First Snow With The 1978 Craftsman 7hp, 24' Dual-stage Snowblower

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Marty Marsh: Anything is better than a shovel.

mowerman: when YOU guys doing snow blowing video

Bicycle Joe: Hi folks. Does anyone know where I can get an owners manual and repair manual on this machine. I was using it today and something happened to the drive shaft. I hope its nothing serious. I need a manual so I can find out how to take it apart and fix it.

Ohio Digger: Something tells me this guy can't rub his stomach and pat his head at the same time. Nice looking machine though. I just picked up an '81 Toro 421. Dual stage with 4hp Tecumseh.

Jesus Crimeler: I got the exact same machine for free too! One of the drive chains is off..I'll have to take off the bottom plate to figure out the issue.

transammike: That's crazy that someone took that to the dump! Nice machine!

joe b: Love the comment,I regret not taking the 3 stage snowblower from the dump, referring to a letter from the township, no more,classic

Bicycle Joe: Hey guys. I have one of these and for some reason I think the drive belt might have slipped off or broke. Do you have any videos on how to fix it.
 Or maybe you can tell me where I can down load an owners manual for this.

MrJohnnyCaps: I used this snowblower on a 140 foot driveway in the northeast from 1978 to about 2003. Changed the carburetor lots of times, the belts once or twice, replaced the chains on the tires once and had to improvise some of the wire controls, but that was about it.

Jesus Crimeler: I just got the same machine yesterday.

D J Tanner: That's a fine old craftsman..built with pride..

Michael Luscher: @LynolsOffice LOL, See How She Blows

FJRGD: Very cool! Good work! Is this the Christopher Columbus autograph model? :)

Dan OLOONEY: I have the same one what was the name of the engine

rabia413: @motox458 your dad must of had the 536.909800 model....8hp 26

lobsterbox20: you sure did make a good pick!

mhtube01: I love how you blew the snow onto the street! my neighbor and I do the same thing! The snow plow drivers are a bunch of mindless idiots who just dont give a crap. I have a 1997 or 98 John Deere snowblower with a 5hp Briggs Snow series engine and a 24 inch clearing path. It works really well but I wish it had a Tecumseh engine.

Scott Lichtsinn: Another nice old machine, nice to see someone else that appreciates the simplicity of the older units, they just keep going and going and going....

craig1974: Thanks for the tip about cleaning the crankshaft pulley. I have a Snapper snowblower that the auger would not stop on after releasing the handle. I used 1200 grit sandpaper instead of a wire brush though.

craig1974: I had a Sears blower similar to that. It worked great, but it was too damm heavy. My 40 year old Ariens is lighter.

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First snow with the 1978 Craftsman 7hp, 24" dual-stage snowblower 5 out of 5

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First snow with the 1978 Craftsman 7hp. 24
First snow with the 1978 Craftsman 7hp. 24" dual-stage snowblower
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