XBOX ONE - Your Headset Won't Work

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SkylineR034: and that's why you don't shop Microsoft. An x-xbox 360 player turned ps4 and loving every moment of my unrestricted gaming use..

Jay Xantos: If you have a nice pair of turtle beaches you can get a free adapter

Bigredbeanie: Hey woody; what about the companies that make headsets such as Tritons or Madcatz?

Sevennationgamers5: There are adapters u no

Oreo1298PvP: thats why i switched to pc i spent 300$ on a headset and i wouldnt be able to use it on the xbox one

Qtown 2025: so xbox can get so big ass cancer because i aint not gonna buy a new headset fack xbox any way -_-

Andrew Newbaker: The Xbox 360 headset will work, day 1 too.
Here is a tutorial showing how.

Jakub Koszalka: i gay

Trenton Torres: Short Story Short, Microsoft wants more money. Screw Xbox Screw PS3 RIP wish it was still 2010 Consoles SUCK! PC <3

Wiz He Hate Me: Not until 2014. NOT soon enough. Complete crap Micro$oft!

Bryan Smith: The adapter is coming out early 2014 gamespot posted it 2 days ago

Thef Rs: it will be released in 2014

Wub: the new controllerlooks better in my opinion

Gabe Nepomuceno: Xbox 360 was better in a few ways 1. The controller looks better 2. More companies(scuf astro etc.) make more things on to it 3. It's just friggin awesome!

revenue3: freakin console to rule them all


RipOffProductionsLLC: Yeah, and how much is this adapter going to cost? $10? $20? More importantly, why bother? XB-One comes with a mono headset that looks almost exactly like the crappy(in terms of sound quality) one we go right now anyway!

Jissel Castellanos: Umm, why are people complaining too much and taking it all deadly angry serious ? It hasn't even come out yet. Once the consoles come out, you can judge both of them all you want.

Boris The Animal: You fanboys make me laugh so hard.

Crayola Master: so basically to sum it up is BLAH BLAH crap BLAH MY LIFE SUCKS BLAH BLAH PS4 IS SO COOL BLAH freedom...

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XBOX ONE - Your Headset Won't Work 5 out of 5

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