Ace S5830i - Restore Original Samsung Firmware / How To Use Splitfus? / Unbrick Samsung

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MMVM GUYS: can u give this solution for samsung galaxy ace s5830

why me: i have done every thing you said but when i type cd ./work it comes up with no such file or directory can you help me plz

Adarsh Ittigi: can you help me as well my phone is bricked in stock rom when ever i reboot my phone it says cannot mount data !! plz help :(

stupid meme of the week: If you type in the splitfus2.exe command in cygwin and nothing happens (no output) then you are probably using cygwin64 (the 64 bit version), go download the x86 or 32-bit version of cygwin and try again

FGX4000: Thanks, it worked!

Bewar Rashid: Product Code: GT-S5830OKAXEZ
No firmware info retrieved for given data.
plz help

Shorun Shola: Pls Mr. Ampritpal I hv issue with my gt-s5830i. I installed flashed it with firmware for gt-s5360. I tried your solution on d video, got it every step of d way but when I want to flash it as u described in video after i hit start on odin v1.84. the program is stuck on this msg:
Enter CS for MD5..
Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
Please wait..
PDA_S5830i_ZPLL3.tar.md5 is valid.
MODEM_S5830i_ZCLL2.tar.md5 is valid.
CSC_S5830i_CHNLL6.tar.md5 is valid.
Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
Leave CS..
Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
File analysis..
and refused to go further. Pls I need your assistance plzzzzzz!!!

Xarieq: Thanks mate

K Tanay: Not working...

Rejoice Christian: THank you sir for the video, but i have tried this also..odin is showing "pass", but still my phone is not starting up...plzz help!!

Sunny Singh: hey the cygwin is not being installed and  it shows please click another link for downloading it

Vishnuvardhan Reddy: sir i have galaxy ace 5830i ,i want to restore to its original rom 2.3.6 ...i have 4.1.1 now jelly blast v3.0.3 problem in jellyblast is my headset is not working thats why i want to bring  back my original rom .....please help me please sir

Jino Thomas: not able to download splitfus,,,,,link broken

Saltire Snake: I take you're supposed to go into download mode, before you hit start on Odin?

Akhil Duvvuru: Hiii this is Akhil Duvvuru, I have tried to root my Galaxy Ace S5830i. Rooting process done successfully. After that when i switch on my mobile its not getting on. Screen is getting stick as Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i. 
What to do now..??

Jorge Andrés: Can you help me? I already installed cygwin and splitfus but when i write the commands into cygwin terminal nothing happens; I write splitfus2.exe, hit enter and nothing happens, it's like I'm not writing anything. Same happens when I write the complete command (splitfus2.exe -w2 *.tar.md5); i hit enter and nothing happens...

Junior Sealey: Everything works until i try to use splitfus2.exe when i run it nothing happens in cygwin.

Sean Rodrigues: .exe is not running on my pc followed the steps 5 times still not working

ashutosh jawanpuria: you are the best ,man ,making Indians proud

shiroe12: sir..i have root my phone (ace 5830i) and install link to sd app. Unfortunately i root again and istall the link to sd again. It made my phone loses the play store app. Can this problem be fix?? How can i install app if i dont have play store? please help...

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Ace S5830i - Restore Original samsung Firmware / How to use splitfus? / Unbrick Samsung 5 out of 5

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