Keurig Platinum Reset For The Not Ready Light

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Clive Young: if the not ready is flashing and you cant even turn it off .. hold the left and right arrows , then press the menu button . That's how you truly do a hard boot back to factory. Only thing that fixed mine.

ale: my keurig was actually just shutting off. I would turn on the power bottom and as soon as I hit any and I mean any button it would automatically shut off. I tried so many other "reset" ideas from other videos and this one did the trick!! thank you sooo very much

Heriberto Gonzalez: thanks mi amigo I did what you said on the video couse I had problems with my machine and now is working I recomend this video saludos

seranadesongs: That "fix" worked for a while but eventually it broke down and that didn't work anymore. There are a lot of people having issues with their Keurig machines. Some of the friends I know say their new keurig's start having problems in a very short time. The quality of the machine is just not that good anymore. I personally won't buy another one. The Keurig company made their money and then started producing crappy machines as they are now made in Malaysia. šŸ˜• I now have this new single serve machine called "touch." It's much more efficient and makes coffee from start to finish much faster. I bought it on Amazon and am very happy with it.

Juan Munoz: Thanks for insightful ideas. As it turns out the floater/sensor in the reservoir was stuck after Keurig not used for several months.

seranadesongs: Thanks Tony for your follow up on my platinum model Keurig. You're a genius, it worked! Thanks for the help. I did it exactly how you mentioned. Pushing all 3 of the buttons and holding them in at the same time. it worked like a charm. I'll have to try it also on my girlfriends platinum too. It also had the same issue. Thanks so much Tomy. I've got my Keurig back!!

seranadesongs: Thanks Tony, I will certainly try that. I have my own Platinum model, and my girlfriends is also a platinum with the same issues.

seranadesongs: I have a problem with my keurig. The "not ready" sign. I tried your steps that you showed but it still doesn't work. First, not only does it say "not ready," but my keurig will not shut off from the switch. And I also don't have the menu readout at the bottom of the monitor. I've had this problem with 2 of my platinum models. Any ideas?

Dana Shields: excellent advice right on target thanks bro

Steven Tschirhart: thanks well try it today

Steven Tschirhart: after it is set to brew in morning does the light and coffee cup size stay flashing

Gabriel Marenvil: It worked thank u!!!

woodchucker17: Yep, got mine back on track as well. Thanks!

Jesus Roman: Thank you very helpful it works great job.keep teaching.

Ian Currie: Life saver!!!

Dawn Biering: Thank you so much! Worked perfectly!

Jay Dub: Thank you! Your video saved me money and the bad feeling of not having my morning cup!

Cheryl Smeed: Worked for me! Thank you so much!

Royal Sales: Very helpfulĀ  I got it for free,aparently the person who had it couldn't make it work and gave it to me,after couple hours I try to resetĀ  same way as video,and I finally make it work menu appear right away,now I got an 100$ in my pocket spending 2 hours of my time it was worthit the time.Tks very helpful.

goodbarny: Thanks, but this didn't work for mine.Ā  I had a constant flashing, NOT READY, as soon I plugged it in, even the power switch on the back had no effect.Ā  Called Customer Service and got a FREE replacement for a 4 month old machine.

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Keurig Platinum Reset for the Not Ready Light 5 out of 5

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Keurig Platinum Reset for the Not Ready Light
Keurig Platinum Reset for the Not Ready Light
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Keurig says Not Ready
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