Homemade Airbrush Foundation & Mixing Medium

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Jade Mortimer: Thank you so much! This is perfect, I didn't have the money to buy the expensive airbrush foundations :) 

Shadow Image: Would you recommend using a setting powder after applying this airbrushed foundation?

Briana Exum: Thanks for the video! Your answer to the question I'm about to ask is very important to me but I don't want you to just tell me what I want to hear. I'm looking for an innovative solution for my personal circumstances and I hope you can help. I really want to buy the Luminess Air system BUT...(1) my skin type requires oil-based, cream foundation, (2) I try to be a naturalist and will not compromise on my foundation choice (the Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation from 100% Pure Cosmetics), (3) I have active acne and acne scarring. From my research, one can turn a cream foundation to a liquid one by mixing it with primer but I wonder if it will be runny enough for an airbrush machine like Luminess Air. Can you indeed turn an oil-based cream into liquid with an oil/aloe vera juice-based primer (Luminous Primer from 100% Pure Cosmetics) for an airbrush system without using a water based agent or a legend that's not water friendly? I need your expertise Koren! ^_^ I need to make this work because the land of airbrushing seems like the promise land! Of course I'd appreciate anyone's constructive thoughts as well. Thanks y'all!

Lynn Jung: I really appreciated this video. I did not use the glycerin and instead used vitamin E oil.which worked much better for my skin and no finishing spray for my mixing medium. I mixed it with Cover Girl liquid foundation to make the airbrush foundation. I also made my airbrush blush makeup by mixing beet juice and the mixing medium together and the blush stayed all day and looked fantastic. Thank you again for this video. It really inspired me.

Gretchen Roberts: I did a little experimentation myself and will say this; DO NOT crush / grind pressed powder and use it as your mineral makeup substitute. I used a Sephora pressed powder and mixed it with the mixing medium. It clogged my airbrush and the foundation color was darker after it mixed with the liquids. After I cleaned the airbrush gun, I used MICABELLA mineral eyeshadow with the mixing medium and it worked. You definitely gotta use loose mineral powder in my opinion. The minerals are probably smaller and can pass through the airbrush gun nozzle. I will head to ULTA tomorrow and buy a loose mineral foundation and other fun colors. I'm super excited it finally worked out for me. Thank you very much Koren, you are super AWESOME. One small eyedropper-size foundation costs around $15 alone on Ebay. I spent that much on the Glycerin, 10 eyedroppers and the Liquiset. Now I can make all the airbrush makeup I want! I am very excited!

SuperCal: I airbrush my wife's make up for her every morning. I don't see how I would need so much makeup. 20 drops total of foundation and blush is all I use. Good how to video, if it works. Airbrush makeup is the best.

Carol Tillietmo: thank you, I will try this. Merry Christmas 2014.

5mile5n5un5hine: 6:05 to start

Lolo Lombard: Can you use Ben Nye Final Seal in place of Liquid Seal? I'm not sure if there is much of a difference

steph mccann: Your tutorial is excellent, and i plan to follow it to the last detail. I have a question regarding the foundation you used, was it a powder/mineral foundation, or a liquid foundation that you used? I used physicians formula foundation powder and it resulted in a grainy liquid. can you recommend a good water based foundation with good coverage? Also i used E.L.F Mist and set spray, is this a refreshing spray or finishing spray? could that be the reason for my grainy result ?

Mohamed Moustafa: i need to know the three medium glycerin, water , and what i cant find the third one can you tell me a name or something can do the same function can you help me please ...

Kelsie Curry: If I want to make different colors for stage makeup effects do I just need to find a mineral eye shadow in that color? or can i use a pallet eye shadow and pulverize it before I mix it with the medium?

Tiffanie Ainley: I did as it says in the video yet constantly it comes out watery from my airbrush! what am I doing wrong?

maggie b: Thank you sweetheart!!! I will try your advice.

Laura Josserand: Congratulations on your part in the show! :)

Enid Gochicoa: What happens if in the mixing medium I use witch hazel instead of water? Will it still work?

JunJoy Ordoña: Can you use normal Airbrush foundation without the airbrush gun? Just curious :)

UzuriBeauty: Very informative! Thank you! 

Edith Thurman: I am still doing my research! I have ordered a three speed compressor for self tanning, now I'm checking out about the make up part, and you have been a to of help! I have a bunch of raw beauty products the I got and never made anything with but this I am going to try! It would be a lot cheaper and better the make them! i don't want parabens in my products! I found on company that said they did not use them, but when you look at the ingredients there they are! Thank You I will be watching more of your videos!!! 

Dunia Obaidy: Thank you so much for sharing this. 

Jeannie Kiess: Thank You

Jennifer Beckner: This doesn't work I tried each foundation liquid an powder an nothing.

Candace Sanford: Oh my goodness, this is perfect! Thank you!

Virginia Smart: Can I use Graftobian Setting Spray instead of model in a bottle ? Will it work the same? Thank you for your video it's much appreciated

gisele4u2c: Can you use the mixing medium to thin out water based airbrush foundation like Kett? Love your videos! 

Laura: He talks sooo muchh

Mirabelsbeautylounge: Hi Koren, thanks so much for sharing. You have literally made my life much easier because I was confused about what airbrush foundation shades to buy, now I can MAKE my own. My question is, do I have to use mineral foundation? If not what kind of foundation consistency works best to give full coverage? Liquid or cream? Oil free?. I currently use black opal or iman as I work with women of colour mainly....Help :-) 

tammy bennet: what kind of gylcerin do i use? is there a difference between vegetable and regular and is one better then the other?

Maria Diaz: You said not to use a setting spray, instead use a finishing spray. Yet you recommend, All Nighter by UD which is a setting spray. I'm confused, can you please explain? Thank you so much.

Ivett Garcia: Can I use elf as finching spray ?

Jackie White: Thank you! I love lobe love watching your videos....now I just need to set my mind to it and get myself a airbrush!!!!

Heather Miles: Great video! I will save so much $$$. Thx

Christina Rose: YOU ARE AWESOME!! THANKYOU! I want to hug you :) lol

Maci Slenes: I am really excited to get into using airbrush makeup. I am going with the Dinair system too! I really want to use this recipe for some color pigments to do custom eye shadow for really inexpensive. OHHHH THE POSSIBILITIES!! I truly love your videos and am so thankful! 

Cynthia Meza: Is he a fag

Janine Allen: Thank you for your help! I've looked all over the internet trying to gain a better understanding of the airbrush foundations. Your video answered my questions!

Annie M Smolkin: Good for you. You are so talented

MsSleepyMonster: Brilliant! 

showinghypocrisy: is there a way to make liquid foundation into airbrush? i am extremely pale, and i really only have one foundation that matches me..and i'd love to be able to use it as airbrush. I use MUFE HD.

Jeannette Michael: Enjoyed this very much. I wasn't clear about the mineral foundation. Can you use a powder mineral make up? I assume you are talking about a liquid mineral make up but most of mine are powdered type. I use Bare Minerals. Also, where can I purchase the bottles? You didn't mention that. Thanks again! Great information and I appreciate your sharing.

5mile5n5un5hine: This guy

YourWigSalon: This video was SPECTACULAR! I am a hairstylist & make-up l♡ver who recently purchased an airbrush. I am very eXcited to learn from you. ThanX so much for taking the time & making the effort to share your craft! Sincerely, SheRRie ★

BeatlesFanSonia: I bought my glycerin at the cake decorating store (Wilton). It doesn't say what percentage it is and it doesn't have an expiration date. Can I use that glycerin?

Sophia Goodman: You got a shout out from Noblesse Oblige Beauty! She says she loves your videos

elektra pan: omg u should play jocker on batman !

Ratna Murti: Nice

Nikki Jay: if you dont have those left over containers with ball bearings what is good to use? or where can you get those empty bottles with the ball bearings? Thanks!

Leila Coop: Are you GAY ? Because you sound gay 😳

Kori Majhor: Thank you!!!! You totally rock!!!!

Tamatha Pope: Thank You!!

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Homemade Airbrush Foundation & Mixing Medium 4.9 out of 5

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