Casio CTK-2080 Review (READ DESCRIPTION)

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Brittney Louise Music: Can you connect this keyboard to an amp?

viciousKev: Whats the deal with that square uke?

Richard Bruce: FOCUS!

Joe Cortez: How to you record your sons you made?

Jose Quinteros: How do you know when it Is done sampling ?

elchatodeoro1: still wating your alit of videos

BboyAspect: Does the headphone jack have to be change

Jose Quinteros: Ok so were did you get that sound from that you sampled becuase i want to sample on mine from my fone

ThePhonomenal1: Does it have weighted keys?

3hreeShotDeal: @Thevolleyballerful Same here!!!!!

lukeatoy7: it has general midi and you can get those cables online for cheap...i just started using it on FL STUDIO and it works perfectly!

Gerad Deuvall: Okay, if anyone can help me, I need it. I have the CTK-2080 and when I connect it to the PC it doesn't do anything. the PC doesn't even install drivers or anything. I followed the guide precisely, with no results. I'm stumped, and normally I have no problems doing stuff like this. PC is more than capable of handling the controller features, I've tried 3 different USB cables, and the keyboard is BRAND new. what in the world do I have to do?

Bryce Sissac: does the CTK-2080 work in reason?

wwejeffreyrocks: Thanks for the great review!

h40x4: you seem like a chill dude. continue doing your thing.

lukeatoy7: hahaha it's okay and this one is staring to get old, I want to upgrade!

lukeatoy7: hey no problem, and yes it does play out of the keyboard speakers and there is absolutely no limit lol! I connected my tablet with the jack and listened to music for hours

lukeatoy7: yes there is MIDI my dude! This is the keyboard I record music with:)

Rina Rad: Do you know how to make it better if you wanna do a song and use sustain!?

lukeatoy7: Sorry for the late reply but I use Sonar, ableton and fl studio

TheInkBat: This keyboard is pretty good. I don't understand whats wrong with target though. Not like it's bad.

lukeatoy7: @nol2da only $60 my man!

lukeatoy7: @kikonynn they are actually not, even though it might have the look it's not, but when you first start playing on it, it does feel semi-weighted...

Jenna Cully: This was really helpful and Electric Feel by MGMT I believe good choice! But really thanks!

lukeatoy7: @summerlovesswimming hahaha sweet!

lukeatoy7: @iiiiijoeyiiiii Hey no problem man! And yeah it should come with a casio stand, headphones, a sheet music stand, and an instruction manual with a song book.

ologan24: Wouldn't expect you to play some nujabes! EPIC!

lukeatoy7: @xXxThePhenomenonxXx you can get those anywhere for's a double sided 1/8 cable

Dilly Vue: me 2 i got it yesterday but i like it but mostly i want it too have touch sesinvitity

TheMarioMan1: I still have the Casio CTK 558 lol

mrscupcakechic: Hello, I have this keyboard and I want to use a sustain pedal for it. I've looked online, but theres so many different foot pedals that I'm worried I'll get one that doesn't work for my model (casio ctk-2080). Would you know the one that I should get?

lukeatoy7: well they're very inexpensive and you can get them for cheap at your local music store for under $20...mines came with one of my old digital keyboards though. You can also try online like amazon! how it helps

Baixiong: I got so excited when you played nujabes! When i plug my ipod into the keyboard it doesnt even play it. Is there some functuon or setting i have to change in order to make it play?

lukeatoy7: @SamBamMang I am sorry man, but I do not know how to transfer MIDI files into the keyboard, but if you do have a MIDI cable, try hooking it to your computer or laptop, then if something popups, good for you! I only use this keyboard for practicing and performing, but thanks for watching, SUBSCRIBE!

mrsmesa03: How can you add music to it? Can you do a video on it?

xvenomvideosx: I just got this, and how do you record? And does an adapter chord come with the piano so I can hook this up to my computer?

09misscroft: im trying to find a pedal for this keyboard but i cant find it anywhere.. where did you get yours?

lukeatoy7: do u have a 1/8 inch plug in and out chord?

lukeatoy7: @sarinahoot Yeah haha, well it's all about timing and good rhythm! You would want to hold it down on the chords that stand or ring out longer and if your doing like a bunch of chords, try to step off the sustain pedal in the middle beat between the's kind of hard to explain but I hope that gives you an idea!

wwejeffreyrocks: One quick question when connecting a music device like an ipod does the sound come out through the keyboard speakers and is there a limit to how long you can listen to songs? Thanks!

Mark Satterfield: Is the keyboard touch sensitive? The web site says Yes, but a review I found said No.

xXxThePhenomenonxXx: @lukeatoy7 I found the P.C usb cable, mind sending me a link for the cord that lets me connect my mp3 so I can sample? thanks.

ShinobiSyndicate: How do you setup the keyboard as midi controller? I'm having driver installation errors but the manual says it will automatically install but it doesn't... Anyone else have these problems?

wwejeffreyrocks: Awesome lol, Thank you so much for the review and reply!

Krystle Sweatt: Does this keyboard have weighted keys? Doesn't look that way, but just wondering...

lukeatoy7: @ShinobiSyndicate hey, thanks for the feedback, but i've never used this keyboard as MIDI because I use an actual MIDI controller, but this is a general MIDI controller where it stores midi files onto your computer from the keyboard, but you need the cable that plugs into the the usb port on the back of the keyboard.

Chad McKenrick: Hey ShinobiSyndicate, im having the same problem i have the usb connecter and when i plugged it into my computer it said it wasloading but nothing happened

13briand: Can you make the notes sustained without a pedal on this keyboard?

lukeatoy7: @13briand yup, you just have to adjust the reverb by pressing the function button!

ExoticFX | Motion Design: thanks.

Casio CTK-2080 Review (READ DESCRIPTION) 4.8 out of 5

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