Homemade Airbrush Foundation & Mixing Medium

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Jennifer Beckner: This doesn't work I tried each foundation liquid an powder an nothing.

5mile5n5un5hine: 6:05 to start

Maci Slenes: I am really excited to get into using airbrush makeup. I am going with the Dinair system too! I really want to use this recipe for some color pigments to do custom eye shadow for really inexpensive. OHHHH THE POSSIBILITIES!! I truly love your videos and am so thankful! 

Jason Wilson: omg.. its Gilbert Gottfried

elektra pan: omg u should play jocker on batman !

Savta Sunny: We miss you on youtube! It's been a year since your last video! I love all your videos!

Sophia Goodman: OMG! Thank you for this video. I really enjoyed watching it!

showinghypocrisy: is there a way to make liquid foundation into airbrush? i am extremely pale, and i really only have one foundation that matches me..and i'd love to be able to use it as airbrush. I use MUFE HD.

Nikki Jay: if you dont have those left over containers with ball bearings what is good to use? or where can you get those empty bottles with the ball bearings? Thanks!

BeatlesFanSonia: I bought my glycerin at the cake decorating store (Wilton). It doesn't say what percentage it is and it doesn't have an expiration date. Can I use that glycerin?

Fabien Wong: Hi EnKoreMakeup! I'm Fabien Wong here, I try this home made Airbrush Foundation but I feel a bit oily, I think maybe you can give me some ideal , and do I still need to apply loose powder on top of this foundation?

TheLoversOfDance: Love the video. Where did you get the bottles you used for the mixing medium?

Annie Smolkin: Good for you. You are so talented

Kori Majhor: Thank you!!!! You totally rock!!!!

Janine Allen: Thank you for your help! I've looked all over the internet trying to gain a better understanding of the airbrush foundations. Your video answered my questions!

Virginia Smart: Can I use Graftobian Setting Spray instead of model in a bottle ? Will it work the same? Thank you for your video it's much appreciated

Jeannette Michael: Enjoyed this very much. I wasn't clear about the mineral foundation. Can you use a powder mineral make up? I assume you are talking about a liquid mineral make up but most of mine are powdered type. I use Bare Minerals. Also, where can I purchase the bottles? You didn't mention that. Thanks again! Great information and I appreciate your sharing.

Tamatha Pope: Thank You!!

Christina Rose: YOU ARE AWESOME!! THANKYOU! I want to hug you :) lol

Ratna Murti: Nice

YourWigSalon: This video was SPECTACULAR! I am a hairstylist & make-up l♡ver who recently purchased an airbrush. I am very eXcited to learn from you. ThanX so much for taking the time & making the effort to share your craft! Sincerely, SheRRie ★

Heather Miles: Great video! I will save so much $$$. Thx

MsSleepyMonster: Brilliant! 

Leila Coop: Are you GAY ? Because you sound gay 😳

5mile5n5un5hine: This guy

Sophia Goodman: You got a shout out from Noblesse Oblige Beauty! She says she loves your videos

BeatlesFanSonia: Can this foundation be used in the Dinair makeup system?

BeatlesFanSonia: I went to Walgreens Drug Store and found a Kosher Glycerin that is 100% glycerin. I am going to use that and hope that it works. 

Live laugh holly: Thanks for posting! I'm going to do this!

Destiny Godley: I KNEW I could depend on you! A YT Staple TY TY TY Koren!

Josh Henry: Will this dilute and thin down cream foundations?? please someone help!!

MakeupByTwin: Love all your videos

missvickie1975: I'm confused is Mac fix Lu's a refresher or setting spray. It says its a refresher in the description & a setting spray in your vids about facial sprays. I would like to know which it is cuz, I believe, if its a setting spray, that's what we need to make homemade airbrush foundation, right?

BbyAshley Flores: Pinoy ka ba???

Syl L. Mattera: you are the BEST I love u so much, thank u!

IcedCupcakes: u r a genius

Carol Knop: Thank you for this precious tips! ;)

Ellie Colón: Is the airbrush mixing medium the same as airbrush makeup thinner?

Marissa Avila: you can buy the ball bearings from a hardware store or something like that and the bottles you can try a craft store or in a grocery in the travel section, but the best way is buying them online. Hope that helped :)

gllsanjose: The only reason why I don't skip the title sequence is because of your Mom's voice. So pinay :) And thanks for this tutorial!

angelapdx: The store-bough airbrush foundations I have separate too. Its normal. That is why the ball bearings are in there, so you can shake it up before you use it.

vidisha prasad: Can this be used with Temptu as well , as they have special tubes it seems

Brandy Gisela: Where can I buy both types of bottles you show in your video? Especially the smaller "white" ones. Where can I buy the ball bearings...what size for both bottle types. Thank you xoxo

Regina Gamel: THANKS so much ..NEEDED that also where can i get a good cheap price mineral foundation ..

missvickie1975: No sorry, we need a finishing/fixing spray to make the airbrush makeup. But I'm still confused about Mac fix plus being noted as a refresher & a setter.

Christian Amaral: you are a genius! thanks!!!!!!!!!

GinaChilders1: Please help love this video but seems to be dewy and I have very oily skin. Is there anything I can add to give a more finished matte look? I used the finishing spray I the mix and the mineral makeup. Still dewy looking :( need this so bad to help save money.

MakeupByLadyJae: Koren, thanks so much for sharing. I also work in the theater generally in the wigs, hair, makeup department. Bus ocassionally I have been in wardrobe. I love your multi-faceted interest.

Amelia Baldwin: Yes, you can! I do this all the time! It works really well actually.

Jennibeth McDermott: your so cool thanks for the ideas

Vet: When I graduated High School, all I wanted to do was kick back and relax without having to do any homework. But I realized I have no money to do anything fun. So I went to a San Francisco Vet School to get trained to make money. But seeing your videos, I am gonna be an internet marketer on the side. Let me know if you have any tips. Thanks.
Homemade Airbrush Foundation & Mixing Medium 4.9 out of 5

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Homemade Airbrush Foundation & Mixing Medium
Homemade Airbrush Foundation & Mixing Medium
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