, not "knock down power". Most bigbore PCPs are 3000psi max, though some, like Dan McVey's, are 4250-4500psi max. They are more powerful than that. My Haley 45cal pistol produces over 200fpe. There are many going over 500fpe, and some close to or breaking 1000fpe.

MrSpencerSS: Are you serious? You're an idiot. I own the dvds that both of these clips are on. Sold by Randy Mitchell- Adventures in Airguns. These are bigbore PCP air rifles, made by guys like Dennis Quackenbush, Jack Haley, Dan McVey and LeRoy Roduner.

Norm Vigas: well, if that what you think, thats fine, I just hope your never on the bad end of these mothers, cos by the time you thought Ho dear, your head would have left your body at 100 yards. so dream on!

Norm Vigas: The big bores are pushing 2 and 300 and more Lbs not 65lbs!

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What a Big Bore Air Rifle can do 5 out of 5

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