Keurig Platinum Reset For The Not Ready Light

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-chris-: Thanks man

Nikkia Watson: Still won’t come on...days auto off set

Brandi Odom: I am glad it worked for you, but it’s still not working for me. The motor is not making any noises-the time is set but it will not allow me to brew, rinse, or create hot water. I am quite perplexed because it will allow me select a brew size??? Can someone help please? Desperate educator of middle school/single mom-I need my beloved Keurig😞

Clive Young: if the not ready is flashing and you cant even turn it off .. hold the left and right arrows , then press the menu button . That's how you truly do a hard boot back to factory. Only thing that fixed mine.

ale: my keurig was actually just shutting off. I would turn on the power bottom and as soon as I hit any and I mean any button it would automatically shut off. I tried so many other "reset" ideas from other videos and this one did the trick!! thank you sooo very much

Heriberto Gonzalez: thanks mi amigo I did what you said on the video couse I had problems with my machine and now is working I recomend this video saludos

seranadesongs: That "fix" worked for a while but eventually it broke down and that didn't work anymore. There are a lot of people having issues with their Keurig machines. Some of the friends I know say their new keurig's start having problems in a very short time. The quality of the machine is just not that good anymore. I personally won't buy another one. The Keurig company made their money and then started producing crappy machines as they are now made in Malaysia. 😕 I now have this new single serve machine called "touch." It's much more efficient and makes coffee from start to finish much faster. I bought it on Amazon and am very happy with it.

Juan Munoz: Thanks for insightful ideas. As it turns out the floater/sensor in the reservoir was stuck after Keurig not used for several months.

seranadesongs: Thanks Tony for your follow up on my platinum model Keurig. You're a genius, it worked! Thanks for the help. I did it exactly how you mentioned. Pushing all 3 of the buttons and holding them in at the same time. it worked like a charm. I'll have to try it also on my girlfriends platinum too. It also had the same issue. Thanks so much Tomy. I've got my Keurig back!!

seranadesongs: Thanks Tony, I will certainly try that. I have my own Platinum model, and my girlfriends is also a platinum with the same issues.

seranadesongs: I have a problem with my keurig. The "not ready" sign. I tried your steps that you showed but it still doesn't work. First, not only does it say "not ready," but my keurig will not shut off from the switch. And I also don't have the menu readout at the bottom of the monitor. I've had this problem with 2 of my platinum models. Any ideas?

Dana Shields: excellent advice right on target thanks bro

Steven Tschirhart: thanks well try it today

Steven Tschirhart: after it is set to brew in morning does the light and coffee cup size stay flashing

Gabriel Marenvil: It worked thank u!!!

woodchucker17: Yep, got mine back on track as well. Thanks!

Jesus Roman: Thank you very helpful it works great job.keep teaching.

Ian Currie: Life saver!!!

Dawn Biering: Thank you so much! Worked perfectly!

Jay Dub: Thank you! Your video saved me money and the bad feeling of not having my morning cup!

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Keurig Platinum Reset for the Not Ready Light
Keurig Platinum Reset for the Not Ready Light
Reset Your Keurig
Reset Your Keurig
Keurig says Not Ready
Keurig says Not Ready
FIXED! - Keurig
FIXED! - Keurig "Not Ready" On Startup - Full System Flush/Empty Internal Reservoir
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Re-setting your Keurig Coffee maker/...UNCUT/UNEDITED

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