HorizonRC.com How To - Program Your Dynamite Fuze Brushless System

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william reaves: i have one of those 3n1 esc set ups that im changing to brushless do i have to change the the transmitter as well

Tony Brown: Thank you for your advice about switching the wires round because it's been doing my head in why it kept on going in reverse works great. 👍👍👍👍👍

Mark C: Suspiciously similar operation to castle even that program card resembles castle creations 🤔

pintius5: Hi, i have the dynamite fuze 130/3800kv combo, love it, lots of smooth power

I have been trying to run the ESC with a brushed motor, but i cant see the option to switch motor type to brushed. With the castle sidewinder you just switch the ESC option to brushed

JoeOvercoat: But what, exactly, are the five Run Modes? The first one is self-explanatory, but the others, not so much.

Christoval Delacruz: Can u do ecx torment because my servo is not turning all the way and it only truns like 5 degrees only help with the problem

yourBloodRayne: Very nice bro =)

Adam Francuzik: can I use that program card for any ESC? Like Castle Sidewinder 3

intotheair413: Can I use a Dynamite Tazer ESC with a Dynamite Fuze motor?

gpacheco2327: I'm having an issue getting into programming mode on my DYN4940 ESC. I power it on and then press and hold the set button for one second and no green light appears. It doesn't even let you calibrate it either. Its been installed for a few weeks working and I did the first initial setup but it won't let me do it again. Any advice would help. Thanks

jkw427: Links are dead, nice.

Here's a new esc manual link. http://www.horizonhobby.co.uk/autoonline/j15dynamite/j15_motor_esc/j15_fuze_18th_art/j15-dyn4840wp-manual.pdf

Scott Allen: I have the fuse 4WD short course esc and it's the most difficult esc ever to set up.

Jut Williams: Please I'm desperate .
post a video programming dyn4940 with dx2e transmitter
manual setup I have no program card im using velineon 3500kv brushless. Email me at jutlee22@gmail.com I want the fastest setup with no brake 10% reverse im in complete disaray getme running horizonrc!!!!!

Gary Tilley: im having a problem with mine every time I punch it the motor stops what could my problem be

AlansRC World: I am having a lot of issues trying to program a 120a DYN4955 esc with the set key!! Can you do a video on this type of esc?? 

Tp Nguyen: What is that black thing on the esc?, mine one, one of the wires fall out but still running fine, so should i chang it? Or i have to change the whole esc?
Thank you

Jackedman23: how do you make this esc work with a brushed motor?? it says it does but all i get is a bunch of cogging

wayne2k11: Hi, I am constructing a RC monster truck as a college project. i was just wondering is it possible to buy a combo pack which includes the transmitter, reciever, brushless motor, ESC, Lipo battery and steering servo, all the electrical components really? or do they have to be bought individually?

Wazabi Qc: i was trying to calibrate my esc, when i was at the last step, it went full throttle and slammed into the wall ! what happend ?

jared gefoh: I have the fuze brushless motor in my costem rusler

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HorizonRC.com How To - Program Your Dynamite Fuze Brushless System 5 out of 5

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